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  1. Rojo or Nyhem Hines Ppr

    Same, and I benched James Conner because he was supposedly splitting time with Snell this week.
  2. Mcl sprain

    Not at the moment; he rushed 10 times for 20 yards, I suspect they'll pick someone else up (Freeman?) or run Lewis along with Wayne Gallman.
  3. Peyton Barber Or Devin Singletary

  4. Lockett or Gallup!?

    Yeah this is a tough one. Love Lockett, and gotta figure the D can't take both Lockett and DK away from Seattle, yeah?
  5. Who to Start!?!?

    Josh Allen, who has made a career of bashing Miami. JuJu
  6. Do I change anything?

    Looks good
  7. WR?

  8. Start Mike Williams over D. Parker in PPR?

    Yes go with Mike Williams
  9. Flex Help

  10. Edelman replacement

    I'd go with Campbell who should have a good game