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  1. Have a 3 team dispersal draft in a league going into its 4th season. We use leaguesafe and yearly fee is $55. Player pool incl. rookie picks: Dispersal draft setup League setup and bylaws Looking for 3 active owners, and if you are interested then hit me up with a PM with a bit of info about yourself Thanks
  2. Have a couple of spots left in a new startup. Check the league here.
  3. bump. Still looking for owners.
  4. Looking for 4 new owners for a 3 year old Dynasty league. Solid group of players available for the draft and lots of 2016 rookie picks including the 1.01, 1.03 and 1.10 (all teams have their 2017 picks) Veteran players include Gurley, David Johnson, Lamar Miller, Julio, Evans, TY, Jordan Matthews, AJ Green, Kevin White, Kelvin Benjamin and Gronk. See all players here: You will be able to draft 26 active players and up to 6 rookie picks in the dispersal draft. League details Hosted at MFL $55 yearly league fee held at Leaguesafe 12 team league with PPR scoring H2H matchups 26 active roster in-season plus IR and taxi League site Send me a PM if you are interested! Thanks
  5. We are still missing 1 owner for the dispersal draft.
  6. Dynasty Trade?

    Evans all the way
  7. Thanks! You are not willing to start yet another league :-)
  8. Yes would have liked to be in your league :-)
  9. I am looking to join a 1st year Dynasty money league in the region of 30-60$. Anyone who has any spots left? Highly dedicated and active member with 8 years of experience.... Preferable with PPR and no IDP.