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  1. Tyreek trade advice

    I have Mahomes and someone offered to trade Tyreek to me for Fitzgerald. I like the idea of the Mahomes-Tyreek stack should I accept? 16 team ppr
  2. Big trade advice

    I also thought about countering with Diggs instead of Thompson
  3. Big trade advice

    Guy just offered me Connor, Melvin Gordon and Chris Thompson for my David Johnson and Sony Michel 10 team PPR I also own Jaylen Samuels so that is a plus receiving Connor
  4. Someone offered me Emmanuel sanders and malcolm brown for AP 16 team ppr
  5. Was just offered to trade E Sanders and Malc Brown to me for Adrian Peterson Should I do it? 16 team PPR
  6. Did I give up too much?

    I needed to do a 3 for 1 trade to make room for defense and kicker
  7. Did I give up too much?

    You think Henry and Watkins will sustain their week 1 production all season?
  8. Did I give up too much?

    Lineup is in my signature
  9. Did I give up too much?

    Ya I was trying to sell high on Henry and Watkins
  10. I needed a true RB1 and had some expendable players to make room for a kicker and defense so made a 3 for 1 trade in my ppr league. Roster in signature below. I acquired David Johnson I gave away Derrick Henry, Lesean McCoy and Sammy Watkins. How did I do?
  11. Miles Sanders or Curtis Samuel? PPR

    Definitely leaning towards Sanders