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  1. Dynasty/Keeper choice for 2020

    And now apparently there are rumors of the Bears might be looking into acquiring Alex Smith... who last QB'd the Chiefs' offense really well, and would fit into the Bears' offense seamlessly. This would theoretically be a boon for Montgomery
  2. Exactly what I was about to write. Plus in PPR Jacobs loses his appeal with his limited touches in the passing game, at least so far.
  3. Dynasty/Keeper choice for 2020

    Singletary started the year rough, not only behind Gore but with his hamstring injury he barely touched the ball the first 6 games. As the year progressed, he not only saw the ball more, but Gore's touches went down and down as did his production. Gore is now 36, and I don't see the Bills keeping him another year. Singletary averaged 5.1 YPC in a strong running offense, coupled with a very good defense. Only negative is Josh Allen likes to take goal line TDs away. Also, potential if Buffalo drafts another RB to couple with Singletary, but won't know that for 4 more months. Montgomery got the ball enough, but later barely saw it, even when game script seemingly supported running. Nagy took play calling away, and immediately Montgomery's touches increased, as did his production somewhat. I say somewhat because their offensive line is not really productive in the run game, and Nagy LOVES to try and run the KC offense (he has partnered with Reid in KC and Philly, so I get it), which leans towards a lot of passing. It's like trying to shove a round peg in a square hole though, and ignores their better weapon (Montgomery). He only averaged 3.6 YPC, and didn't look like the dynamic back he could be. Right NOW, I'd keep Singletary. His athleticism showed up in the NFL, and the expectation of increased touches bodes well for 2020. Plus he catches the ball well out of the backfield, and is a complete back. I like Montgomery, but I hate his situation, and his lack of elite athleticism also showed up, he failed to be able to overcome the lack of a good OL and bad coaching.
  4. If Goedert starts at TE for Philly, he starts at TE for you.
  5. Decisions a Soldier!

    Parker, Brown, Drake
  6. Championship Game Lineup Advice

    #1 Chubb and Mostert #2 Fant (Howard is untrustworthy, and Everett is back this week for the Rams) #3 Tucker
  7. WR Help

    Agreed, OBJ
  8. Pick my Receivers for Championship Game

    IMO Lockett and Hill are locks ,so the third WR is the one to choose. I'd probably go with Perriman, with their WR issues and Jameis needing to pass, and his production the last couple of weeks.
  9. Finals - Help at Flex

    I move Boone into Mixon's spot now, and have Mixon at the ready to put into your Flex, assuming he ends up playing and decently healthy. IMO Perriman isn't a trustworthy enough player to start championship week, not with other options available as you have. If Mixon is out, then Perriman's your man at the flex.
  10. Trust Conner??

    Yeah Conner's playing time will be divided with all the other backs, so definitely go with Deebo
  11. Conner is splitting time with the other RBs today, go with Montgomery