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  1. Should I trade Dillon or Fast Willie

    you got to stick with Willy
  2. Here's one for you..

    tough to sit palmer for griese
  3. Start Hasselbeck or Palmer?

    no one said their O was any good....go with Hass
  4. tony on crack....the bears will show how good their D is on Sunday
  5. Tough call....I would lean towards Stallworth for the simple reason the Vikes O has not done anything so far. But then again as soon as I say that they will go off. Flip a coin.
  6. I think the Bears can win this game....granted I'm from Chicago but their D is for real. No way Palmer has the day he did last week.
  7. Sort of a WDIS

    I dont think you have a question here. LJ is the way to go. Anderson is yet to prove anything. At least you know you will get some touches from LJ and behind that O-line 1 Play could make your day.
  8. Trade Randy Moss or Chad Johnson

    Lewis....what a joke
  9. Ernie Conwell?

    I had the choice between Putzier and Conwell and reluctantly went with Putz b/c Denver has loked at him a lot. Last week Conwell was totally shut down. With that said MINN has been brutal on D and if he is going to produce, this should be the week.
  10. Trade Randy Moss or Chad Johnson

    No chance...if you trade either of your WR's you should get much better value. THey have been killing Dillon with their #'s...
  11. I have to start one of these 2 studs..... T Henry @ STL or B Jacobs @ SD... would appreicate any input.
  12. I think Jones could possibly be an upgrade over Dunn who doesnt even get goaline carries. Witten hasnt much to date and either has Heap so I would almost call that a wash at this point with a slight edge to Witten due to his QB. Agree....flip a coin. If you are higher on T. Jones than you are on it. The TE's are almost a wash.
  13. Akers...will he play?

    I do have roster issues with Heap, Ravens and Portis on bye weeks ans then add Akers to the list...causes lots of problems. But lets all thank aaron for letting me know he is a kicker and I am allowed to start another one.
  14. RB Help

    Great RB's