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  1. TE streamer

    OJ Howard
  2. Patriots or bills defense

  3. Flier on Foles

    Think I prefer Brissett at home.
  4. Flex Spot

    D Williams
  5. Everett our Fant

    Everett for me, good matchup despite what people think about Bears D
  6. Pick 2 Quick HELP!

    Brown Mixon
  7. E. Sanders?

    Im always very risk averse with someone who trends all week to being out then is active. Too much risk unless you have literally no options to replace him with. Frustrating though in a good matchup.
  8. Pick my flex

    Tevin Coleman
  9. Play 2 super conflicted

    Ekeler Tyrell
  10. RB help!! Standard WHIR

    Ballage just for volume
  11. Need help 3rd wr

    Keenan Allen (bounce back week)
  12. bye week trash heap help needed

    Drake and Montgomery (id add Tarik as cover) Woods at flex.
  13. Damian Williams?

    Said hes very much expected to play, Rap Sheets tweet was slightly confusing.