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  1. F*ck Gurley is out

    Championship game for me and Gurley is out now. Who should I start Damien Williams or CJ Anderson? Ppr
  2. Choosing my playoff matchup?

    I don't see what is confusing about the post. Our playoffs start week 13 and it is a 4 team playoff. I was playing the current 5th ranked team this week. If I won, the 2 seed would have dropped to the 4 seed and if I took the loss he would have been 5 seed and knocked out of the playoffs. I knew this because the current 3 and 4 were winning by a mile and I knew the tiebreaker scenarios. I decided not to pull my players and will be facing the guy that dropped from 2 seed to 4 in the first round of the playoffs. He is definitely the stronger team over the 5 seed that I could have played. I was never really considering it because I always play for the win. I just wanted an outside opinion because I've never been in a situation where I could actually without any doubt choose my playoff matchup. It is a money league and there is nothing in the rules about it so who's to say they wouldn't have done the same to me.
  3. Choosing my playoff matchup?

    It is strategy and there is nothing in the rule book that says you can't do it. Ive seen guys pull players if they are ahead to avoid negative points. NFL teams do it to change playoff seeds and get a more favorable matchup. And who is to say the guy wouldn't do it to me if he had a chance? I wouldn't be mad because it is strategy. Dude has been talking crap all season.
  4. Choosing my playoff matchup?

    It is a money league and I never did it and I'm the commissioner
  5. Choosing my playoff matchup?

    I figured I would get that answer lol
  6. Choosing my playoff matchup?

    So I have the #1 playoff seed locked and I am playing the 5th ranked team this week I'm projected to beat him but I could pull my players and take the loss. If I do this I would knock the #2 seed out of the playoffs which start next week. The #2 seed is going to lose this week and drop to the #4 seed if I win. How do ya'll feel about taking a loss to choose your playoff matchup? Should I pull my players to lose so I can play a weaker team in the playoffs?
  7. Who should I pick up off waivers? Mack or Martin? PPR
  8. Who has better ROS value? Who would you pick up between the two? PPR
  9. Trade for Chubb and Ertz?

    Definitely an initial offer I always shoot low because you never know how someone values a player. Plus this guy has been shopping Ertz.
  10. 2 QB PPR league I have Brady, Cousins, and Winston. Pick one I have Kittle, Howard and Olsen. Pick one The guy that picked up Chubb could use some help at QB since he only has Wentz and Mayfield. I planned on offering one of my QBs and one of my TEs for Ertz and Chubb. I was leaning Cousins or Brady since they still have a bye week coming up. I like Cousins because I own Thielen so I like the stack that I have but Brady is on the rise since aquiring Josh Gordon (who I own as well) and Edelman returning.
  11. Brady or Winston?

    Who should I start this week? Tom Brady @ Chicago Bears or Jameis Winston vs Cleveland Browns
  12. Big trade

    I would still like to get Ertz without giving up Gurley who should I move to try and get him?
  13. Big trade

    Ya my gut is telling me not to do it even though Ertz would be nice
  14. Big trade

    Ertz would really help me at TE even though I'm not in bad shape at TE. I currently have Kittle and picked up Olsen and Howard off waivers last week as potential trade assets.
  15. Big trade

    I'm not trying to get rid of him. Had someone trying to trade for him. Just seeing what I could get. Kamara, Ertz and Alshon is pretty tempting.