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  1. DJ or DeDe, JAC

    Went with Chark. Now hopefully Foles connects with both Chark & Westbrook. Seeing as between all the leagues I play in, I have BOTH.
  2. TE situation

    I actually got Hockenson. Hope he work out.
  3. Who becomes Foles preferred receiver

    We are in the much the same boat. Unfortunately I can't tell you one way or the other. DeDe had a connection with Foles before Foles got hurt. Chark has been the guy throughout the season so far. But that was with Minshew. Then throw in the talk about Conley & I don't know which way to lean. I hope Foles still has chemistry with DeDe as I have him in a completely different league than the one I was asking about. Sorry I couldn't be more help but I'm struggling on this one myself.
  4. DJ or DeDe, JAC

    The DJ I'm talking about is Chark. Between him & DeDe who do you pick?
  5. Who to grab off of waivers (FAAB)

    I will also have to agree Marquise & drop Mclaurin. Can you please look back at my DJ DeDe thread again.
  6. DJ or DeDe, JAC

    Every 5 catches 3 points, typical 10 yards for a point. Bonus point for 50+ yard TD & 100+ yards receiving Both DJ CHARK & DeDe from JAC are available & I need a WR. Of note it is a 2 QB league & I have Foles. So any TD pass would be a double dip if I have the correct WR. PS I mean DJ Chark from JAC. Both WR from JAC added the Chark last name after initial post
  7. TE situation

    Like I said I'm way down on waivers, 13th out of 14 - rolling waivers. Good chance I don't get my first choice. Who would be your 2nd choice? And anyone else? Thoughts?
  8. Captain for Thurs D G

    Yeah I like Conner also,
  9. TE situation

    14 team NON PPR typical 10 yards get a point, bonus points at 100, 150, 200 yards I'm 9-1. I have Hooper who looks like he will miss at least this week at min. I have no backup TE. Looks like best available are CIN Eifert DET Hockenson PHI Goedert I play in 4 leagues & already have Ertz in one. I go with Goedert I'm having to hope for both PHI TE to do good. Not likely. Hockenson probably going to be playing with backup QB from the sounds of it. Good for the TE. Eifert is playing with a rookie QB & has had solid games the last couple of games. Seeing as I'm far down the waivers, who is your 1st & 2nd choices?
  10. Quarterback Questions

    Agree with the consensus #1
  11. Which QB?

    12 team single starting QB Pass TD 6 typical 25 pass yards & 10 yards rush/rec all equal 1 also a point per completion fumbles & INT - 2 Pick one - Cousins, NYG Jones, Fitzpatrick Cousins has a tough match up, Jones has a pretty favourable one but they are projected less than a point apart on site. Fitzpatrick is projected only a couple of points behind them with a avg match up. Just grabbed him as a reserve for now. I've mostly rolled with Cousins. Who should I go with this week?
  12. Which rb?

    I like Coleman & no. Stick with you WR's.
  13. Some choices to make

    Play 4 leagues Yahoo non PPR Passing points, TD - 6 25 yards - 1 Bonus points at 350, 400 & 450 Ryan out, Minshew or Rudolph? PPR league Rush/Rec points TD - 6 Every 10 yards - 6 kickoff/Return yards same as Rush/Rec because of IDP Flex Allen Robinson or JuJu? 2 ESPN leagues Both Pass TD 4, Every 25 yard pass 1, Every 5 completion 2, Rush/Rec TD 6, Every 5 catches 3, Every 10 yards Rush/Rec 1 One league RB Mixon or TB Ronald Jones Other league TWO QB league Which TWO Minshew, Trubisky, CAR Allen RB Mixon, NO Murray or TB Ronald Jones Pick ONE Flex ATL Ridley or CAR Moore or one of those other 2 RB not used at RB spot?
  14. Who to flex

    Rolled Robinson, hope it works out. It's already pretty desperate for me.
  15. DYNASTY, Kelce, Trade?

    Guys I'm struggling with this one. Being that I have Andrews I feel like I should move Kelce while I can still get high value for him. I really want to add some depth at RB & do something at DL. Also insurance at QB is always good in this league where a weak game is usually still at least 35 and strong games like Mahomes as been doing are around 65-75 points.