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  1. Done with paid services for FFL

    Well, there isn't exactly stiff competition these days, is there?
  2. Star Wars Episode 7

    Since the books were written in the SW sandbox, I'd assume that there are already have some ownership stake in them (though I'm not 100% sure on how all that works) FWIW Cartoon Network's The Clone Wars series was really, really good.
  3. Donald Trump's Big "Game Changing" Announcement

    Wait, is there someone around who didn't get through college that way?
  4. 3rd Party Presidential Debate tonight

    Livestream available here:
  5. No comment other than if you don't like the two mooks being trotted out as our either/or choice, check out what these candidates have to say. *check listings, I've heard both 8 pm ET and 9 pm for the debate.
  6. Question about the end of Saints/Bucs game

    IIRC if FORCED out, the "illegal touching" did not apply, but who f'in knows these days.
  7. Gabbert down!

    ...and somewhere, 1/1000000000 of fantasy football owners went "damn, I had him as my 3rd QB in a dynasty league!"
  8. Today's "eggs in one basket" lesson.

    I realized I needed to diversify - I have Brady, Ridley, Welker, and NE going vs NY, but LOLJets.
  9. This forum

    ...and that binder full of ladies is named BeeR.
  10. This forum

    ....or, God forbid, Trek fanfic.
  11. Holmgren as GM in Seattle was mostly mediocre. Which would be a quantum leap forward for KC.
  12. Eagle fire DC Juan Castillo

    Maybe they'd score more if they weren't wallowing in the mud with KC as far as turning the ball over.
  13. Eagle fire DC Juan Castillo

    Based on something Tony Kornheiser about the Eagles' D being 13th in points.... - 10th in yds/play - 2nd in opposing passer rating - 30th in sack % (which is odd, considering the opposing passer rating they have) - 4.1 in yds/rush (league avg is 4.2) Yo, this just in Andy - your D ain't the problem. You can carp about the sack % but they're effective defending the pass. I'd also give some extra credit on being 13th in points allowed, which would probably be better without opponents getting short fields due to turnovers (if nothing else, 2 defensive tds off Eagle turnovers).
  14. Reality Has Kicked In

    Not if you're in Samoa.
  15. Reality Has Kicked In

    Was I the only person wondering "why?" on the taking off the shirt thing?