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  1. 12 team PPR IDP Dynasty league with position limits - IR doesn't count, 5 round mini draft, I have 10th overall pick We are limited to 6 WR & 3 TE. Because of IR I have to get rid of 2 WR before our draft. My guys WR - Hopkins HOU, JuJu Smith-Schuster PIT, D Funchess CAR, T Lockett SEA, J Edelman NE, M Lee JAC, A Robinson CHI, C Davis TEN TE- T Kelce KC, J Doyle IND, A Hooper ATL His guys, he needs help at WR & 2/3 of his TE are at the end of their careers WR - D Bryant -FA, J Kearse NYJ, D Jackson- TB, JJ Nelson AZ TE- J James PIT, V Davis, A Gates -SD Of note for this topic he has Aaron Rodgers. I figure I will use Edelman while I can value in trade out of him. As Brady's possession WR he has value. My initial thought is to offer WR Edelman, TE Hooper & QB Kizer (as a backup he has zero value to me now not having Rodgers) now on GB & my R5 pick for his R1-1 pick If he doesn't bite on that I am willing to swap out the TE for a 2nd WR. But who? I am holding onto Lockett for sure. With IDP meaning kickoff/return yards going to the player Lockett has been a top 10 WR 2 of last 3 years. I am either Lee or Davis. Both who I think can be pretty solid this year. Which would you give up? I want to hold onto Funchess as Cam is 1 of my QB's & like having the "double dip" available & I see too much potential in JuJu & Robinson to give either of them on top of Edelman. If I have to I would be will give Edelman with either Lee/Davis, plus Hooper & Kizer & my R5 for his R1 pick along with swapping his R3-1 pick for my R3-10 pick. Thoughts?
  2. Dynasty, want 1st pick

    I love how people think in a full point per league a Brady possession receiver good for around 100 catches (keep in mind Amendola is gone) is "scrapes". At this point the other guy doesn't have deal at WR & is the one with actual scrapes. And face the truth while we can rave about how good upcoming rookies are, they are unproven & no guarantee. Like no top draft pick ever went bust or was only OK. I'm not giving up one of the absolute PROVEN players for UNPROVEN draft pick. A "stud" is a PROVEN player as far as I am concerned. I don't care how much hype is around them. Look at RG3 for just one example of a top pick going bust.
  3. Dynasty, want 1st pick

    That is an interesting take. I hadn't thought about CAR taking a WR. I am willing to go pretty hard after that 1st overall. Forgot to mention I also worked a trade last year & got the 6th overall pick too. So if I pull this deal off I would 3 picks in 1st round & with it being snake style draft I would have 4 of my 5 picks within the first 15 picks. I have no 4th round currently. And I might be able to move an LB based on a team need & either nab myself 1 more 2nd round pick or at least swap spots for earlier 3rd pick.
  4. Dynasty, want 1st pick

    Don't need RB. Have Gurly & McCaffery. Scrapes! A Brady possession WR good for around 100 catches in a full point per league. Along with another up & coming WR & TE that despite what is called a disappointing season finished inside top 20 & plays on team that I think threw the most TD to TE the season before or close to it. He has serious need at both WR & TE. I am a huge Gates fan but he is nothing more than the scrapes at this point. Anytime Reed is playing Davis is 2nd fiddle. As I said I have Cam & Kizer along with Cousins at QB. And lets not forget people tend to perk up when you start talking a Patriot player.
  5. 12 team DYNASTY league Scoring Sack-3, Forced Fumble-1, Tackke-1, Assist Tackle-0.5, most other scoring typical Should I drop LB Anthony Barr MIN for LB Matt Judon BAL? Barr seems to get ranked high but doesn't really produce too much. Should I roll the dice on Judon?
  6. I think with NE focussing on stopping Brown & Bell it is going to lead to opportunity for JuJu
  7. Please help figure out who

