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  1. Corey Clement or Mr. Wendell

    I've heard rumors of the Eagles sniffing around for a veteran like Ameer Abdullah, but its pure rumor at this point. The other question becomes, once Sproles comes back from his hammy, will he be the main guy???
  2. Yeah!! He only has those two RB's, which boggles my mind. His draft was RB, RB, QB, WR, WR, WR, QB,TE, WR, TE,QB, PK, WR, WR, WR, Def. Early on, he had Doug Baldwin on his team and dropped him for Tyler Boyd. Unfortunately, I didn't see him make that drop so someone else picked him up off ww.
  3. I really want to try and go after Gurley in one of the leagues I'm in. The owner I want to trade with is relatively new to FF, and did not have a great draft at all, but had the #1, so got Mr. Gurley. His only win so far this season is due to Gurley, and he has a total of TWO RB's on his team. Gurley & Ajayi, and lots of WR's. This league is a full point PPR league with a Flex that can be RB, WR, TE His team: RB: Gurley & Ajayi WR: Alshon, Boyd, Golliday, Watkins, Conley, DeSean Jackson, Tavon Austin, Ger Allison TE: OJ Howard, Charles Clay I've highlighted his starters this week....... I was going to offer 3 starters (Kareem Hunt, Jarvis Landry, & Jared Cook) for Gurley and whatever other players he wants to add to the package. Gives him a better starting lineup, but reduces my depth, but still very serviceable My team: RB: Hunt, McCaffrey, Ingram, Eckler, Williams WR: Diggs, Landry, E. Sanders, Mike Williams, Enunwa TE: J. Reed, Jared Cook Want honest thoughts? I don't want the trade coming across as I'm trying to rob him, so not sure if I'm offering enough, or if it's a good offer. I personally don't think he will, or probably should trade away Gurley for anything, but if I don't take a shot, someone else will.
  4. McKinnon Injured

    It's not a matter if the rushing attack will be that good or not, but rather the value you can get each backup for over what everyone else "paid" for McKinnon. Starting RB in the 2nd versus last couple rounds or waiver wire. Plus, if you were able to pick up one or the other, it's never bad to have an extra starting RB on the bench, or use them as trade bait.
  5. Which players are on all your teams?

    Stefon Diggs, Mark Ingram, Trey Burton
  6. LeVeon Bell

    I have the #2 pick in one of my leagues, and this "holdout" is killing me. Bell was really slow out of the gates last year too because of this BS!!! I know Gurley will go 1, so I'm left to choose from Bell or Zek, and the longer the holdout goes, the more I'm leaning towards Zek. Dude, just get in camp and sign the tender!
  7. Mock Draft Sites

    ESPN has mocks as well, but they are a pain in the #$%^ to use trying to find your type of league and a slot open. Have also used FantasyPros & Fantasy Football Calculator. My concern with using other sites is that most of my drafts are on ESPN, and the ADP's / Rankings there are different from most other sites, so it's hard to make the direct translation when you move from one to another.
  8. Owner ghosted halfway through draft

    If he ghosted, then tough @#$% on him IMO. There's no way he can expect to come back and have you change picks after the fact. I would throw him out of the league with zero option to return and would try and get someone else to take over the team (possibly at a discount entry fee if needed). If you can't find a replacement, maybe the team is managed by committee during the season. Make sure there's a starting line up, and only pick up players when required to make a starting line up
  9. Who has been here since the 90s?

    Joined the forums back in 2001 a week before the twin towers fell.
  10. Andrew Luck "Good to go"

    From everything I've been reading and hearing, other players don't want to work out next to him as Luck came into camp completely ripped! Hilton said he was "Crossfit Ripped", and didn't want to work out next to him as it made him look bad. So, while I think that while they are being super cautious, I really don't think his arm strength has diminished. I think he's gotten stronger and leaner.
  11. Jets Trade up

    Im not complaining!!!
  12. Who's actually playing Rodgers???

    I got lucky to pick him up a few weeks back off the waiver wire, but had been rolling with Wentz up till this point. I'm always a big believer in ASYS (always start your studs), but while Rodgers is a stud QB when healthy, I can decide if his first game back is worth rolling the dice. Thanks for the input though. Helps!!
  13. I have Rodgers, and I SOOOOOO want to play him, but it's the first week of my playoffs and I'm scared that he's going to start, and get put out well before the game is over. The Panthers secondary can be beat, but more afraid of how much Carolina will be coming after Rodgers. You know they are going to blitz, and blitz, and blitz. Even if they don't get to him, my fear is that after 8 weeks of not playing, they will completely throw off his timing, and he'll be a little too trigger happy to really put up QB1 points. My other option unfortunately is Nick Foles who's going against the hapless Giants. Need to know what confidence level everyone has in playing Rodgers, versus someone like Foles.
  14. Pick 2 of 3 RB

    Its 1/2 pt ppr. Thanks
  15. Pick 2 of 3 RB

    Devonta Freeman vs Minnesota (just coming back from concussion) Christian McCaffrey vs New Orleans.(slight shoulder issue) Alvin Kamara vs Carolina. Kamara has been hot, so definitely leaning towards him as 1 of the two options.