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  1. Waiver Wire Opinions Welcome. WHIR

    None of the skill positions look appealing enough to ignore getting a backup QB now. I would choose Trevor Siemian over Jay Cutler (who looks good in Gase's offense once again), because they don't run it quite as often as the Dolphins, and he is just getting warmed up in Mike McCoy's offense.
  2. Week 3 - QB

    Standard scoring (TD = 4pts) Jameis Winston vs Minnesota or Jay Cutler vs NY Jets Obviously the Jets are an easier opponent than the Vikings, but I'm worried the Dolphins will run with Ajayi 28 times again like Game 1. What do you think?
  3. Dynasty League trade proposal

    No, hell no. What the heck do you gain from this trade? If he offered you the 8th and 17th for your 1st and 32nd, I could maybe see that if you wanted your second pick higher, but you move down with BOTH picks he offers for absolutely no reason. Hell no.

    In your case I'd definitely keep Elliott. They're close enough, coupled with Bell's injury history, to keep Elliott so you can cheer for him. I personally love watching Bell run, so I've turned down lucrative offers for him in my keeper league because it's not just points, but I love getting to root for him.
  5. 5th keeper spot

    I'm keeping 2 WRs (Evans/Odell) and 2 RBs (Bell, Crowell). I was going to keep Jameis Winston at QB because I believe he's going to blow up this year, but now I'm tempted to go with Mike Gillislee instead because of his probable role of main back and goalline back. I have a little time before I have to decide, but what do you think, Winston or Gillislee? Standard scoring
  6. Who is the better keeper?

    I would rather have Fitz, with both his #1 status as their WR, the attention that Carson Palmer gives him, and the fact his keeper round is three rounds later than Thomas', whose QB and offensive system might hold him back some.
  7. Meet Joe Williams everyone

    Was recently reading how Joe Williams (whom I like) doesn't make much if the blocking is suspect. Meanwhile, Matt Breida has reportedly been the best player at their minicamp. Someone to keep an eye on, and someone I'll be taking late in my dynasty draft in at least one league.
  8. Adrian Peterson... Next stop

    I acquired AP in one of my keeper leagues last year, so now I have the option of keeping him. It'll obviously depend on where he goes, should be an interesting offseason.
  9. Adrian Peterson... Next stop

    If Doug even stays in Tampa, his guaranteed $7M for next year is null and void. I could see Licht renegotiating the terms into a smaller amount of money, otherwise see ya to the Druggernaut. Having said that, I'd love to see what Doug can do when he's healthy and not having drug issues, and if he can remain healthy, but not for $7M and the risk of him relapsing and losing $7M.
  10. HoF Finalists

    As far as T.O. goes... I'm torn. Numbers, he should be automatic for HOF, arguably the 2nd best WR of all time. HOWEVER... his extreme divisiveness tore up the locker rooms of 3 teams, including being sent home away from the team with Philly. That stuff affects play on the field, and as Belichick has said, you're not necessarily looking for the best players, but for the best team. T.O. continually showed his presence would ruin teams, not lift them up. I think those antics are causing his wait, and I think Moss will get in ahead of him next year, but I think Owens will get in.
  11. HoF Finalists

    Cannot STAND that Jerry Jones got into the damn Hall of Fame; his inclusion, to me, reduces the importance of the HOF. He's rich and owns a team, and is a loudmouth.... And? People parrot that he "orchestrated" 3 Super Bowl victories, but how many since Jimmy Johnson (the real orchestrator) left? S'what I thought. Meanwhile, reports come out that the new HOFer had to be restrained by his son so he didn't draft Johnny Manziel. Whatever. I agree with TD, Warner, and LT. Do NOT agree with Anderson (he played 'til he was collecting Social Security, of course he had the most points, but he never had an impactful kick that I'm aware of, complete crap he made it into the HOF) and Jason Taylor (only credential is he won DPOY once... and? He had, what, 5 seasons of double-digit sacks? Meh. Hall of Really Good, but remind me of ONE impactful big moment where Taylor came through... did he push his team through to the playoffs? Have a good play in an AFC title game? Play in a Super Bowl? No, no, and no.) Frustrated that Lynch didn't get in. Per Dungy, the orchestrator of that defense, Lynch had the most responsibilities as the safety, and was renowned as a safety who could lay the wood as well as intercept (most of his interceptions came in the 4th Q). Huge interception against Washington in 1999 or 2000 playoffs, and spiked the ball in front of the Buc offense and screamed "DO SOMETHING" that helped propel them to a 14-13 win over Washington. Called the Raiders play "It was Sluggo C, wasn't it!!!" and directed the secondary to FIVE interceptions, 3 returned for TDs, against the reigning OPOY IN THE SUPER BOWL. Named to TWO team's Ring of Honors, even though he was only a Bronco for 4 years.
  12. Colts cheating?

    True, but it wasn't just Deion's vehemence, but LaDainian's non-arguing that sold it for me... he seemed, nonverbally, to acknowledge that Deion was right in what he was saying, which I found interesting.
  13. Colts cheating?

    I have seen a complete dearth of this being talked about: Pre-game, NFL Network, Deion Sanders was arguing with LaDainian Tomlinson about the impact of Spygate on the Patriots' historical standing when, suddenly, Deion said something I'd never heard. He said the Colts were stealing the defensive signals of the opposing team routinely, and while LaDainian said they weren't recorded so it wasn't illegal, Deion again hammered that they'd just tell Peyton what the defense was doing and they "did this for years." LaDainian didn't say a word against it, which just bolstered Deion's argument and comments. I feel like I imagined it because NO ONE said anything else about it either on TV or in writing, that I've found. Just thought it was really interesting. Yes it's not illegal without recording equipment, but Deion seemed to hint that something unsportsman or illegal was going on.