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  1. Looks really good, You ship to the UK?
  2. If you need another I'd take a team
  3. If u need an owner. I'd take team 2 but don't want to be rolling for the other 2. Understand if that doesn't wotk
  4. Dedicated owner looking for a team

    Looks good. Thanks
  5. I'd love to be included. Sounds exactly what I'm after. I've only played for a few years but weather I was in the hunt ir not I'm always dedicated. I like the longevity that a dynasty league promotes. Regards. Paul
  6. Dynasty League Opening

    i'll take it if still there
  7. Dedicated owner looking for a 10 - 16 team league. money pref. happy with keeper league or re draft also dont mid if IDP but i havent played that before
  8. $100 Dynasty Needs Replacement Owner

    i'll take it if still free