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  1. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE!

    Alexander Julius Jones LT
  2. WDIS

    Like It.
  3. T.Holt for C-Pep

  4. Cut One: CHI or CIN

    Need a TE; which D would you cut?
  5. Cut downs are fast approaching...

    I think you have it figured out. Do it. (Alge, STL)
  6. Was I way off?

    You are. Palmer is looking good.
  7. Help me with my proposal

    Maybe. Sure.
  8. Help me with my proposal

    I didn't notice this is TD only Give him Willie (if you can) as Bettis gets healthy WP value goes down in TD only. I do think he will struggle with giving up TO. If I were him I would want DD, Stallworth/Moss, and TG for TO & WR4/5.
  9. Curtis Martin

    Definitely start with CMart tho, unless he will get insulted and call the whole thing off.
  10. Trade Advise

    Sounds alot better if you keep Jimmy Smith and he keeps Branch. Not unreasomable either, Fred T carries alot of risk.
  11. Help me with my proposal

    I wouldn't bite on that if I were him; I was thinking str8 up DD and Tony G for TO. But if you can get Stayley, sure. Maybe I'm too down on DD now tho as I have him on a few teams. Maybe a little to high of Willie also, a RBBC could be in the future? Tough call, I see why Willie could actually be better, with DD as a guaranteed starter. I guess I'm second guessing. TO is a monster though and you will defintely have to give up something good to get him. (Worth it tho as you have quality RBs and he obvioulsy needs an upgrade at RB2)
  12. Help me with my proposal

    If I were you I wouldn't give up Willie. Do you think he will give up TO for DD and TonyG?
  13. How to geet a league Trading?

    Yeah, I don't think I can make them. But this is my work league and these are all "deal" guys. I'm just trying to think of things to help people feel better about trading.
  14. In one of my leagues no-one trades. For the past two years just me and another guy have traded, and it was with each other. Its not that there aren't good trade offers being made, people just never pull the trigger. For alot of teams this is only their 2nd year of FF so I know they may feel like they are getting screwed in a deal. Any suggestions on how to get teams to start trading? (They are already free, I am commisoner and I made that change from last year)