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  1. Lost Wentz. QB Options.

    I like Keenum this week
  2. WDIS

    I like Murray and Burkhead
  3. Which TE to start?

  4. Defense question

    Id start the Rams this week and forget about the Vikings.
  5. Matt Ryan/Jordy Nelson

    Rivers and Goff Stick with Jordy unless Rodgers doesnt play.
  6. Kamara and J Howard or K Drake?

    Drake. Buffalo D is abysmal v the run.
  7. Start Kupp or Richardson?

    Start Richardson
  8. Semi-final lineup help

    I'd start Rodgers over Brees. Stick with Dede.
  9. WR Starts

    Like Jones over Green if hes getting the Xavier Rhodes coverage.
  10. Gotta bench Evans, right?

    Like Diggs this week.
  11. 2 positions 6 players

    Dion Lewis Goodwin
  12. Smith or Keenum

  13. Free Jordy?

    I'd start him over Funchess.
  14. Need Some Help, Pick 2!

    Stick with Miller and DThomas.
  15. RB Conundrum

    Perine still, should bounce back and not much competition. Arizona not as tough on the road.
  16. Large Start/Sit Decision

    Dede Westbrook.
  17. Pick a Flex

  18. who to start at qb?

  19. Hunt or Burkhead this week?

    Hunt, very good matchup
  20. Big Ben or Rodgers this week?

  21. One song

    Monster Hospital - Metric
  22. Which dynasty qb do I drop

    Probably drop Luck.