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  1. Ebron

    Every year people have been saying Ebron is a breakout candidate and every year he flops because he can't consistently catch the ball.
  2. QB help

  3. Handcuff Question

    Id say its worth handcuffing. Charles is brittle.
  4. Trade? My Thompson for...

    Either a QB (depends who's available) or a more usable RB. Target TE if you could cut a deal for a Delanie Walker or Zach Ertz depending on your thoughts on Gronk.
  5. Accept this trade, right?

    Yeah definitely good call accepting.
  6. One song

    Biloxi Parish - The Gaslight Anthem
  7. The TE struggle is real !!

    Martellus Bennett is probably a good play this week. Had him in my 2 main leagues and finally cutting bait/dropping him so guaranteed to finally reach the end zone this week
  8. Julio/Mont for Howard Cooks Reed

    Yes I'd take that and stick with Howard not Martin.
  9. Ebron

    This isn't news though, he's always been a poor pass catcher.
  10. Double Secret Probation

    Its your team, you pick the lineup therefore you suck.
  11. Jerick McKinnon

    Depends who you're dropping?
  12. Enjoy your games today. I'll be at the LA Coliseum

    Enjoy! Should be a great game as well.
  13. Use the Force...pick a WR

  14. Adams? Start or sit...

    Yeah start him over Hurns assuming hes active.
  15. To What Extent Am I Screwed

    Wouldnt pick you to win but so many things that could happen to win you the game. Dont lose hope.
  16. Start Ellington over Watkins?

    Watkins is a boom or bust this week, Id lean Ellington to catch enough balls
  17. J.williams or Gallman

  18. Need a flex starter please!

    DHenry. Titans will run a lot on Miami.
  19. who to start?

    Has the most catches and targets. The offense will pickup this week after weeks 2/3.
  20. who to start?

  21. Diggs for Hyde?

    For the highest scoring WR in PPR I think you could do better. Just my opinion.
  22. Diggs for Hyde?

    Not sure I would really. Think you could get more for Diggs.
  23. PPR RB help

    Stick with DeMarco, Miami's run D isn't good but they havent faced a team that can really run on them.