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  1. Lineup Decisions

    Montana said what I was thinking.
  2. P/O help

    It is looking like Ingram is going to play at this point. Would you roll with him if he does?
  3. P/O help

    Would play Perine over Ingram this week given the circumstances?
  4. Carr or McCown this week

    Not over thinking, Carr.
  5. P/O help

    Two leagues both 2 QB QB question, pass TD-4, every 25 yards-1 every 5 completion -2.5 400+ pass yard-3 50+ yard TD bonus 1 Pick 2 Riverd, Goff, M Ryan RB question, every 5 catches-3 rush/recTD-6 every 10 yards rush/rec-1 50+ yard TD bonus 1 Do I bench Mark Igram? Appears even if he plays he probably isn't going to 100% & it isn't like NO won't be afraid to lean on Kama. Playing L Bell obviously. My other choices are Perine WAS or A Jones GB. Who is my RB 2?
  6. 2 starting QB league

    Any last minute thoughts?
  7. Who do I pickup as insurance for Antonio?

    I would also lean Kroft
  8. 2 starting QB league

    Anyone else thoughts, please
  9. Which QB ROS?

  10. 2 starting QB league

    Pick TWO QB & which TE would you roll? Pass TD-4, every 25 pass yards-1 every 5 completions-2.5 400+ pass yards-3 50+ yard TD-1 My QB Matt Ryan, Jeff Goff, Philip Rivers Ryan has the toughest match up. Of note I have Julio. Also at TE I have Cook & Rivers TE Henry. If I roll Rivers & Henry I have the potential for the double dip on any TD between them. Both TE have great match up but will only be playing 1 as I am running a WR at flex because I will be playing Julio, Fitzgerald & Robby Anderson. I also have JuJu but he probably isn't 100% & his match up sucks. So which 2 QB & which TE.
  11. Extended keeper trade

    Please help me figure out a trade to make, CANNOT TRADE DRAFT PICKS 10 team 2 starting QB IDP with reception points Total roster 26 IR-2, Each year keep 11 players -NO MORE THAN 2 AT ANY POSITION Line up Start QB-2 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 Flex(RB/WR/TE)-1 K-1 LB-2 DB-2 DL-2 Bench-11 Position limits QB-4 RB-5 WR-6 TE-5 K-5 LB-5 DB-5 DL-5 Scoring Pass TD-4, all others 6, Every 5 rec-3, Typical 25 yards passing, 10 yards rush/rec-1, Every 5 completions-2. Tackles-1.5, Assist-1.0, With IDP special teams points goes to player giving punt/kick return WR/DB more value & there are certain yardage total bonus' 8/10 make playoffs My team 3rd at 6/5 QB- Ryan, Goff, Rivers RB- M Gordon(LAC), Abdullah, T Montgomery, O Darkwa(NYG), T Cohen(CHI), IR C Thompson(WAS) WR- J Jones(ATL), Fitzgerald, J Nelson(GB), Smith-Schuster, R Anderson(NYJ) TE- J Cook(OAK) H Henry(LAC) K- Bryant(ATL) IR- Sturgis LB- Wagner, Mosley, D Davis(NYJ) DB- L Collins(NYG), G Quin(DET), D Sorensen(KC) DL- Dunlap, D Hunter(MIN), L Joseph(MIN) J Clowney, His team 6th 5/6 QB- Wentz, Cousins, Fitzpatrick(TB) IR- Winston Out designation is allowed on IR RB- L Bell, K hunt, D Henry(TEN), J McKinnon(MIN), R Burkhead(NE) IR- D Johnson(ARI) WR- B Cooks(NE), D Parker(MIA), A Cooper(OAK), C Davis(TEN), K Stills(MIA) TE- E Engram(NYG), J Reed(WAS), OJ Howard(TB) K- Zuerlein LB- M Jack(JAC), D Campbell(ATL), DB- J Poyer(BUF), R Darby(PHI), DL- G Jarrett(ATL), J Casey(TEN), E Griffen(MIN), As you can see he has 3 keepers at RB & possible 3 at QB with Winston. With Goff's improvement I have 3 at QB. However I would like to get something for Rivers as I rather keep the younger QB on my team for next year. Seeing as we can only keep 2 at any position I would like to try to RB Johnson from him to build for next year. I would be giving up depth for sure but what do you think Rivers, LB-Davis DB- Quin for Johnson who I can't even use this year & Fitzpatrick so I at least have a temp backup He gets help needed at LB & DB & a better backup option at QB. And gets something (from a player not even playing) he can use this year when he has 3 players that he can only keep 2 for next year. I think it is a big gamble on my part as I am giving up depth at 3 positions heading into the p/o's but I would finally have a 2nd RB really worth using a keeper spot on. And not that I think he would decide on either Bell or Hunt who are playing but if he shot back with either of them instead of Johnson, I would have no issue taking the deal. Thoughts?
  12. Looking to trade -DYNASTY league

