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  1. Do I make the deal?

  2. Do I make the deal?

    Just one flex spot. So every week I got more good receivers that I can use. Doubt I will get much more out of him. He isn't known to7 making balanced offers. Anyone else?
  3. 2 for 1 Trade

    Yes I would do it. Please see mine.
  4. Do I make the deal?

    12 team 2 Division PPR PPC IDP, fractional points, DYNASTY, Expand roster temporarily for 5 round mini draft Position limits QB, TE, K -3 each RB, WR, LB, DB, DL -6 each, Start QB,TE,K -1 each, RB & WR - 2 each, Flex - 1 choice RB/WR/TE, LB/DB/DL - 3 each Being IDP punt/return yards go to PLAYER & like rush/rec yards every 10 is 1 point. ALL TD are 6. As said point per REC & COMPLETION. Every 25 yards passing - 1. On D point for every 10 yards gained on fumble/turnover. Sack/turnover forced -3, INT, Safety, Fumble recovery, ANY kind of K blocked - 2, Tackle - 1 Assist tackle - 0.50 My team positions involved RB LV Jacobs, LAR Henderson, AR Edmunds, TEN Evans, BAL Dobbins, SEA Homer, IR NYG Barkley, JAC Armstead WR AR Hopkins & Kirk, PIT JuJu, SEA Lockett, CHI Robinson, TEN Davis, IR - GB Lazard, NYJ Mims DL CIN Sam Hubbard, DEN Shelby Harris, KAN Frank Clark, BUF Ed Oliver His team RB NO Kamara, MIN Cook, SEA Carson, JAC Robinson, TB Fournette, DET Swift DL CLE Myles Garnett, BAL Calais Campbell, CHI Robert Quinn, WAS Jonathan Allen, NYG Leonard Williams Of note top 3 teams each division make playoffs, top team each division gets 1st round bye, he is in my division & currently 1st. I have 3 rules I try to go by trading, get younger, don't move down in draft & avoid trading within division unless team is low in standings -obviously breaks that rule. Deal I tossed at him text, not officially made. He seems willing to do. I send RB LAR Henderson, WR SEA Lockett, DL KAN Clark He sends RB JAC Robinson & DL CLE Garnett I just played this guy & lost - 2nd tie breaker is head to head after record. Barkley going down hurt me & Henderson has been mostly a do nothing & now looking like a boom or bust guy. I have more good WR than I can play. He has more good RB than he can play. When Barkley comes back next season I would have depth at RB. I get rid of my oldest DL & would get a top DL still in his prime. I get a rookie RB that is looking good at this. Is this deal good enough for me to make? Or do I tell him I thought about it & don't want to do it. I could also use a little help at QB. I have Cam, NYG Jones, DEN Lock. He has Mahomes, BUF Allen, CAR Bridgewater, NO Winston. But I'm giving up probably at least 2 top draft picks if I can even get him to move on Mahomes or Allen. Guy is known for typically making garbage offers. So I doubt unless I give up the house & everything in it he ain't dealing a QB. League is QB score HEAVY. A good game can be 60-70 points. Make the deal or keep looking?
  5. What's my line up

    Anyone else?
  6. You just don't sit your studs.
  7. What's my line up

    Really would like to know what some of you guys think.
  8. Frank Gore or Chase Edmonds, Week 3?

    Gore, just because I think he gets more opportunities to score. See mine please.
  9. Wdis at flex?

    Not going against the consensus here, Gibson. See mine please.
  10. Flex spot

    It a bit tougher match up than Mixon but after last week in full PPR I like Moore. Have both guys on the same fantasy team myself. See mine please
  11. I'm at a loss today.

    If you didn't have Fournette I would say Lazard but yeah I would roll the lineup you have in there. See mine please
  12. Lazard or M Williams at flex?

    With D Adams out,Lazard. See mine please.
  13. Flex Slayton in for Montgomery?

    Have to say I agree.
  14. What's my line up

    Thanks Montana. Always interested in your input. Anyone else?
  15. What's my line up

    PPR IDP 10 yards rush/rec/kick-punt return = 1, any TD is 6 WR start 2, I'm going with Hopkins & Lockett, Flex is RB/WR/TE, RB I'm rolling LV Jacobs & LAR Henderson (lost Barkley) TE BAL Andrews My players RB ARI Edmunds, TEN Evans, BAL Dobbins, SEA Homer, WR CHI Robinson, PIT JuJu, GB Lazard, TE TB Howard, NE Keene To me the flex is really between Robinson & JuJu. If I didn't have them I think Lazard would have to be it with Adams out. Robinson has a juicy match up in game the Bears are likely to get the score ran up on them. But after burning me last year so don't trust Trubisky. JuJu has avg match up but a much better QB. Who would you flex? 10 team IDP, every 5 catches is 3 point, TD is 6 Every 10 yards rush/rec - 1, every 25 yards kick/punt - 1.5 My 2 WR I'm starting are Hopkins & CAR Moore, Flex is RB/WR/TE Pick 2 RB to start & plus anyone from the list for flex RB SEA Carson, CIN Mixon, BUF Singletary, BAL Dobbins, NYG Freeman WR DAL Gallup, NO Sanders, TE DAL Schultz, starting Ertz 10 team every 5 catches are 3, use D/ST, every 10 yards rush/rec - 1, Pass TD is 4 all other 6 Every 25 yard passing -1, every 5 completions is 2, bonus for 50+ yard TD,typical deductions for sac/INT Start 2 QB I'm rolling Wilson, between Wentz & Tannehill for QB2. Wentz has bad match up while Tannehill off solid game has an excellent one. Of note I have RB Sanders & TE Ertz. So any PASS TD to them is a double dip if I roll Wentz. Pick 3 WR KC Hill, CHI Robinson, CAR Moore, HOU Cooks