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  1. Ramsey to KC

    Roger that. I have been everywhere and nothing.
  2. One song

    Empty Feeling - Johnny Tillotson
  3. One song

    To Be Loved - Jackie Wilson
  4. One song

    Engine, Engine #9 - Roger Miller
  5. One song

    The Clock Strikes Twelve - Bo DIddley
  6. One song

    Givin' It All Away - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
  7. One song

    Cold Duck - Al Jarreau
  8. One song

    Spaces In Between - Shane Alexander
  9. One song

    Rockabilly Rock - Shakin' Stevens
  10. One song

    A Song For Europe - Roxy Music
  11. One song

    My Ship - Sarah Vaughn
  12. Where does AB end up?

    How did NE have a contract ready that fast?
  13. One song

    Hail To The Redskins - Sammy Schreiber
  14. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    Hah! Missed that.
  15. Antonio Brown has frostbitten feet

    Are we sure that AB didn't frostbite his brain instead of his feet?