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  1. Rams and Cardinals Official Thread

    Well the blueprint to beat the Cardinals has been made if Miami didn't almost make it last week.
  2. Cowboyz1

    First time a QB turns the ball over 5 times in one game and doesn't deserve any blame evah!
  3. Antonio Gates

    I won't be surprised if Gates becomes more productive. But he's also 32 and missed a chunk of games over the last 2 years. Even the great ones experience a sudden decline of production at a certain point. A couple of the more optimistic prognosticators in this thread seem to be ignoring that.
  4. Cowboyz1

  5. Julio Jones

    WRs are inherently Russian Roulette as far as consistent fantasy production goes anyways. There are always exceptions, but when you draft a Julio Jones/Roddy White, Victor Cruz/Hakeem Nicks...you should extra prepare yourself for boom and bust weeks. Has anyone who took a WR early satisfied with high end consistent production? I know I'm not.
  6. Bears/Cowboys Game Thread

    On a positive note, with that Witten TD I just lost out on high score of the week pot in AFL BOTH League!
  7. Bears/Cowboys Game Thread

    A TD pass by Romo would win a game for us in FFPC.
  8. Best fantasy team names

    Some owner in my local a couple years ago named their team Skittles, Taste Dwayne Bowe.
  9. Russell Wilson or Matt Flynn

    Sure, but the first INT was a bit behind the WR, the second one while getting hit was after 4 Mississippi's, and the last one he had Baldwin wiiiiide open and didn't see him. Just from casually watching the game in real time I noticed Wilson missing at least 4 open WRs on huge/potentially game changing plays. It sounds like Carrol is claiming that Flynn isn't healthy enough to play (or at least start), so any current QB controversy is probably moot. But, the problem with these rookie QB growing pains, is that there is no gurantee that Seattle will have a top tier defense and running game after the growing pains stop.
  10. Russell Wilson or Matt Flynn

    I've seen enough. Wilson was electric in pre-season. Now he's skittish and lacks pocket presence. For whatever reason, he can't stand in the pocket and make NFL throws right now on a consistent basis. Any other QB in the NFL should have won the game against the Rams yesterday. Hell, the Hawks might be 4-0 with Tavaris Jackson as our starter right now.
  11. Don't Make the Mistake I did...

    Adhering to a positional strategy is always a mistake.
  12. FJax & Spiller active. Are they in your line-up?

    Risk is minimized when the other options are Ingram and Powell.
  13. D Williams is better than Stewart

    This has been obvious for quite some time.
  14. FJax & Spiller active. Are they in your line-up?

    In FFPC we are rolling with Spiller and Forte.
  15. Seahawks Packers Game Thread

    A little early, but I'm pumped as it's been a while since the Hawks were MNF worthy. And backup Packer players are already taking low blows on twitter: https://twitter.com/TCrabtree83/status/250026815295467520
  16. Who cares about football this weekend?

    Cunning Runt, when Ryder Cuppers injure their hymens does it make you happy?
  17. Ryder Cup - The thread

    I think its a how far can you stick this inside me contest. Either that or a boating event,
  18. They're Baaaaaaaaaack

    Is Ed Hochuli hurt? I need bench press points this week really bad and can't figure out why he hasn't gotten a rep yet.
  19. I know I'm the blind homer here, but I;ve definitely seen enough to realize how it couldn't be over-turned on replay. The fubared PI' calls, against GB and Seattle, in addition to the roughing the passer were all more egregious than this..IMO.
  20. NFL Network reporting deal is done ... refs back tomorrow

    Somewhere, Cunning Runt is in a corner weeping.
  21. Ironic Tweet

    He seems pretty smart.