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  1. DEF streamer

    JETS @ Browns DOLPHINS v Raiders SEAHAWKS v Cowboys Pick one
  2. Which side is better?

    Team A receives Lamar Miller and Tyler Eifert Team B receives Kerryon Johnson and Kyle Rudolph Standard scoring
  3. Collins

    I think game situation dictated a lot through 2 weeks. They dominated the Bills so sat him for most the second half whereas the Bengals game they were behind mostly so he lost snaps to Buck Allen. I'm buying low where I can.
  4. Finalizing......

    Wentz definitely Hilton, Enunwa and ARob in that order. Kenyan Drake (KC run D has been good). Great username too.
  5. Brown for Julio and gordon

    I'd say fair deal assuming you mean Josh and not Melvin
  6. Defense advice

    I'd definitely drop them if you believe you can get/want them back. Prefer Browns this week for sure.
  7. Fournette - Any update on his condition?

    A tweet from Schefter but I cant find it now so either he deleted it or the far more like scenario that it was a fake account
  8. Pick a Flex

    Tyreek for sure. Dont like Mixon or Collins matchup on TNF.
  9. Devonta isn't practising so already a concern for week two.
  10. Report: Lions veteran players are mad at Matt Patricia

    I don't think he was even a good DC before this. Baffling hire.
  11. Flex Help

  12. TE Trade Help!!!

    Never bought the Burton hype so Id stay away.
  13. chris hogan or chris godwin

    Hogan. Dont write him off after one bad week.
  14. WR pick ups this week

    Marshall then Ginn for me. Definitely the most productive two.
  15. Geronimo Allison - will he be good enough to keep

    Yeah he was on the field for most the offensive snaps and was the clear 3rd WR in that offense that uses 3 WR sets a lot. I like the upside as long as Rodgers is playing.
  16. Fournette - Any update on his condition?

    Gonna be honest, was very worried about reports he was out for 6 weeks that came out later on Sunday. Glad they weren't true.
  17. MNF - What do you need?

    Prater to outscore Zuerlein by 5pts (no deductions for misses) in a battle of the kickers.
  18. One song

    Heroes - David Bowie
  19. Which draft pick is better?

    I prefer 14th assuming snake draft.
  20. strikey

    Bell for me.
  21. C.J. Anderson released

    I'm not fussed about weight etc, I'll believe he can carry the load in the NFL when I see it. The signing of CJ makes me think the Panthers don't want him to do that and keep him fresher to be more effective.
  22. Rashaad Penny

    This is my main concern. Don't feel he's the right type of back to be able to negate their horrible O-line so its a long term dynasty play if you want him.
  23. Why is he leaving at the end of the year rather than now given its the off-season now?
  24. GBP backfield

    Ty Montgomery is going to be used all over the formation apparently. Makes it sound like he'll probably mix it up between WR and pass catching RB to me. I preferred Aaron Jones to Jamaal Williams but hard to really know at this stage.