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  1. Better Stash?

    For this season, yeah I'd say Walton is better stash. The other options in Miami aren't exactly overwhelmingly good so he might get his spot back, and Penny can't get on the field with Carson's production.
  2. WR Help!

    First game they had the backup QB, this last game they (inexplicably) were up over the Saints the entire game, and took the air out of it. Now with Hooper out for multiple weeks (UGH, my fantasy TE), look for Jones and Ridley to get even more looks.
  3. AB?

    They'll put him on the exempt list at this point, AB is done for this year. And like another poster said, the Seahawks recently acquired Josh Gordon, who can fill the vacancy
  4. WR Help!

    Heck no, Ridley is better and in a better situation than all of them.

    Slye is who I picked up, go with him
  6. Pull the trigger?

    LeSean McCoy is a healthy INACTIVE for today. Pick up Damien ASAP
  7. Need a TE!

    Gesicki has started producing with Fitzpatrick, I would lean with him.
  8. Replace Stafford with...

    Westbrook should be better with Foles, but Mattison is a league-winner if Cook gets hurt again this year. With your depth at RB and thin WR corps, I'd go Dede
  9. Need two of three RBs

    Singletary & Ingram
  10. Josh Gordon for OBJ

    I would definitely do that trade. Then I would never play fantasy football again, and retire. ;-)
  11. Singletary Or Breida?

  12. Pick one wr