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  1. Standard performance league (Start 2RBs and 3WR), with my back-up RBs limited and my receivers are horrible. Question is do I trade Stephen Davis for Clayton? Try to shop him to the Steve Smith owner who has Bell as his number 2 back? Somebody else have advice on who I could move? M Vick S McNair P Holmes K Barlow J Lewis L Johnson S Davis J.J. Arrington J Horn A Bryant C Rogers T Williamson K Curtis R McMichael J Wilkins D Bills

    Thanks Guys! I could pick up Fergusen, But I am not sold on him either!

    I have a disaster at WR/TE since Walker went down. I need to start 3 in a standard performance scoring league Obviously -- Horn I need 2 from the following: Antonio Bryant Kevin Curtis Randy McMichael Troy Williamson Charles Rodgers (BYE) Please help!
  4. Curtis Martin to get MRI on knee

    I picked up Blaylock off waivers right before the season. If Martin is hurt, I look like a genious! Someone picked up Willie right before me and with Bettis and Staley on my team I was desperate for some RB help. I went to the board and nobody of value was left, so I went for the first eligible back-up to an older RB.
  5. Trade offered to me with R Moss

  6. I am sure its not the best team for an 8 team league!
  7. Just Drafted

    Thanks Air. I know my QBs are hurting. The problem is, that there was little value after taking Tomlinson, Dillion, Holt, Andre and Witten with my first 5 picks. The good thing about Witten in my league is that he scored 10 points less than Gates last year, even though Gates blew up. I think that Witten has more room for improvement over last year than Gates does! (Not saying he is better, because I would take Gates in a heartbeat, just comparable stats, especially for the round (5th) I selected him.
  8. Wr vrs RB?

    Nice RBs and Great value at QB in the third. Failed to lock up an elite WR, but I would take a great starting Qb as you should be able to fill in the WR position as needed.
  9. Just Drafted

    Vet, I don't understand your post?
  10. Just Drafted

    Thanks for the reply guys. Sometimes you make picks and at the end you are unsure. It's good to get different opinions.
  11. Just Drafted

  12. Just Drafted

    Just drafted in a 10 team (non-keeper) performance based league (1 point for receptions WR, 1 point every 5 carries for a RB and 1 point every 5 completions QB) all TDs are worth 3 points. You get bonuses for over 100 rushing/receiving and 300 passing. Start 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DEF Starting lineup Plummer (actually top 5 QB in our league last year) Tomlinson Dillon (bonus for over 100 yards is huge for him) Holt (1 point per reception) A. Johnson Witten Washington Vanderjet Bench McNair (could start by the end of the year) Ronnie Brown Barlow Driver Stallworth Cooley Jacksonville Bris Brown What does everyone think?
  13. 14 Team League

    If it is a mandatory TE league, you take the 2 best RBs and either Gates or Gonzo. If it is not a mandatory TE league take the best 2 rbs and the best (if you can land a top 6 or 7 WR. But you have to take 2 RBs were you are at because of the size of the league. In this situation you have a nice pick in the third round and if some panic in the 2nd round that RBs are flying and they take a RB then you may end up with a Chad Johnson/Torry Holt or McNabb in the third round. If you think Witten will fall into the 4th or 5th round don't waste a 3rd round pick on a TE, because I think that Witten will put up comparable numbers to the top tier TEs.
  14. 11th pick in 12 team league

    You draft the best RB first, if the guy is going to take a QB and a RB nd you probably ladnd moss in the 2nd. This way you get the RB YOU want and not the one that falls to you in ht esecond!

    Thanks Navin!