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  1. Let's talk about the Metal

    So the wife was pissed off at me last night, but the upside was I got to watch Headbanger's Ball for the first time in quite a while. Now, I love metal as much as the next guy, but so many of these new bands (yeah, I know I'm sounding like an old fart here) sound interchangeable - same tempo shifts, same Cookie Monster on PCP vocals, etc. Not that I didn't love the riffing and heaviness, but I just couldn't see throwing down good coin for an entire album of more of the same. The two standouts I REALLY liked were Avenged Sevenfold and Downfall. Anyone got any more? Or, feel free to discuss favorite old-school metal acts; as long as it's about the metal in this thread, it's all good. :bang:
  2. Could you explain that whole trinity thing ot me? TIA.

  3. Has small hands, smells of oranges.

  4. ...sort of a salcap/dynasty type league; My other RBs are Dunn, Rudi Johnson, and DeShaun Foster - this gives me license to trade or outright dump Foster. Burleson is injured - I still have Steve and Rod Smith at WR to go with Lelie - not a fan of the two Den WRs, but maybe one could be packaged with Foster in a trade. The other part is I'm hard against the cap, so this trade should free up some flexibility for me as well. I WANT to pull the trigger, gimme a reason not to.
  5. LT owners, or anyone else I suppose

    Wait, other guy wussed on the trade, I AM an LT owner still.
  6. The gyner just downgraded the trade - a true blockbuster deep-sixed due to his lack of nut. It's gone from LT/Burl for Willie/Deuce/Lelie TO Dunn/Burl for Deuce/Lelie; still an upgrade but really cuts into my flexibility on a few levels.
  7. Bye week question

    I threw ALL info in just in case he's racist one way or the other.
  8. Cut One: CHI or CIN

    Ding ding ding! Chi plays better on D AND ST.
  9. Looks like a trade just to trade IMO, but at least you know you have Den's RB sewn up if it isn't total RBBC. Fair, but I think you come out on the butt-end of it; ideally, I'd get something for Dayne and Bell as opposed to picking up Anderson.
  10. LT owners, or anyone else I suppose

    I must recuse myself from this topic, I am no longer an LT owner.
  11. FF advise but nodody gives me advise

    Nice how you manage to whine AND snivel in the thread title.
  12. Bye week question

    I'd do it, but be warned, you're just trading an inconsistent white AFC QB for an inconsistent black NFC QB. That GB matchup is too sweet to pass up right now though.
  13. That was my thinking - don't get me wrong, I love the crap out of LT, but the quantity he offered was just too much to turn down. If Parker goes belly up, it'll bite me in the butt, but as of right now, I like the move.
  14. Done deal. Heck, he even threw in Charlie Rogers at the last minute (not that that makes or breaks anything, but gravy is gravy).
  15. No, I wouldn't feel bad about that at all.
  16. Let's talk about the Metal

    Tool is FAR above the bulk of bands mentioned; however, most metal fans I know LOVE Tool, and they do have many metal-ish attributes, so I'd say they fit. The only people who like Tool and deny their metalness are people who'd normally hate metal.
  17. I only have LT for this season and next; I can lock up Willie long-term; IMO Deuce + Willie + healthy Lelie > LT + dinged up Burleson
  18. Let's talk about the Metal

    Heard OF, never heard. All-time winners on the "great band name" list though. And Ursa, here's one you'll love - I saw a car driving the other day with a "HWKWND" vanity plate. I almost crashed the truck, I was like "no freakin' way".
  19. FF advise but nodody gives me advise

    You past your questions repeatedly in short time frames, so you're on my ignore list. Post them once and wait a day or two - someone like myself, ts, Hugh One, Grits and Shins, or whomever will be by and looking for posts with only a few answers. But since you're being a self-centered whiny girlie, forget you.
  20. Harrington's demise

    Tenn does appear to face worse defenses for the short-term (i.e. 5-6 weeks) and I can't help but think once Norm Chow totally adjusts to the NFL his offense will be performing at its usual high level.
  21. Trent Dilfer

    Indy will shut down the Brownies.
  22. Betting League

    Notice I was highlighting Froggy's scores? It wasn't directed at you, my man. As far as Mrs Chavez' big feet, I tell people they're to help her balance - so that her big hooter don't make her pitch forward all the time.
  23. Need help on WRs

    Terry Glenn starts for Dallas; Samie Parker has been doing well for KC. I like them better than Eric Parker or rookie WR Williamson.
  24. What to Do, What to do?

    gil is wise. Personally, I'd eliminate Dayne from consideration and flip a coin - it's all based on Brown/Henry's health and how the RB mess in Minny plays out. Moore at least appears more durable, so he'll get his piece of the pie every week.
  25. Trade offer

    Having both RBs doesn't remove you from the RBBC mess... But I love CJ and think Priest/Parker (I'm not too concerned about RBBC in Pitt - I think Parker is now the man there) and CJ/Horn is a pretty fearsome starting lineup to trot out.