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  1. Owens Tonight

    hall kicked owens ass.
  2. Oh Priest owners. . .

    I was amazed when I saw the burst by LJ. He was GONE. Priest was the man, but move over, here comes the future. God I hate seeing the changing of the guard.......... Emmitt, Terrell Davis, Faulk, Priest, LT,,,,,,whose next?
  3. Are the 49ers this years chargers?

    Barlow and Gore together aren't LT. Big difference.
  4. Owens Tonight

    I have him also, but my opponent has McNabb. I am only down a point going in and I need yardage from Owens as WR's score more on yardage than a QB. Also looking for a couple int's. I am thinking Owens will be bound and determined to "outshine" Moss from Thursday night. He is also lining up against a young rising star in D Hall. He is from ATL so he will be ready to go. The stage of Monday he will bring his A+ game. I expect at least a 10 catch 150 yard 2 td performance. Then again, thats why we call it fantasy.......................
  5. rate my team


    How many people think that Benson will win the starting role for the Bears??? Do you think that TJ must get injured to lose it? With the fact that TJ has done nothing to lose it, will Lovie Smith pull the switch out of no where? I am sure that I am not the only one wondering all of this.
  7. Porter v. Burleson

    I agree that Porter will prosper being a #2. The Vikes are gonna run alot more this year too.
  8. Drew Bledsoe

    As a Cowboys fan, I am pleased with the upgrade (although minor). I think StatchDrew will do fine behind the Cowboys line. He MUST look for the outlet though as he failed miserably in doing so the last few years in Buffalo. I don't think he had the time or where with all to check down to the rb when he could have had HUGE gains.
  9. Travis Henry to the Cards?

    I would like any back that Zona gets for the sole fact that they spread the field well and have a decent o-line. But I have to say, M Bennett would be a better fit for this offense. After-all, D Green drafted him a few years back. Just my thoughts.