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  1. WDIS WR

    Thats a hard choice. Good luck
  2. a deuce mccalister trade

    No. what would you be gaining? An injured Anderson and Muhammed (who has Orton throwing to him) for Deuce (a stud RB) and bennett (who is just as good right now if not better than Muhammed
  3. wdis

    I don't want to give you bad advice on chosing randomly. I would just go with your best players (the ones you drafted first).
  4. McCareins or Colbert

  5. Trade Advice

    I would say yes only because Wayne will definitely have a bigger year than Coles, but the RB situation in Denver never seems to be constant. And, Jackson could have a big year. But, it also depends on how many RBs you start and how many WRs you start. Because if you only start 2 RBs, then you don't even need Jackson. All he will cause if confusion of who you want to start each week (over McGahee and Dunn)
  6. WDIS? WR

    Curtis ... Bulger will be throwing a lot.
  7. Stokely for Burleson?

    Based on when Burleson was drafted in most leagues and when Stokley was drafted, I would have to think twice about taking Burleson. He didn't have a great first week, but it was only the first week. So, the odds are with Burleson.
  8. McCareins or Colbert

    Which WR will have a better year?
  9. Which TE?

    Thanks. I will take note of that.
  10. Will either one of these receivers do much this year?
  11. Which TE?

    I drafted Todd Heap for my #1 TE. I need a back up. Of these free agents, which one would you take? Thanks.
  12. Tatum Bell not as bad as was feared

    I hope not. I have Droughns.
  13. Who get the thumbs up at WR

    Lelie for sure. Porter and Boldin are a toss up, but I would go with Porter. Please see my post.