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  1. Snead or garçon?

    Garcon 8 or more targets 4/5 games. Opportunity is there despite difficult match up.
  2. Who do I start in my flex?

    I have Cooks in a league. No more than 5 receptions in a game. I go Fuller, Garcon - tough match up but lots of targets his way (8 or more 4/5 games) & then Abdullah.
  3. RB/TE questions

  4. RB/TE questions

    In the keeper league where I have Cook & Henry at TE, Hooper from ATL is available. Now I have Matt Ryan & Julio who I will be playing. I grabbed EJ Manuel when it looked like Carr might be out for a while. Could just drop him. Would Hooper be a better play at TE this week then Cook or Henry. With Hooper or Henry I will be 3 deep on that team with starting Rivers & Ryan at QB.
  5. Trade help

    I have to agree with what has been said so far. Your team looks good.
  6. RB/TE questions

    I play in two 10 team leagues along with 2 other leagues. The scoring is almost a mirror. The difference being that 1 is a non keeper with team DST while the other is an extended keeper with IDP (meaning ST points goes to player) & FRACTIONAL points. Both leagues start 2 QB Typical scoring 10 yards rush/rec =1, Bonus ro 100-199 yards Rush/Rec=1, 200+=, Every 5 receptions=3 Keeper league- NOTE- Rivers is 1 of my starting QB My RB - M Gordon, T Montgomery, A Abdullah, Riddick(handcuff), C Thompson, TE- J Cook, H Henry I don't care if Montgomery goes, I am trusting him to play an entire game or more limited amount of snaps. Obviously playing Gordon. So it comes down to either Abdullah or Thompson. Both have favorable match ups. Thompson has in his favor that looks like Kelley will be a no go. Who do you pick for RB2? At TE Cook or Henry? Carr looks to go but could be less than 100% & LAC have allowed 4 or less to TE in 3/5. DEN will known for their D has allowed 3/5 solid games to TE while blanking the TE twice. This would also make me LAC heavy starting 3 Chargers. Which TE? NON keeper My RB- L Bell, D Murray-TEN, C Thompson, M Ingram TE- J Cook, E Engram-NYG Obviously starting Bell. I simply do not trust Murray at this point. So Ingram who has a middle of the road match up & NO just trading away AP or Thompson who has a very nice match up with Kelley likely out? At TE, I again have Cook with a stiff match up. Or Engram vs Broncos who have given up points at times to the TE on a Giants team where he could see plenty of opportunity out of sheer necessity because of so many WR injuries. Maybe get 10+ receptions & hit that bonus a couple of times? So who do you play?
  7. I think I would go Snead & Tate. DET Throws a lot & Tate is their #1 WR. Adams will be battling with Cobb for balls at the 2/3 position.
  8. Take this trade?

  9. Which RB to Start in Week 4

    With the heavy usage & the way GB rolls against CHI Montgomery & Cook against DET who has been weak against the RB so far.
  10. Take this trade?

    10 team non keeper 2 QB partial PPR Scoring- TD- Pass 4 all others 6, Every 25 yards passing-1, Every 5 completions-2, 50+ yard TD-1, 400+ Yard pass-3 Every 10 yards rush/rec-1, every 5 rec-3, 200 yards rush OR rec-5 Positional limits - QB-3 RB-4 WR-4 TE-3 K-3 D/ST Roster- Starters- QB-2 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 WR/TE Flex-1 K-2 D/ST-2 Bench-5 My team QB- Winston, Palmer, J McCown, RB- L Bell, C Thompson WAS, D Murray TEN, M Ingram NO WR- M Evans TB, L Fitzgerald, JJ Nelson, G Tate, TE- J Cook OAK, E Engram NYG D/ST- PHI, MIN, K- Folk , Lutz His QB- Roethlisberger, Cousins, A Smith, RB-C McCaffrey, CJ Anderson, M Lynch, L Blunt WR- A Brown PIT, J Landry, A Jeffery, R Matthews TEN TE- C Clay, G Olsen D/ST- CAR, LAR, K-Succop, Myers The offer I give Winston, Bell Evans I get Roethlisberger, CJ Anderson, A Brown & Rams D/ST This looks like a strong offer. Little perspective on D/ST scoring. The top 5/6 are valuable with the scoring. The Rams D/ST is currently 3rd which puts them just outside the equivalent of just outside a top 10 RB & right around a top 8/10 WR. I am a little concerned about schedules later in the year-P/O time. Especially for Ben/Brown week 13- @ CIN, 14- BAL, 15- NE. If NE shuts down Ben, it means they shut down Brown too. This could kill me in the P/O. Also this trade kills me week 5. As I would have 3 RB on a bye & with positional limits, I could not fill a starting RB position without dropping an RB. Which I wouldn't want to drop any of them. Given the waiver options. What would you do?
  11. first draft pick

    I would not use a keeper on a kicker. It is not me simply adopting everyone else's, its only the kicker position. Do some simple math over the last few seasons. You will see there is very little that separates say the number 2/3 kicker to the guy at the 14/15 spot. You can get more value out of your keeper elsewhere.
  12. first draft pick

    Considering there is a limitation on keepers, take Brown. Fantasy wise, if that full suspension holds up, it will be week 8 before you have Zek available. You will be getting less than 1.5 FANTASY seasons out of him before you have to let him go. This year you will go into the season with an RB & WR that are both easy top 5 guys & highly likely to be top 3. Solid foundation to build a team around. I have played from my 1st days, 2 QB leagues. With it being a 2 QB league, just make sure you get at least 1 of your QB in the first 3 rounds. Otherwise your great RB/WR combo is going to be fighting to carry your team through weak QB play.
  13. Is this reasonable to offer?

    I sent him the offer minus the RB. If he balks, I might try to put the RB's in there & play up that Gordon doesn't have anyone breathing down his neck like Freeman with Coleman. I made the offer for Taylor. I am willing to switch to Smith if that is what it takes.
  14. Is this reasonable to offer?

    Just realized he had Tannehill also but cut him already. He really didn't have much at QB as he also has Romo who grabbed early hoping it would pan out. He has to feel pretty desperate for a QB at this point.