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  1. Robert Woods is inactive

    I guess I have to drop him for Reynolds or grab William's tomorrow....thinking Reynolds....WTF
  2. Robert Woods is inactive

    Does Reynolds get his targets?
  3. Reset Password?

    Finally received. Took 4 times.
  4. Reset Password?

    They need to open everything up until the issue is fixed.
  5. Reset Password?

    I dont understand why this needs to be done mid-season.
  6. Reset Password?

    Can you open everything to the public until this issue is resolved please? I need to do some research that I pay for ASAP.
  7. Reset Password?

    I'm still waiting on my password reset for 10 minutes. Updating in the middle of the season may not have been the best idea.
  8. Pick 1 RB

    I'd bench Kamara. I like Gordon too though
  9. News Feed?

    Good. I was gonna ask. Glad theres awareness. Let's go DMD......haha
  10. Barkley, Henry or Jacobs

    Well, I think Barkley is dead. At least he has next week as his bye to maybe get himself straight.
  11. I assume you have to continue to ride Barkley vs Jets. That being said, I need 1 of: Josh Jacobs vs LAC Henry vs KC
  12. Josh Jacobs

    Am I wrong that hes a great receiver? Why is he not utilized as such?
  13. Should I roll with Minshew or gamble on Carr if Mahomes doesnt play.
  14. D Henry or J Jacobs

    Thanks all!
  15. Devonta Freeman or Breida?