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  1. Could you explain that whole trinity thing ot me? TIA.

  2. Has small hands, smells of oranges.

  3. LT owners, or anyone else I suppose

    Wait, other guy wussed on the trade, I AM an LT owner still.
  4. The gyner just downgraded the trade - a true blockbuster deep-sixed due to his lack of nut. It's gone from LT/Burl for Willie/Deuce/Lelie TO Dunn/Burl for Deuce/Lelie; still an upgrade but really cuts into my flexibility on a few levels.
  5. Bye week question

    I threw ALL info in just in case he's racist one way or the other.
  6. Cut One: CHI or CIN

    Ding ding ding! Chi plays better on D AND ST.
  7. Looks like a trade just to trade IMO, but at least you know you have Den's RB sewn up if it isn't total RBBC. Fair, but I think you come out on the butt-end of it; ideally, I'd get something for Dayne and Bell as opposed to picking up Anderson.
  8. LT owners, or anyone else I suppose

    I must recuse myself from this topic, I am no longer an LT owner.
  9. FF advise but nodody gives me advise

    Nice how you manage to whine AND snivel in the thread title.
  10. Bye week question

    I'd do it, but be warned, you're just trading an inconsistent white AFC QB for an inconsistent black NFC QB. That GB matchup is too sweet to pass up right now though.
  11. That was my thinking - don't get me wrong, I love the crap out of LT, but the quantity he offered was just too much to turn down. If Parker goes belly up, it'll bite me in the butt, but as of right now, I like the move.
  12. Done deal. Heck, he even threw in Charlie Rogers at the last minute (not that that makes or breaks anything, but gravy is gravy).
  13. No, I wouldn't feel bad about that at all.
  14. Let's talk about the Metal

    Tool is FAR above the bulk of bands mentioned; however, most metal fans I know LOVE Tool, and they do have many metal-ish attributes, so I'd say they fit. The only people who like Tool and deny their metalness are people who'd normally hate metal.
  15. I only have LT for this season and next; I can lock up Willie long-term; IMO Deuce + Willie + healthy Lelie > LT + dinged up Burleson