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  1. Trade Time

    Give up Tevin Coleman for AJ Green in standard? I'm basically deep at RB but only have 2 usable WR and think Green could be big down the stretch/playoffs. Opponent basically cant afford to wait 2 weeks for production.
  2. 1st Overall 2019

    Gurley, Kamara and Conner are the top 3 right now.
  3. Jackie Doyle

    Ebron certainly doesnt help but Doyle was brought down half a yard short of a TD in the second half. If he falls into the end zone then its a different story. There'll be weeks where Doyle outscores Ebron.
  4. Milk Carton - Week 10

    Yeah basically cost me a win in my main league. Only need 3pts from them but cost me -3pts in the end.
  5. Pick 1 - Half PPR

    Yep Richard then Ito.
  6. I'm done with FF Fellas

    I've considered it in my main local league. My record in that league isn't great over the years yet its not the lack of winning but the caring too much that makes me consider if its worth it or not. Some weeks I do think it'd be nice to just watch the games without caring that Keenan Allen still hasnt caught a TD since week one or that I benched Tevin Coleman the week he went off.
  7. Fournette likely out until week 10

    Are we finally getting him back this week? Seems to be participating in drills no problem.
  8. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    In the same boat as Conner has been my saviour in my main league (Fournette was my first round bust so far not Bell). I'm assuming its Conners show on TNF then after that its more precarious.
  9. MNF - what do you need? Week 9 edition

    Battled back from 0-4 to 4-4. Needed Zeke to score less than 13pts exactly in standard, got hairy after a strong first half but held onto win by 1.7pts.
  10. Trade Offer

    Give up Matt Ryan and Kerryon Johnson for Julio Jones in standard scoring? Got Wilson to replace Ryan so a downgrade and with a full lineup Im not starting Kerryon currently.
  11. Tyreek Hill Injury

    Tyreek downgraded to limited today.
  12. QB and RB starter

    Standard scoring: QB Ryan @ Washington or Wilson vs Chargers RB Tevin Coleman @ Washington or Doug Martin @ 49ers
  13. Brees or Winston?

  14. Record vs. points scored disparty

    Yeah my local league has three teams who are clearly ahead in points scored. Only problem is one of the teams is 2-5, his five losses were all against teams who had their highest scoring week against him. You wouldnt think you could be that unlucky.
  15. Kerryon

    Held onto him after a slow start but is now the time to sell high? Huge game Sunday but clearly going to struggle to score TDs with Blount getting goal line work so youre relying on a long TD run. Plus after he plays the Seahawks on Sunday his schedule is against teams all ranked highly against RBs.