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  1. One song

    I Don't Care Anymore - Phil Collins
  2. One song

    Old Laughing Lady (Live) - Neil Young
  3. One song

    Ommadawn (Side 1) - Mike Oldfield
  4. One song

    Among My Souvenirs - Marty Robbins
  5. One song

    Little Wing - Stevie Ray Vaughn
  6. One song

    Tainted Love - Soft Cell
  7. One song

    Paradise - Sammy Turner
  8. One song

    No 'Count Blues - Sarah Vaughn
  9. One song

    Our Day Will Come - Ruby & The Romantics
  10. One song

    This Land Is Our Land - Peter, Paul, & Mary
  11. One song

    Hungry - Paul Revere & The Raiders
  12. One song

    Drown In My Own Tears - Ray Charles
  13. Alex Smith

    According to breaking news at ESPN KC is trading Alex Smith to the Redskins. It can't be done until the new NFL year begins but that is what they are saying. So does that mean Cousins will be going to Denver after all?
  14. One song

    There's No You - Miles Davis
  15. One song

    Hearing "Take Five" - Michael Franks
  16. One song

    Where Were You (on Our Wedding Day) - Lloyd Price
  17. One song

    That's Love - Lloyd Price
  18. One song

    Piece Of My Heart - Janis Joplin
  19. One song

    Dark End Of The Street - Ry Cooder
  20. One song

    I've Been Down That Road Before - Luke The Drifter
  21. One song

    Over The Mountain, Over The Sea - Johnnie & Joe
  22. One song

    My Own True Love - Jimmy Clanton
  23. One song

    Trust In Me - Etta James
  24. One song

    The Lady Is A Tramp - Ella Fitzgerald
  25. One song

    In The Flesh - Blondie