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  1. Big trade

    I would still like to get Ertz without giving up Gurley who should I move to try and get him?
  2. Big trade

    Ya my gut is telling me not to do it even though Ertz would be nice
  3. Big trade

    Ertz would really help me at TE even though I'm not in bad shape at TE. I currently have Kittle and picked up Olsen and Howard off waivers last week as potential trade assets.
  4. Big trade

    I'm not trying to get rid of him. Had someone trying to trade for him. Just seeing what I could get. Kamara, Ertz and Alshon is pretty tempting.
  5. Trade for Bell?

    No way you would be screwed at RB still no telling when bell will be back
  6. I'm currently sitting in 1st place in my 12 team 2 QB league and my team is pretty nasty. Been wheeling and dealing all season long and ready to win it all.
  7. Big trade

    What if I counter Gurley for Kamara, Ertz, and Alshon
  8. Big trade

    I still have Saquon Barkley on my team too
  9. Big trade

    Even with Ertz in the new offer
  10. Big trade

    So I declined the trade and he just countered with Kamara, Ertz and Ridley for Gurley.
  11. Big trade

    Guy just offered me Alvin Kamara, Dalvin Cook and Calvin Ridley for Todd Gurley. PPR What do yall think? Been trying to get Kamara from him all season but after how he did last week with Ingram back in the mix I think I can get more in return for Gurley.
  12. Gurley trade

    It is a 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 Superflex so basically 2 QB league. I accepted the deal. I have a super deep team and needed to make room to pick up a DST and a kicker so a 3 for 1 trade worked for me.
  13. Gurley trade

    Would you give up Christian McCaffrey, Lesean McCoy and Tyler Boyd for Todd Gurley? PPR
  14. Offered a trade for AB

    I would probably take that
  15. Michael Thomas for Mccaffrey

    I own CMC and I would absolutely trade him for Thomas