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  1. I would not use a keeper on a kicker. It is not me simply adopting everyone else's, its only the kicker position. Do some simple math over the last few seasons. You will see there is very little that separates say the number 2/3 kicker to the guy at the 14/15 spot. You can get more value out of your keeper elsewhere.
  2. Considering there is a limitation on keepers, take Brown. Fantasy wise, if that full suspension holds up, it will be week 8 before you have Zek available. You will be getting less than 1.5 FANTASY seasons out of him before you have to let him go. This year you will go into the season with an RB & WR that are both easy top 5 guys & highly likely to be top 3. Solid foundation to build a team around. I have played from my 1st days, 2 QB leagues. With it being a 2 QB league, just make sure you get at least 1 of your QB in the first 3 rounds. Otherwise your great RB/WR combo is going to be fighting to carry your team through weak QB play.
  3. I sent him the offer minus the RB. If he balks, I might try to put the RB's in there & play up that Gordon doesn't have anyone breathing down his neck like Freeman with Coleman. I made the offer for Taylor. I am willing to switch to Smith if that is what it takes.
  4. Just realized he had Tannehill also but cut him already. He really didn't have much at QB as he also has Romo who grabbed early hoping it would pan out. He has to feel pretty desperate for a QB at this point.
  5. Know what you mean about not going all in right away. Unfortunately as I said I am on a time limit being our drop date is tomorrow & there will be no more trading till after the draft.
  6. Seeing as I have yet to receive any replies on my IDP post that included this situation, I will ask about the TE's only. Want some input on this. DYNASTY 12 team PPR IDP Position limits Just went down from 3 starters at LB, DB & DL to 2. Also position on each went from 6 to 5 Reduced from 32 players to 29 Position limits - QB-4 RB-6 WR-6 TE-3 K-3 LB-5 DB-5 DL-5 Starters QB-1 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 Flex-1(RB/WR/TE) K-1 LB-2 DB-2 DL-2 Bench-12 IR-5 ALL TD are 6. Full point per rec. Typical 10 yards rush/rec is a point TE- Ebron DET, Clay BUF, Fiedorowicz HOU, Miller CHI 4 TE because of IR Thinking I should cut Fiedorowicz & Miller & hold onto Ebron & Clay. To be honest none of these guys excite me. I think Fiedorowicz QB situation will kill his value. It sure as hell hurt me with Hopkins who I have. As for Miller, last I checked there was talk he might not even make the team this year.Which 2 would you keep?
  7. I think Gordon & Freeman in most rankings are close. The difference being Gordon doesn't have the kind of competition that Freeman has. At any rate I would be willing to drop the RB's out of the deal & just go Rivers/Nelson for Taylor/Brown. Also as I said this is a 2 QB league. Another owner has Brady/Brees. Last years champ has Winston/Cousins, David Johnson/L Bell, WR B Cooks & through a resent trade A Cooper. And can choose between Reed or Hunter Henry at TE. I would be far from a lock with Jones/Brown combo. At any rate, think it more reasonable if I drop the RB's out of the deal?
  8. 10 team 2 QB extended keeper PPR IDP Keep 11 no more than 2 at any position, We have to make our cuts by tomorrow Aug 14th Positional limits - QB-4 RB-5 WR-6 TE-5 K-5 LB-5 DB-5 DL-5 Starters-QB-2 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 Flex-1 (RB/WR/TE) K-1 LB-2 DB-2 DL-2, Bench-11, IR-2 Scoring- Pass TD-4, All other TD-6, Typical 25 yards passing, 10 yards rush/rec-1, Every 5 completions & receptions-1, Solo tackles-1.5, DEF/ST scoring is within the normal ranges My current players QB- Roethlisberger, Rivers, Siemiam RB- Gordon, Hyde, Montgomery, Abdullah, Lacy WR- J Jones ATL, J Nelson GB, K Allen LAC, L Fitzgerald AR, K White CHI, T Williams LAC TE- Clay, K- Vinatieri LB- Wagner SEA, Kirksey CLE, Bowman SF, W Compton WAS DB- Collins NYG, TJ Ward DEN, C Graham PHI, C Geathers IND, DL- Dunlap CIN, Hunter-MIN, K Williams BUF, E Ansah DET His players QB- Taylor BUF, Smith KC RB- D Freeman, TJ Yeldon, W Smallwood, B Powell, CJ Anderson DEN, C Michael IND WR- A Brown PIT, A Jeffery, K Benjamin CAR, S Shepard NYG, J Crowder, T Gabriel ATL, TE- M Bennett GB, K- currently empty LB- Z Orr BAL, D Johnson KC, Z Brown WAS, DB- J Cyprien TEN, R McLeod PHI, C Joseph OAK, R Jones MIA DL- C Jordon NO, J Clowney HOU, L Williams, Trade I am thinking of putting on the table Me QB Rivers, RB- Gordon, WR-Nelson Him QB- Taylor, RB- Freeman, WR- A Brown Is this reasonable? Should I switch it to Smith at QB? I am willing to add one more RB of Hyde, Abdullah or Montgomery if he would want a 2nd RB to seal the deal. PIT is not my #1 team but I am a fan & really like to team at least 1 of my WR with their top target WR or TE. And obviously I am keeping Jones & Nelson. No guarantee I get Allen back. I am trying to move a QB because the 2 I am obviously keeping of course have their bye the same week this year. As does Gordon. Week 9 got me bad this year before we even redraft our 15 spots. Would like to try to see if I can do something about that & maybe eke out a little something with having Hyde, Montgomery & Abdullah- all who seem to hae low end RB2/Flex spot value, given the reception points. So is this reasonable?
