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  1. Willie Parker Owners summit meeting

    I'm keeping him and going to ride him as long as I can!!! My #2 RB is Kevin Jones. Breakout year!! Easy rushing schedule!! Yada, Yada, Yada!!!!
  2. RB

    I know Jamal Lewis is in the AFC and he just got out of jail........... Don't think he broke out though!!
  3. Remind me to never ...

    Lets also not forget that DMD and WW are PAYING someone to host the servers for these boards, and they are still providing these boards all us schmucks at no charge!!! I'm still givin props to the boys!!!! That's value!!!!
  4. Jamal Lewis to split carries with C. Taylor

    All I can say is..............AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!
  5. Collins deep ball and the Freak

    You've heard of the Randy Ratio haven't you!!!
  6. MNF?

    Didn't miss anything with Kimmel. He pretty much just slammed anyone who plays fantasy football.
  7. Dallas Clark info....

    Ben Hartsock is the 2nd TE in Indy. This is his sophmore year. Will he get a few catches if Clark sits.....Possibly. Is he viable.......probably not, there are probably better options on the waiver wire to pick up........
  8. Remind me to never ...

    It was a major pain in the A$$ last night! It would work for 5 minutes, then go down, then back up, then back down. They were like bad porn!!!
  9. Ok you Minnesota Homers out there.......and I apologize if someone's already posted this, but I couldn't find anything...... What's the deal with the WR situation up there??? Obviously Burleson is the #1 guy, but who's the real #2. Travis Taylor or Marcus Robinson?? (or Koren if and when he get's there??) I ask because I heard awhile ago that Travis Taylor was unseating M-Rob for the #2 spot, but haven't seen updates in awhile, and in both leagues I'm in Travis Taylor is available on the waiver line, and M-Rob is available in one. I wouldn't mind picking up the #2 guy as they could put up some decent #'s for my 3rd WR or a bye week filler...........but need some answers from the homers out there as to who it really is??? Thanks!!!!
  10. did i hear right

    Glad I picked him up!!!. Already had Suggs
  11. Larry Johnson Trade Value?

    There's no doubt that if Priest goes down, LJ's value skyrockets and is HUGH!!! Last year......In the last 6 weeks of the regular season, LJ was averaging 23 points per game.........In comparison, when Priest was playing the first 9 weeks of the year, he only averaged 20.9 points per game. (depending on your scoring system) I've seen LJ go in rounds 5 - 9. If you really want to trade him, the only value you'll get is trading with the Priest owner, and as a backup, you should be able to get a top 20 WR or some middle tier starting RB.
  12. Corey Simon a Colt?

    Agreed!! Was hoping they'd go after him because we've got line holes bigger than anyone in the league, and he definitely has the capability to plug the gaps.......but thought there was no way they would spend the cash!!! I can't wait to see the official statement on the Colts website announcing it!! Then I'll be a very very happy man!!!
  13. Corey Simon a Colt?

    SWEET!!!!! I got laughed at for taking the Colts D. in my draft. Granted, I'm a homer, but it was my last pick and I missed all the other defenses I was planning on taking. Makes me a happy man like Hook!!!!!
  14. Picking 3rd in 12 team league...

    I had the 4th pick this year in one league, and your right, makes it kind of difficult. Obviously if either Alexander or LT falls to you, you know who to take, but between Holmes, Edge, or Manning........I would still take Holmes (and I'm a Colt's Homer!!!). I just can't justify any QB that early. Even Peyton! Do I think Peyton will repeat last years performance?? If anyone can, he'll be the one to do it, but even still, taking a QB now will force you to go RB, RB with the next two picks unless you're willing to take a chance on some flier rookie RB. The two leagues I'm in, the two guys that took Peyton with the 3rd pick, they ended up with 2RB's like Ronnie Brown and Warrick Dunn, so if you're willing to live with that caliber of #2 RB, you can take him. I just personally couldn't! Granted, if you take Priest, you'll have to handcuff LJ to him. In one league, LJ went in the 5th round. In my other, I did take Priest with the 4th pick and I got lucky by not having to lock LJ up until the 8th round......