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  1. Paul Allen

    Allen was the sole reason that the Seahawks remained in Seattle. It will be interesting to watch what happens with new people in charge.
  2. Paul Allen

    Seahawks organization could be in for a bad time. Owner Paul Allen dead at 65.
  3. One song

    Careless Hands - Slim Whitman
  4. One song

    Holding Back The Years - Simply Red
  5. One song

    For All The Wrong Reasons - The Bellamy Brothers
  6. One song

    The Hobbit - Ten Years After
  7. One song

    Don't Let It End - Styx
  8. Help settle an argument...Non FFB related

    Sorry DMD but you are so incorrect. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, knows that Jim Brown is the GOAT and that Sweetness is 2nd.
  9. Help settle an argument...Non FFB related

    To settle your argument..... it is a moot (or as they say here - mute) point. Neither belongs in the hall.
  10. One song

    My Lady - The Crusaders
  11. One song

    So Why - The Bop Chords
  12. One song

    Carmel - Suzanne Vega
  13. One song

    Norman - Sue Thompson
  14. One song

    Shhhh-Peaceful - Miles Davis
  15. One song

    The Day I Tried To Live - Soundgarden