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  1. I wish my haters tried to be this helpful.
  2. Totally agree with this. You're essentially drafting from R4 in an 8 team league so plenty of scope to turn the team around quickly in the draft and waivers.
  3. You asked "how do you get payouts if you win?" so it sounded like you hadn't. Could you not just go for the prepaid visa card? Can spend that anywhere pretty much.
  5. Every year there's guys you really like and to get them in your drafts you may need to draft them above their rank or adp. Who are you targeting?
  6. First year I feel he's finally close to value again with his injuries.
  7. Highest drafted player from that year to have been released so far.
  8. Yes great piece and exactly what i was getting at.
  9. Cant imagine this helps Watkins fantasy value. Matthews should see more volume for sure and if you like Agholor he should see opportunities.
  10. I was thinking more in standard leagues where he's rated much further down. DeVante Parker is another on my list as he's quite low on ADP.
  11. Perennially undervalued
  12. Jamison Crowder is someone I'm really liking especially in PPR, think he'll be more involved with DeSean and Garcon gone.
  13. You need to take a QB in the first 2 rounds I'd say. Streaming two quality QBs each week is tough in 2QB leagues.
  14. Do you plan on streaming TE? How many teams in the league?
  15. Sweetest Life - KWAYE
  16. I prefer Elliot assuming he's not suspended. Dont trust Bell to stay healthy.
  17. We Speak No Americano - Yolanda Be Cool and DCup
  18. Ok. Must have missed the link to the explanations etc.
  19. Tough to pick one for the Cardinals but is John Brown that risky in the sense that his ADP is well over #100 in standard drafts? Chances are if you draft him he's going to be on your bench week one.
  20. Anyone ever looked at the pre-season projects against what actually happens? Even ignoring the fact you can't account for who'll get injured, I doubt they're accurate.
  21. Yeah bad idea unless QB scoring is lower than standard in this league.
  22. I like your QBs given how cheap they are. All have risks but good upside there. I'd want a lot more for Zeke even with his legal issues than Winston.
  23. The Bartender and the Thief - Stereophonics
  24. I'm not a fan in standard leagues as QBs will outscore position players consistently.
  25. Heroes - The Wallflowers