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  1. B Watson, fleener, Jesse james

    I like Ben Watson. Think Panthers will shut Fleener down.
  2. 2 guys, same mold, can't keep both...

    I'd drop Duke. Hard to drop a talented back in PPR but he's the weakest Id imagine.
  3. One song

    Insane in the Brain - Cypress Hill
  4. Todd Gurley for Kareem Hunt

    Id happily stand pat with Hunt. Also has one more game to play.
  5. London Games

    Yes, I live in Manchester but I'm not going to any of the London games. Funding a long trip to America instead and catching a few games along the way.
  6. WR Drop/Add

    JJ Nelson.
  7. London Games

    It has rained quite a bit over the past few days over here but should be dry today and tomorrow.
  8. Trade Lynch for Keenan Allen

    Definitely prefer Keenan in PPR
  9. WTS - Big Ben vs Jameis

    Jameis. Think PIT defense will shut Bears down and not leave much for Ben to do.
  10. JJ Nelson, Crowder or L. MILLER?

    JJ and Duke.
  11. Start Hoyer or Brissett as 2nd QB

    Brissett for me, better matchup.
  12. Milk Carton Fantasy Teams

    I thought you were just going to mention actual NFL teams that have had very little fantasy production like the Bengals.
  13. Help With Flex?

    James White definitely.