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  1. Shepard out, who is in?

    Thanks guys. Anyone else with thoughts on it?
  2. I would get either Wilson or Carr. I am not comfortable with Winston just yet. And I would package one of those TE & either an RB or a WR to get an upgrade at RB.
  3. Matt Ryan or Dak Prescott

    I'm on the Ryan train. I think he has a strong game this week.
  4. Reception points - every 5 catches = 3 points, typical every 10 yards rush/rec = 1 Bonus 1 point for 50+ yard TD & 100-199 yard rush/rec, 200+ rush/rec will get a 5 point bonus Smartly slide Shepard over the to FLEX spot so I can play an RB, TE or another WR to replace him My options RB- I am already playing Mixon & Mack, I have Duke Johnson, Darrel Henderson, Devin Singletary WR - Calvin Ridley, DeSean Jackson, Christian Kirk TE- Jack Doyle Duke & Calvin have favorable match ups. Jackson has a very stiff match up this week but I am inclined to roll with Jackson. Of note with that though also is my starting TE is Ertz. If ATL shuts PHI down & also play Jackson that could really hurt me. Its a 2 QB league & I am already dealing with having had started Cam. Who would you flex in?
  5. Newton or Cousins

    Yeah Cam is definitely not right at the moment. Guess I will be rolling Cousins for now. I have Daniel Jones & Drew Lock waiting in the wings. Being a dynasty league & not knowing the next year's bye weeks I always keep at least 3 QB. Because as happened one year I had both my top 2 QB on the same bye week.
  6. Newton or Cousins

    Going to guess come Sunday I'm going to wish I started Cousins.
  7. Drop Guice for Miles Sanders

    Well at this point Guice is out.
  8. Sadly I have the first waiver pick

    If you can flex TE I say Hockenson. If not Jackson. If you miss out on them, I say Fitzgerald.
  9. Yes you can afford it but I feel you can get more for what you are putting on the table.
  10. Njoku or Burton?

    Bears fan here - Njoku. I drafted Trubisky in one of my leagues. Lets say the 1st week didn't sell me. Think Mayfield has more upside making a better situation for his TE.
  11. Newton or Cousins

    12 team Dynasty PPR IDP league QB heavy scoring Pass TD -6 Point per completion typical point per 25 pass yards & 10 yards rushing Cousins was the guy to use last year. This year would seem everyone is saying Newton is the QB to roll with. Who do I play?
  12. Dynasty BIG trades on the table

    Ended up getting to me sending him Gurley & my 3-12 pick for his 1-3 pick. No swapping of R2 picks. I still have Kelce.
  13. Dynasty BIG trades on the table

    Anyone else? Would really like to hear feedback from more than 1 person. I need to give him answer today.
  14. Dynasty BIG trades on the table

    Thanks Montana. Always look forward to your feedback. Yeah I'm a bit hesitant to move Kelce but I think Hokenson (whom I should be able to nab at 1-12 pick) or Andrews while not top 3 type of guys should give me reliable output given situation /opportunity. Anyone else?