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  1. My weekly fantasy production from Evans says otherwise. I can understand if he wants to argue Mack hasn't done enough, but then again he wasn't playing until a few weeks ago.
  2. DEF to start - Chargers or Texans?

    Texans. Chargers have good matchup, but division games are dicey sometimes because of the familiarity.
  3. Burton, not even close IMO
  4. Miller hasn't been consistent enough for me to sign on for him, plus they have several weapons. I'd probably go with Sutton, but I couldn't fault you either way.
  5. WDIS at Flex

    Riddick. He saw a lot of passes first game Tate was gone, I see that continuing against Carolina's D
  6. I think it's more than acceptable and fair, and in fact an argument could be made you're giving too much for Hop because Evans is also a top-level WR. He apparently is very attached to Hop, so I don't see you getting him short of giving up way too much.
  7. Need Flex help

    Boyd is more trustworthy IMO
  8. Flex

  9. Goff or Brees?

    Brees. think Eagles will be tough to run against, allowing more opportunities for Brees
  10. Game changing trade deal!!!

    Holy cow yes, biggest improvement is Barkley in your Flex slot instead of Cooper. Wow huge upgrade
  11. RB Conundrum

    Any other opinions?
  12. RB Conundrum

    Adrian Peterson vs Bucs (missing 4 starting offensive linemen) or Mike Davis vs Rams (potential fill-in for Chris Carson) I'd start both, but I'm starting Ito Smith at my other RB spot against Cleveland. AP & Ito have early games, while Seattle plays in the afternoon. Which one?
  13. WDIS Mike Davis or Golladay

    I'm benching Golladay this week because of the Bears D/pass rush regardless, and yeah Carson got banged up bad last week after only one quarter, so I would lean forward and put Davis in.
  14. RB2 this week

    Breida. Crowell has McGuire breathing down his neck now