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  1. Draft Advice for draft in 3 hours

    JumpingJehosaph, my concern about Kamara is his back. I've read it can be a lingering issue that usually eventually requires surgery. If his back is bad they may use Murray more this year to rest Kamara some too and split more carries. I'm not a fan of taking a WR here since so many wrs are available and the top rbs are scarce
  2. Draft Advice for draft in 3 hours

    Run CMC, I agree with you. That's what I will most likely do. I have to see how these people draft too since I have never played in a league with them.
  3. Draft Advice for draft in 3 hours

    League_Champion, I would too. I don't like the 4th spot at all. I would rather have beginning or end of the rounds to draft in.
  4. Draft Advice for draft in 3 hours

    Rbrown, I have read that CEH is going to split carries the first game, but who knows if that is really true too and how many he will split. I thin CEH would be a rare pick here and worth taking the risk on. I like his upside potential over the other players because of the concerns I have for them. Thomas is a beast, but hard for me to draft a WR this early in the first round.
  5. Draft Advice for draft in 3 hours

    Run CMC, I'm the same way. It's a stupid random order and lucky me getting 4th. I hate it. I would rather have beginning or end of the rounds to draft. I keep leaning CEH and feel that he will be worth the risk and depending on how others draft I can always stack up some other rbs to go with him too. I usually tend to go rb heavy in my draft. Especially in this league because I can play 2 rb and have 2 flex spots I can put a rb in too.
  6. Draft Advice for draft in 3 hours

    Yeah, Cook worries me with injuries, Kamara I read that the issue he has is lingering and usually requires surgery at some point and that worries me. I know any player can get hurt, but why already take someone with an injury. It's hard for me to take Thomas with the 4th pick because with rbs so scarce I feel I need to take a rb here. I'm leaning towards CEH since I feel he will be a workhorse there and is in a high scoring offense. I worry that with Kamara's injury they may use Murray more to keep Kamara safe and that will hurt his production. I'm hoping the people ahead of me make it easy and leave me one of the top 3 rbs so I don't have to worry about it.
  7. 12 team 1 point PPR league. qb, 2 wr, 2 rb, 1 te, 2 w/r/t flex spots. I have 4th overall pick, who would you take with 4th pick? I figure CMC, Barkley, and Zeke will be gone. Would you take M. Thomas, CEH, Kamara, or Cook? I'm a bit concerned with Kamara's back issue from what I read today. Cook and his potential holdout concern me, CEH being a rookie, but expect a huge workload from him. Thanks in advance.
  8. Have a draft starting in about 5 hours and looks like after keepers, my picks will most likely be between Aaron Jones and Miles Sanders. Which one would you take? They say Sanders injury is minor and unsure if they are going to split carries more for Jones go more RBBC. If by chance Hopkins and Sanders or Jones are available which two would you take? Would you trust Hopkins in a new offense and Arizona has a lot more weapons than Houston did when Hopkins was there. Thanks in advance.
  9. Draft Advice

    League_Champion and zing, thank you for your advice. I'm hoping he is still there when it's my turn to pick. I know the top 5 people in my league that are available are CEH, M. Sanders, D. Adams, and Hopkins.. The top wrs after that are JuJu, Evans, Cooper, OBJ, Thielen, Woods, and Kupp. I'm hoping to get Adams or Hopkins.
  10. Keeper Dilemma

  11. Draft Advice

    10 team 1 point PPR keeper league. I have barkley (1st), Cook (3rd), Kittle (5). 1 Qqb, 2 wr, 2rb, 1 w/r/t flex, 1 te. In second round if these players are still available would you choose draft miles sanders, aaron jones, or hopkins? Have a feeling Sanders will be gone and I have to choose between A Jones and Hopkins. I have 4th overall pick after all keepers are set.
  12. Draft Advice

    Run CMC thank you. That is who I am leaning towards in the 6th round. Hoping he is still available there in the 6th round.
  13. Draft Advice

    turbotooslow thank you. That's what I have been wondering because I know rb is slim to pick from after all the keepers are set this year. The five listed above will be the top ones to choose from. I didn't know if I should take a WR or fill my flex spot with another rb. I know there is a lot of depth at wr this year so that was my only concern, but also feel if I wait until 4th round I may not have a chance to get a good wr1 for sure. Also, want to ask how do you feel about taking a qb in the say 6th round? Looking at Dak, Wilson, Murray, or Watson if they are still available. would you go after one of those or wait and try to stock up on wr and rb and draft qb later? Mahomes, Jackson, and Brees were used as keepers.
  14. Keeper League Draft Advice

    Run CMC, I have a feeling Adams will be gone before it gets to me. Guessing based off the managers that are drafting before me I have a feeling that I will have to choose between Hopkins, A. Jones, or Miles Sanders. Would you go with Hopkins here since I have Barkley and Cook? I have a W/R/T flex spot. I just know there aren't many top RBs left after those players in the league.
  15. Kamara or cook 4th pick

    I would take Cook