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  1. Chark v AJ Brown

  2. Which RB to start

  3. Which 2 WR to start

    Chark vTB Cooper vBUF Jeffrey @MIA
  4. Start or Sit Lamar Jackson

    Im starting him. Not expecting another monster week but think he'll run enough to still be a solid starter.
  5. Which RB to start

    Tevin Coleman @BAL Bo Scarborough vCHI David Montgomery @DET
  6. Tannehill's Titans

    Yeah there were years and years of evidence that Tannehill wasnt the answer in Miami. We had guys like Vontae Davis and Sean Smith who had better spells elsewhere but people remember the successes rather than the failures. Like we didn't pay Pouncey before he signed with the Chargers where he's been largely poor and the haul for Tunsil/Stills was great business. The Phins never figured out what they wanted Minkah's role to be, didnt surprise me that he shined elsewhere.
  7. Tannehill's Titans

    Tannehill was always capable with a decent supporting cast to help him out. The issue in Miami was he only had that on a couple of occasions and injury robbed him of the one playoff run Miami had in his time (when Matt Moore got killed in Pittsburgh).
  8. Pick One

    Amari Cooper (obviously been great but injury concerns after last week and draws Gilmore from the Pats this week) or David Montgomery (very much TD dependent and the Giants run D has been mixed)
  9. TE streamer

    OJ Howard
  10. Patriots or bills defense

  11. Flier on Foles

    Think I prefer Brissett at home.
  12. Flex Spot

    D Williams
  13. Everett our Fant

    Everett for me, good matchup despite what people think about Bears D