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  1. WDIS

    Need 3 WRs and a Flex from the choices below (already starting Aaron Jones and James Conner at RB spots): Mike Evans, OBJ, AJ Brown, Preston Williams, Laviska Shenault, Chase Edmonds, Jamaal Williams, James White, Damien Harris.
  2. Chase Edmonds or D'Andre Swift?

    Completely agree, Edmonds has been doing a lot more than Drake, with a lot fewer touches. I can't wait for him to take over!
  3. Who to Flex

  4. Who to Flex

    My main choices (.5 PPR) Greg Ward (vs Niners) James White (vs Chiefs)
  5. Julio or lamb?

  6. Should Gaskin be pickup up immediately?

    I would not drop Lamb for Gaskin. I like Gaskin, but this seems more of a positional need (RB). Why not try and trade 1-2 of your WRs for a good RB?
  7. Mo Allie Cox or Robert Tonyan?

    Mo Allie Cox, he's already been producing for two weeks, and Colts are now down 2 WRs
  8. Overthinking my Flex (Renfrow)

    Renfrow. You got this.
  9. Need to replace Tyreek Hill!

    Yeah McLaurin is the best choice, but he's also banged up, not to mention his QB is under fire for poor play. Not a good week.... might want to play Lamb against Cleveland in a (hopeful) shootout
  10. Brandon Aiyuk

    Nope, the other two are seeing consistent touches. I like Aiyuk, but not at the risk of those two
  11. Henderson vs Sanders vs Robinson

    Not at all, in fact I'd probably lean that way with Henderson and Robinson.
  12. What to do with Mixon

    I wouldn't sweat it, I think Mixon will get plenty of playing time, and Chark is coming off missing a game. Keep an ear out tomorrow morning, but for now I'd keep Mixon in your lineup.
  13. Lineup Check!

    Looks good
  14. Depends. If the rest of your team is solid, then I'd risk it with Adams. If you're playing a tough team and you're not sure of your point production, I think I might go with Tate and be sure you'll get some points.
  15. Davante Lockett trade

    I think that's a good trade for you, and probably for both sides tbh
  16. QB Ryan or Stafford

    I think I'd still go with Ryan
  17. Who to start at flex?

    Yep go with Renfrow, that is apparently (slot WR) the Achilles heel of the Bills' D
  18. Pick 2

    McLaurin and Williams
  19. Trade Godwin for Lamb

    I know you need a win, but I wouldn't do this trade unless it was for Lamb and someone else maybe
  20. Give Kelley and Jefferson for AJ Brown

    He might do it, make the offer. Personally (I own Brown) I wouldn't because I have a whole year of proof AJ can produce in the league, whereas Jefferson had one good week.
  21. Time to drop Cam Akers?

    Agreed. At least in Buffalo there are only two backs, whereas in LA there are 3.
  22. Trading for Dalvin Cook

    If you can get the Cook owner to agree to this, congratulations. But there's no way a sane fantasy owner would trade Cook for Conner and Kelley, BUT I see your logic concerning his shallow RB depth behind Cook. At this point I don't think I'd even take Conner and Drake for Cook, if I owned him.
  23. Trade??

    I'd rather have CEH. Better offense, and while i like Conner he does have a problem staying healthy consistently.
  24. Jefferson worth #1 waiver?

    Yes he's worth it, they moved him in the offense and he finally got more targets, so it doesn't seem like a flash in the pan. With their defense, they'll need to throw more often.