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  1. One song

    Diamonds And Pearls - The Turbans
  2. One song

    Turn Out The Lights - The Spaniels
  3. One song

    Venus - The Shocking Blue
  4. One song

    Sheba - Johnny & The Hurricanes
  5. One song

    Murder - John Lee Hooker & Miles Davis
  6. One song

    Lullaby Yodel - Jimmie Rodgers
  7. One song

    Wolverton Mountain - Claude King
  8. One song

    Paradise - Sammy Turner
  9. One song

    Mystery Achievement - Pretenders
  10. One song

    If - Perry Como
  11. One song

    It Takes Two To Tango - Louis Armstrong
  12. One song

    Dixie-Doodle - Link Wray
  13. Seahawks release Doug Baldwin & Kam Chancellor

    I would say that Baldwin's production was all on Baldwin. The guy throwing to him has a career yards passing per game of 228 yards and a career 64.7 percent completion rate. Looks to me like Baldwin made the best of a poor situation and if he had a QB that threw for 300+ yards a game his stats would be tier one.
  14. One song

    Avalanche - Leonard Cohen
  15. One song

    Midnight In Moscow - Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen