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  1. Need some advice on keeper rule

    I think he should keep his draft value, for instance if someone dropped adrian peterson this year, he should count as first round keeper for whomever picks him up.
  2. AP suspended for the remainder of the season

    What should people do if they have Peterson in a keeper league? Tough call
  3. AP suspended for the remainder of the season

    I agree Rajn, im just venting on the mob mentality and witch hunt that happened. Yet most of the mob will continue watching the game.
  4. AP suspended for the remainder of the season

    Lol, i love the people that think AP is the only thug in the NFL, if you hate child abusers, rapists, wife beaters, drunks, drug addicts, thieves, murders, drug dealers, adulterers, and all around thugs, stop watching the NFL. If you like the sport of football, continue watching. I personally like football, i could care less what these fools do in their personal lives, if they get caught, than let the police and courts punish them.....jmho
  5. AP to return?

    Darin, You might be right about making Rice and Peterson an example, if thats the case, they should grow a set of balls and just do it already.
  6. Has anyone seen Michael Floyd?

    Yep, i see him on the waiver wire after i dropped him after week 8
  7. Carson Palmer

    carted off with knee injury
  8. Calvin Johnson this week

    I dont see him playing with a bye next week
  9. Should I veto this trade?

    Is team A the Seahawks and team B the Jets?
  10. Done with Mr Cordarrelle Patterson

    Im dropping this guy this week!!!!!
  11. Damn kickers

    I was thinking Prater
  12. Damn kickers

    My Lions are missing Jason Hanson, Damn kickers are killing us this year. Time to cut this one and find another. Im pissed!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Food and Beverage forum?

    Yeah, what the heck, i used thar forum for a few recipes
  14. patterson with ap out

    Do you think Ap being out helps or hurts Pattersons numbers, i think they need to get him more touches now. Whats your opinion?
  15. Go Blue - Great start 2-0

    Not so much any more, Sparty manhandled them!!!!!! Me being a Michigan fan am from now on changing expectations for little Blue until they can show me otherwise.