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  1. Bad look injury 1 1/2 minutes into the game!
  2. 1st Overall Pick

    I would go with DJ
  3. Keeper Help

    Completely agree with your 4 keepers
  4. I'd go with Williams because of that offense, the fact that there's a lot of scuttlebutt of Hyde not even making the final 53, and the 7th round cost.
  5. No, no, and heck no. Evans is a #1 WR who had 1500 yards receiving last year, and is primed to go off even more this year with Arians' offense and passing game. He's never had less than 1000 yards receiving in all 5 years in the league. IMO getting Josh Gordon and Thompson is an insult for Mike Evans. I understand the potential keeper buzz, but Gordon has never demonstrated the ability to stay healthy or out of trouble, and while I like Darwin I just don't like this deal.
  6. Where do you draft Darwin Thompson?

    Rumor is he's already leaped over Hyde in the rotation, and running some with the first team in practice. I'd grab him as soon as you could while making sure you have good starters.
  7. Keeper League Advice

    Agree Bell and Kelce
  8. Super-Flex

    No later than the 2nd round, IMO, to guarantee you get a very good one. They tend to go very early in super flex leagues
  9. Bell + AB for Saquon?

    That's gonna be a no from me, dawg.
  10. I love Fuller. If he stays healthy, the sky is the limit with him and Watson
  11. Draft in 10 minutes

    I wouldn't take Bell, especially if Gurley is still there at 9.
  12. Can I hazard a guess and say you're a Detroit Lions fan?
  13. I'd keep Kelce. He's too good at too shallow a position
  14. I think the other person is just nervous about all the Samuel talk; yeah I'd do that deal too.
  15. I would think you have enough RBs, and the TE pool is relatively shallow, so I'd draft Kittle.