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  1. WR tonight

    I'd go with Parker, who Cutler has shown a preference for.
  2. I have Samuel, but Stills is on waivers and I can pick him up and play him tonight... Stills has more production throughout the year, but Samuel played 75% of the snaps last week and is now starting too. Which one do you think I should play? (I'm down by 19 pts, and I also am playing Devante Parker)
  3. Dontrelle Inman vs Packers Curtis Samuel vs Dolphins I know, scraping the bottom of the barrel.
  4. Wr help!

    I think you'll be fine, Hogan and Adams should start and be fine (Hundley's production to Adams notwithstanding), if Diggs and Tate are both out with injuries still. You COULD drop either Abdullah or Coleman (I wouldn't want to drop either personally) for Marvin Jones to ensure you have a starting Detroit WR, but only if you absolutely have to IMO.
  5. I'd go with Fat Rob.
  6. Time to cut bait on David Johnson?

    Someone in my keeper league just traded DJ for Antonio Brown, Kamara, and Adam Thielen. Again, keeper league, but I'd be nervous for a semi-timeshare in AZ, and now without a premier QB defenses can really key in on their run game.
  7. Trade Deshawn Watson??? Help!!!

    You have two other decent QBs in Mariota and Cam, so I'd prefer to explore THEIR trade market to improve your WR depth.
  8. Which Defense do I drop?

    Drop New Orleans
  9. Collins or Crowell

    I had Crowell, and as talented as he is, he is maddening to own and play. Meanwhile, Duke is achieving more with far fewer touches. I'd rather have Collins because he consistently week-in and week-out shows he has really good running skills. Yes, the Baltimore coaches are complete morons when it comes to running the ball (see: last year, and this year). They somehow don't get it. But I'd rather wait for Buck Allen to get hurt and have Collins get 20+ carries (in other words, you know what's happening) than play Crowell and have no idea if he'll finally break a long one, or continue his meager production while Duke runs and catches TDs.
  10. Taking the starting job

    Breida, Foreman, McGuire, Perine in that order. Breida has a lot of talent and speed, and Hyde (who has never had 1000 yards) is in his final year of his rookie contract, and the new coach/GM (both on 6-year deals) are not beholden to Hyde at all. Foreman has shown a lot in limited carries, and every time he does anything the guys on NFL Fantasy are always saying "he is the most talented back there." I agree. However, Miller is still young and signed a good deal there, although he is semi-injury prone too. I like Foreman in that offense more than Miller, but it rests on Miller getting hurt for Foreman to get his shot. McGuire is good and has shown better inside running than he did in college according to scouts, but he has two legitimate backs in front of him, and an OC that is content to using multiple RBs. Perine, I am not a fan of, he seems slow and plodding and isn't in there to catch passes. They have better backs for running and receiving roles, nor do they use Perine in short yardage situations, so I'd stay away.
  11. QB options

    Ride with Carr (see what I did there?? Huh? Hello, is this thing on??)
  12. Trade away wentz for AP?

    First, I'd prefer to trade Cousins and keep Wentz. Cousins doesn't have the weapons he's had in previous years, while Wentz is ascending and doing well with his WRs and RBs. Second, I could see the other guy accepting because AP had only one week of production, so there's still time to strike because it's still somewhat of a gamble. If you wait and he continues to do well, forget it.
  13. Julio trade

    So, production and potential -wise, yes it's fair. Martin and Fuller are both doing well, and Julio is Julio. But here's the thing: With dynamic producers like Julio or OBJ or Le'Veon Bell, any week they can produce well, or they can explode for 30-40 points. In particular with Julio, he often has meh weeks, then has 1-2 weeks with huge production. Neither Martin nor Fuller have displayed that ability to be so dynamic, so I'd be inclined to either keep Julio or get a better WR or RB. (and I love Fuller, I picked him up off of waivers same time I picked up Watson, but Hopkins so far stunts his production)
  14. QB Dilemma, Help!

    Alex Smith, who is performing really well this year with his increased down field throws. I like Mariota and the Browns' pathetic defense, but without his rushing ability (and his hamstring is obviously still healing) his numbers are stunted, and since you have the option of Smith, I'd go with Alex Smith.