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  1. where will Doug Martin play next year? Any value?

    Nope....he’s a fat load of hot garbage
  2. Antonio Brown injured

    Brown has a partially torn calf muscle. I’m assuming he’s done for the fantasy season, and that sucks.
  3. Antonio Brown injured

    Going to hospital.
  4. Antonio Brown injured

    And I was being a smartazz. Also not for everyone
  5. Antonio Brown injured

    Oh, I thought you were making fun bc so many people had reported the injury. Maybe bad dude
  6. Antonio Brown injured

    What happened to your original post reporting the injury? You were OP and deleted it lol..
  7. Antonio Brown injured

  8. Antonio Brown injured

    calf injury questionable to return
  9. Antonio Brown injured

    Well I hope we’re both wrong
  10. Antonio Brown injured

    How’d it look to you? I just saw his shin get kicked and his ankle bent a direction it isn’t supposed to.
  11. Antonio Brown injured

    And I’m about to have a panic attack. His ankle looked like it dislocated to me
  12. Just because Doug Martin is named “starter”, doesn’t mean the Bucs are really willing to revert back to giving him a chance to get another 18 carries at 3 YPC....does it? Should I flex Barber vs Detroit, Martin vs Detroit, or Doug Baldwin at Jacksonville?
  13. Huge decision. PLEASE HELP!

    Please guys, I’ve gotta make a decision in 20 minutes
  14. Huge decision. PLEASE HELP!