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  1. Couple of Flex questions

    OK I went Singletary so #2 is moot now. Still looking for help with #1. Especially the QB part. I think I have to roll A Rob but what about the QB? It's a QB score heavy league & he started D Watson - though Watson didn't help me with Hopkins score. But if I play the correct QB I should have my repeat. Which QB?
  2. Looking for POTENTIAL - RB

    Anyone else?
  3. Couple of Flex questions

    Which QB?
  4. FLEX Question

    Boone, I would stick with Gordon, he will bounce back this week. Please see mine.
  5. Championship Advice!

    Lambo or maybe as Montana suggested Fairbairn & I also like DEN D against DET. Please see mine.
  6. Winston, Matt ryan or Tannehill?

    Winston will get the points. Like you said Ryan as fallen. I have in a 14 team standard league that I went 10-3 in. He fell apart right as we got the end of the FF regular season. Don't think Tannehill will do too much this week. Please see mine.
  7. FLEX Help

    Yeah I am with Boone on this also. Mattison isn't going to be able to play. Please see mine.
  8. Championship - 2 questions...

    Ryan hasn't been doing great. Despite the INT Winston has been putting points on the board. HOU is softer against WR & Perriman is the guy now in TB. Your in the Championship. Go big, go for the home run & go for the DOUBLE DIP on those TD"s. I have Andrews in a Dynasty league. Looking at his points, despite being a top 5 TE, he has been somewhat inconsistent & to some degree TD dependent. However I'm feeling a TD this week so Andrews. He did have a strong game against CLE in week 4. Please see mine.
  9. #1 This one has QB question I am defending my championship from last year in this league 12 Team PPR IDP Flex allows RB/WR/TE Because of IDP kick & punt return yards count just like rush/rec yards - 1 point every 10 yards, All TD -6 Small bonus for 50 kick return yards & 100 punt return yards QB scoring - Pass TD -6, Point every 25 yards, Point per completion Cousins, Fitzpatrick, Lock, NYG D Jones Normally roll with Cousins right now but match up sucks, Usually does while against GB but didn't last game.Fitz has been good lately but again terrible match up.Jones soft match up but coming off of missing 2 weeks. Lock coming off poor game but great match up. Who would you play? At RB I am rolling Barkley & Marlon Mack, WR - D Hopkins & T Lockett, TE - Kelce My bench RB aren't even worth talking about. My choices for flex are WR - CHI A Robinson AZ C Kirk PITT JuJu TE BAL M Andrews Normally I roll Robinson but his match up sucks this week. Kirk has middle of the road match up but has been hurt. JuJu has missed several games but has a great match up & Andrews has a tough match up. And as good as Andrews has been 1 he has been kind of inconsistent & 2 seems kind of TD dependent. Who would you roll at flex? #2 10 team IDP Flex allows RB/WR/TE Playing for 3rd place, entry fee back Reception points - every 5 catches is 3 points. Typical rush/rec TD - 6 & Point per 10 yards, every 25 kick or punt return yards - 1.5 At RB I am rolling Mack & Mixon, WR D Hopkins & CAR DJ Moore, TE - Ertz My flex choices RB - BUF Singletary, TB R JonesII, WR- C Kirk, BUF J Brown, NYG D Slayton, TE SEA Hollister, NO J Cook Singletary or Brown would be the guys I go between but both have crap match ups. Kirk middle of the road, Cook a very soft one & Hollister is facing AZ who is dead last against the TE in league rankings. Who would you flex here?
  10. Looking for POTENTIAL - RB

    Thanks, anyone else?
  11. DYNASTY PPR IDP 12 teams Position limited to 6 RB active Looking at RB, typical 10 yards rush/rec get a point, TD - 6. Because IDP special teams kickoff/Punt yards go to individual player & score just like rush/rec yards - every 10 gets a point. Small bonus for reaching 75 total yards on S/T. I have Barkley & M Mack as my starting RB. My bench which I cant stand is LAR Brown & Henderson, BAL Justin Hill, IND J williams - handcuff to Mack, On IR I have ATL Ito Smith & OAK Isaiah Crowell The cut obviously has to be from the ACTIVE RB. I am thinking the guy to cut is LAR Brown. I think Henderson has more potential. Also Brown will be going into his 5th season next year. Young guys on waivers I think offer the best potential of what's available CLE Dontrell Hillard PIT Jaylen Samuels AZ Chase Edmonds PHI Boston Scott BAL Gus Edwards DET Bo Scarbrough So would Brown be the guy to cut? Rank 1 & 2 RB you would take from this group because obviously I might not get my 1st choice sitting at 8th.
  12. Would you change anything?

    Have to agree with others, looks good.
  13. Will I win?

    I think you have the advantage