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  1. Unique Fantasy Football Ideas, do you have any?

    We pondered this in my main league as we're all based in England so TNF, SNF and MNF are usually too late for us to find out about gametime decision for these players. Went against though in the end.
  2. Todd Gurley hurt...

    Ailing in one league with 2 flex spots so gonna go with CJ if Gurley doesnt go. Feel its a trap though, like theyll give Kelly all the carries after saying CJ will start.
  3. Lower Floor this week: MWilliams or JReynolds

    Williams is trending up. Reynolds hasnt taken hold yet.
  4. FLEX help! Choose 1 from 4

    Connor if he goes, McGuire otherwise.
  5. Unique Fantasy Football Ideas, do you have any?

    Yeah looks like it. Id only heard it called Zombie but seems Vampire is more common.
  6. QB

    Been getting wrong all year. Wilson home to Chiefs or Ryan at Panthers
  7. Its Friday and I still don't like my RB options

    Fournette Coleman McGuire Ware In that order.
  8. I'd start McCoy as he'll play. Tough after that as Dam Williams is must start with no Ware but if Ware plays I think its 50/50 on them. Probably Ware.
  9. Starting Fournette ???

    Prefer Lockett to Fournette but none of the others.
  10. Best D? Cleveland, Miami or Dallas?

    Miami I think. Jags O is really struggling.
  11. Unique Fantasy Football Ideas, do you have any?

    Fantasy Football Zombie leagues can be fun as a side league. More fun if youre the zombie team though.
  12. Unique Fantasy Football Ideas, do you have any?

    Saw an alternative to PPR where you got the scoring below (or something close) due to complaints against certain RB/WR getting a lot of points from lots of catches for very few yards. Havent played in a league like this. 0-9 yards: 0.25 ppr 10-19 yards: 0.5 ppr 20-29 yards: 0.75 ppr 30+ yards: 1 ppr
  13. Super Bowl teams, who do you have?

    Given my wretched list of fantasy achievements (my signature is up to date ) Ive actually made the final in four of my six leagues. Although my main league I missed out in 5th place again. Hardcore Homers (Forum League, 19 starters too many to post) Elizabeth Bathory Multi-Div League One (standard scoring 10 teamer) Luck, Gordon, Mixon, Edelman, Julio, Ertz, DJ Moore/Dam Williams, Succop, Vikings DST Spencer Ware Testimonial (Contract dynasty 12 teamer) Dak (ergh), McCaffrey, Tevin, Evans, Ridley, Ertz, Cohen, White, Bryant, Packers DST Work League (standard 10 teamer) Brees, McCaffrey, Kamara, Evans, Julio, Brate, Samuels, Lutz, Broncos DST