    I understand what I posted was not but it necessary to get all the info in. Please if I could get some opinions.
  13. QB Help

    I too would stick with the guys you have. Don't see waivers as any upgrade. Please look at mine.
  14. Will take a little bit to lay this out. Please read & give advice/opinions. I will look at your post & respond TRADE DEADLINE FRIDAY 12 team 2 divison DYNASTY WITH IDP, HIGH QB SCORING, FRACTIONAL POINTS, PPR SCORING With IDP all special teams scoring goes to the player- giving return/kickoff WR/DB added value ALL TD=6, PASSING- Point every completion, 0.05 every passing yard, RUSH/REC- every yard=0.1 As said point per rec Typical deductions for INT, FUMBLE Defensive points Tackle-1.0, assist-0.5, sack=-3, most other defensive scoring is 2 points, turnover yards gained are credited the same amount as rush/rec yards. Line up QB-1 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 Flex RB/WR/TE-1 K-1 LB-3 DB-3 DL-3 Bench-15 IR-5 Position limits QB-4 RB-6 WR-5 TE-3 K-3 LB-6 DB-6 DL-6 Mini draft 5 rounds with temp bump in roster size/position limit, all teams have to have 5 overall draft picks My team, 2nd in division, 3rd overall QB- Cousins, Newton, Roethlisberger RB- Gurley, McCaffrey, Steward(CAR), Perine, Abdullah WR- Hopkins, C Davis(TENN), Lockett, Smith-Schuster, Funchess, M Lee(JAC) IR- A Robinson(JAC) Edelman TE- Hooper, Kroft K- McManus LB- KJ Wright, Trevanthan, Barron, Barr, T Davis(CAR), IR- M Foster(WASH) DB- L Collins(NYG), T Johnson(LAR), T Mathieu(ARI), J McCourty(CLE), E Weddle, IR- E Berry DL- K Mack, K Short, Dunlap, D Fowler Trade target, 4th OTHER division, 8th overall QB- Cutler, McCown, T Taylor RB- Riddick, Burkhead, J Allen(BAL), Blount, Ivory WR- AJ Green, T Hill, Jeffery, Fuller, Hilton, Thielen TE- Kelce, Njoku, IR- Eifert K- Succop LB- Z Brown(WASH), K Alonso, K Alexander, Ray-Ray Armstrong, Bostic, T Whitehead DB- E Thomas(SEA), K Neal(ATL), D King(LAC), M Farley(IND), A Sendejo(MIN) DL- A Robinson(DET), E Ogbah(CLE), G Atkins(CIN), B Graham(PHI) As said this is a DYNASTY league. QB score HUGE in this league. That last game Ben scored 69.95 & had those huge games last year were around 100 points! For comparison Ben is currently 15th among QB & Gurley is 1st among RB. Ben has him outscored by 148.10. I do like to keep 3 QB to cover for byes as I did end up with 2 QB same bye in the past. However Ben is getting up there. Figure try to get something now while I can & the other team needs QB help. What do you think of this I send Roethlisberger, Kroft & Edelman along with my R4 pick for Kelce & LB E Thomas & his R1 pick. He would get a handcuff/insurance for Eifert. While I clear out a WR. I am going to have to cut 4 players before the start of the season next year including 2 WR as it is because of position limits with having 8 including my IR guys. Try to get something both out of Ben & at least 1 WR instead of cutting & getting nothing. Plus this deal gives me another 1st round pick that will be higher than my own teams pick. Is this a reasonable offer? Am I asking too much? Giving to much considering how QB score heavy the league is? The top 31 OVERALL scoring players are QB. Gurley is the 1st non QB at 32nd. If that is too much but you don't think Ben & Edelman + R5 for Kelce & R1, I think that might be another deal I would be willing to do. Thoughts/Opinions, Thanks
  15. WR & Flex question

    Shepard at WR. Think I have to lean Mack at flex.