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  1. For those about to dump Kevin Jones--

    The problem with Jones isn't Harrington. It's the O-Line. They have so far stunk up the field.

    Vodka tonics and the "little man in the boat" . At half time of course!
  3. Explain Your Login Name!

    Self-explanatory! Maybe not this season thou....
  4. Coaches on the Hot Seat!

    Very well put Puddy. Millin IS secured and Joey "ballgame" is on a short leash to say the least. If Joey doesn't live up to expectations, Garcia will be in there by game four. I talked to Mooch yesterday at the "Black and Blue" practice and mentioned that I hope to be buying playoff tickets this season. He sort of growled at me so I know he's feeling the heat! I do believe Mooch is in his 3rd year of a 5th year contract, and I have heard no mention of an extension. (Correct me if I'm wrong).
  5. Coaches on the Hot Seat!

    Mooch didn't put that team together...Millen did.
  6. Just joined the Huddle.....

    My feelings exactly! Welcome and good luck on your draft!
  7. Roll Back the Lions 10 Years

    Did you go Puddy? I was there and talked to Mooch while getting my kids cap signed. I told him I was a long time season ticket holder and told him to "Do us proud this season. I hope to be paying for my playoff ticket's this year". He just grumbled " too"! I think I think I sort of pissed him off, as it seems he's sick and tired of hearing that all during camp. He's feeling the pressure in Motown this year!
  8. Coaches on the Hot Seat!

    Believe it or not, I think Mooch is under alot of pressure to take the kitty's to the playoffs this year. Will he be canned if he doesn't...In a word no. The Fords are very loyal to their personal. If he doesn't next year.....LOOKOUT!
  9. 7th pick overall

    Take a back. Davis, Lewis, JJ or KJ. Nice spot to be in!
  10. Is this a fair deal.............

    Make the trade...good deal for you!
  11. Impact Rookies in 2005

    I'm assuming BMW is off the board. If not grab him! He will be a redzone td machine!
  12. Manning #1 pick?

    LT and don't look back!
  13. Evaluate this team...

    Qb's are a bit weak... Nice rb's!
  14. WR Rogers or WR Randal El

    No brainer... Rogers easily!