  9. Thoughts?
  10. I would guess with 2 starting QB it is likely a 10 team league. Anymore than that, taking into account byes there are not enough QB's to go around.
  11. DYNASTY 12 team PPR IDP Position limits Just went down from 3 starters at LB, DB & DL to 2. Also position on each went from 6 to 5 Reduced from 32 players to 29 Position limits - QB-4 RB-6 WR-6 TE-3 K-3 LB-5 DB-5 DL-5 Starters QB-1 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 Flex-1(RB/WR/TE) K-1 LB-2 DB-2 DL-2 Bench-12 IR-5 ALL TD are 6. Full point per rec. Typical 10 yards rush/rec 1. Points on yards by defensive plays work the same, point for yards. Sacks =3, sack yards =0.2, Tackles=1, assist tackle=0.5 All other defensive scoring pretty typical My players QB- Newton, Roethlisberger, Cousins, Tannehill Cutting Tannehill, That's 1 RB- Gurley LAC, Stewart CAR, L Murray MIN, Abdullah DET, Charles DEN, Lewis NE, Washington OAK 1 over position limit from IR, think Washington is the cut, that's 2 WR- Lockett SEA, Edelman NE, Marshall NYG, Robinson JAC, Lee JAC, Hopkins HOU, Dont want to cut any of these guys TE- Ebron DET, Clay BUF, Fiedorowicz HOU, Miller CHI 4 TE because of IR cut Fiedorowicz & Miller, that's 4 players K- Gano CAR obviously keeping my only kicker LB- Davis CAR, Barron LAR, Barr MIN, Perry GB, Trevathen CHI, Laurinaitis NO, Laurinaitis easy cut, thinking Barr should go also go, that's 6 DB- Berry KC, Collins NYG, Weddle BAL, McCourty CLE, thinking because of age cut Weddle, that's 7 DL- Short CAR, Mack OAK, Dunlap CAR, Fowler JAC, Tuitt PIT, Cut either Fowler or Tuitt, just not sure which but that would bring me to the 8 needed. Which DL do I cut?
  12. I have played in 2 QB leagues since I started playing fantasy football. And also have reception points I can tell you this. If PASS TD are 6 points, take Brady. We actually knocked down pass TD to 4 points a while back to make the first 2 rounds not be about 85% QB's. And also to make your success be so depended on just 2 players. At 6 points in a 2 QB league this is huge. Now if they are 4 points or less, take Howard. That is killer value at a 15th round pick.
  13. When that comes to fantasy season, that is more than half the season. Cowboys bye comes week 6 which means at 6 games He will be suspended through week 7. Most fantasy leagues play their regular season through week 13 meaning he is only available for 6 games of the regular fantasy season. For that I think the cost is too steep for the value at the early 2nd round being likely the furthest he probable goes in most leagues. Especially leagues like 1 I play in that has prize money for finishing the regular season at the top.
  14. Thanks for the heads up. I will keep an eye on it. Though I think I will have to make additional cuts now. I am the commissioner of the league. I said that if anyone had any suggestions to email them to me. One owner suggested that we should take IDP down to just one player per position or even just one IDP altogether. I said I would not do that as it would eliminate any skill & make the defensive positions nothing more than plug & play. Especially just 1 defensive player total. I did say I would be open to reducing the IDP positions from 3 starters to 2. If I make this change I would also reduce the total roster spots by 3 so as to avoid an overly large bench that becomes a stockpile. I also will reduce the max allowed players at each of the defensive positions from 6 to 5. I talked to one other owner in the league that said they were on board with this. So I am thinking I am going to make this change. I will of course extend the deadline to make cuts to give owners time to make their decisions on the additional cuts now required. So with those changes I am not deiced yet on where to make all 3 cuts but I think 1 should at least come from the DL & 1 from the LB. Which DL & LB would you cut. Being a dynasty league I am thinking at his age maybe cut Weddle. If someone else grabs & he has a good year I don't think I should let it bother me too much because it may be the only year they get out of him as he could retire any time. What do you think on that?
  15. The site we are on has him listed as a DL