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  1. Cashmere farting cupcake spoons

  2. Let's talk about the Metal

    Of the above, Bad Brains and SOD are bands I like.....althought Scott Ian is somewhat of a liberal spokesman "Speak English or Die" is a CD that the most diehard conservatives here would love.... "They hijack all our planes, they raise our oil prices, let's kill them all and have a ball and end their f*!cking crisis." Acutally, that makes more sense then the policy we are using now.
  3. Hasselbeck vs. Vick

    Tweaked his hammy when he got his one big run of the day.
  4. Hasselbeck vs. Vick

    Well not anymore.
  5. Hasselbeck vs. Vick

    They both have 11 rushing yards. Ken Hamlin has ripped Vick a couple times today when he tried to run.
  6. I got him early in the third and thought I was a genuis.
  7. Let's talk about the Metal

    And thank goodness, one of the oldies that are still around and making something worthwhile are Corrosion of Conformity. I really haven't listened to many of the new bands for reasons you already posted.
  8. NY Times article on Laveranues Coles

    Pretty tragic. Unlike TO, here is a guy with some demons that you can root for.
  9. 70's Show

    Like them sultry brunettes. She'd get it. Well both of them would get it. I actually think Donna is more of a natural beauty. I need a third choice!
  10. Mike Anderson?

    Since he has been upgraded to probable I'm starting him over Duckett and Arrington.
  11. The Huddle contradicting themselves

    Nope. I have my opinion and Ialso take in the info from DMD and WW to help me decide. What good would it do to have a start/bench list and projected stats the same? Who should I start at kicker?
  12. TWO broken thums?

    Good God....I had stiches on the tip of one thumb about 10 years back. It was difficult to do the most routine tasks. This guy is hating life right now.
  13. Does this make you happy?

    Even a dog must have his day.
  14. Long year for Alexander owners

    First of all it is one game, and Sean will be fine. Second, considering that the Seattle turned it over FIVE times has a little bit to do with how brutal they looked yesterday.
  15. So who needs what?

    That is brutal.