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  1. Trading Beckham

    I really hope you didn't accept this, because hell to the no. Cooper is way too intermittent, Williams and Jones both play for the Packers so they'll cancel each other out, Winston is better than Dalton IMO... but you have to give up OBJ? No thanks.
  2. Lynch or Gillislee?

    Ended up getting a shade over 10 fantasy points... but I went with Lynch tonight. I'm down 29 and I have Bell & Lynch, and opponent has Alshon Jeffery.
  3. TE help

    I'd go James, Ebron is just way too inconsistent
  4. Keelan Cole or Dede Westbrook?

    6 of one, half dozen the other! But apart from last week, Westbrook has gotten more targets than Cole, last week was an aberration. I'd role with Westbrook.
  5. Lynch or Gillislee?

    And thanks!
  6. Lynch or Gillislee?

    Sigh, yeah good call on hot hand. The inactive doesn't mean anything; he doesn't play special teams, that's why, so with White, Lewis, Burkhead and another who all play special teams as well as contribute offensively, it was an easy call. But you're right about not knowing what the Pats will do; they're the master of misinformation. Lynch it is, and holding my breath!
  7. Per NFL Network, Mike Gillislee is active and will get a fair amount of touches and goal line carries. It's just him and Dion Lewis. Which RB do I play? I believe in Lynch (Eagles giving up over 4.77 YPC against RBs who receive double digit carries, 3 out of last 5 weeks it's over 5 YPC), but this is an interesting conundrum.
  8. Shepard or Landry

  9. M. Thomas Q, Brown out, now what ?

    NFL Network just reported Thomas looked good on his pre-game workout on the field, but official notification has not yet been given. This is a huge game for the Saints & Falcons, so both teams are playing for playoffs... i.e. I think Thomas plays.
  10. Rivers or Bortles? WHIR

  11. Alex Smith or Blake Bortles

    I'd go Bortles, although I suspect they'll be close in fantasy points
  12. PPR TE Clay or Brate?

    Brate will see targets all day long, I'm starting Brate as well after Hunter Henry got put on IR
  13. I have both and have ridden both to the championship game, but I'm benching Goodwin and playing Westbrook. There's your answer, good luck!
  14. Evans. WR3?? Who are your first two?
  15. Dak or Keenum?

    Dak, the 11 degrees temp tonight makes me nervous for Keenum and that passing attack