    I really could use some input on this please. I'm twisted up on who to play & who to sit. There is reasons to both play & sit most of these guys.
  8. PLEASE HELP, will return the favor. 12 Team PPR IDP Dynasty league, Week 2 of Playoffs Scoring - All TD=6, Full point per reception & per completed pass every 25 yards passing/10 yards rush/rec=1.0 Being that there is IDP individual players get credited for punt/kickoff return yards-every 10 yards=1.0 For purpose of this thread the starting positions QB-1 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 Flex (RB/WRT)-1 I feel I have the issue that everyone hopes to be facing. More good choices than I have slots to play QB- Newton, Cousins, Kizer I think this one is the easiest choice here. Given the very favorable match up it has to be Newton. However as you will see I could be very CAR heavy RB- Gurley, McCaffrey, J Steward CAR, J Williams GB, Perine Of course I start Gurley. McCaffrey is a top 10 RB & GB is weak both against the RB & WR so I feel he should be RB2. Not jumping on the Steward train after only having his 4th double digit game of the season.Williams does have a tough match up against CAR but Rodgers looks like he is going to play & CAR will have to respect the pass far more than with Huntley in there. Let me jump to TE- Kelce, Hooper, Easy choice of Kelce on this & Hooper not even a flex consideration at this time Now here is where it gets more complicated WR- Hopkins, Funchess-another CAR player, M Lee JAC, Smith-Schuster, Lockett SEA, C Davis TEN So now I have 2 WR positions & 1 flex that I can play my choice of RB/WR/TE at. Hopkins obviously WR1. Funchess faces GB-weak against the WR but would actually make me 4 players deep on OFF with CAR as I have Gano at K. Also rolling K Short from CAR at the IDP DL spot just as point of reference. Lee faces HOU who also sucks against the WR. Locket faces LAR who are very strong against WR. Lockett though is actually 12th among WR because even when he gets very little receiving yards, the kick/punt yards usually give him strong games. Only 3 games this year has he been single digits. Smith-Schuster faces NE who also suck against the WR. But what is left for him with PIT Killer B's playing off the hook right now? At this point I consider Davis a non factor. He is more of my speculative stash. So who do I roll at WR2? Funchess, Lee, Smith-Schuster, Locket? And then including RB Williams, who do I roll at the Flex.
  9. Matt Ryan/Jordy Nelson

    Other opinions? Only got 2, which were different.
  10. 10 team 2 QB reception points league Scoring Pass TD-4, all other-6, 25 pass yard-1, every 5 completion-2.5, 400+ pass yards-3, 10 rush/rec yard-1, every 5 receptions-3, 100-199 yard rush/rec-1, 200+ yard rush/rec-5 50+ yard TD-1 point bonus Start QB-2 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 Flex(RB/WR/TE)-1 QB- Rivers, Goff, Matt Ryan remember play 2 I made the call & benched Ryan last week. Do I bench Goff this given the rather unfavorable match up & go with Ryan who has a great match up. Also gives me possible double dip having Julio RB- I'm rolling M Gordon & J Williams GB. My other RB- Darwka, J Allen BAL, Cohen WR- I'm rolling Julio & Fitzgerald. My other WR- J Nelson, R Anderson NYJ, Smith-Schuster, TE- I'm rolling H Henry, have J Cook If Rodger plays, its an easy Jordy at flex right? Smith-Schuster has a great match up. I think Schuster is the easy choice if Rodgers doesn't play. Don't trust Anderson with McCown out & can't see playing Cook or any of my other RB at flex over Schuster at the flex.
  11. Perine OR L. Murray PPR

    For sheer opportunity & likely volume, I'm leaning Perine on this. He may not get a lot per rush but should get plenty of touches & build some yards that way. And should add some points with 3/4 catches.
  12. Matt Ryan/Jordy Nelson

    OK 2 different opinions on the QB's, anyone else?
  13. Matt Ryan/Jordy Nelson

    Anyone else?
  14. Lineup Decisions

    Montana said what I was thinking.
  15. P/O help

    Two leagues both 2 QB QB question, pass TD-4, every 25 yards-1 every 5 completion -2.5 400+ pass yard-3 50+ yard TD bonus 1 Pick 2 Riverd, Goff, M Ryan RB question, every 5 catches-3 rush/recTD-6 every 10 yards rush/rec-1 50+ yard TD bonus 1 Do I bench Mark Igram? Appears even if he plays he probably isn't going to 100% & it isn't like NO won't be afraid to lean on Kama. Playing L Bell obviously. My other choices are Perine WAS or A Jones GB. Who is my RB 2?
  16. P/O help

    It is looking like Ingram is going to play at this point. Would you roll with him if he does?
  17. P/O help

    Would play Perine over Ingram this week given the circumstances?
  18. Carr or McCown this week

    Not over thinking, Carr.
  19. 2 starting QB league

    Any last minute thoughts?
  20. 2 starting QB league

    Pick TWO QB & which TE would you roll? Pass TD-4, every 25 pass yards-1 every 5 completions-2.5 400+ pass yards-3 50+ yard TD-1 My QB Matt Ryan, Jeff Goff, Philip Rivers Ryan has the toughest match up. Of note I have Julio. Also at TE I have Cook & Rivers TE Henry. If I roll Rivers & Henry I have the potential for the double dip on any TD between them. Both TE have great match up but will only be playing 1 as I am running a WR at flex because I will be playing Julio, Fitzgerald & Robby Anderson. I also have JuJu but he probably isn't 100% & his match up sucks. So which 2 QB & which TE.
  21. Who do I pickup as insurance for Antonio?

    I would also lean Kroft
  22. 2 starting QB league

    Anyone else thoughts, please
  23. Which QB ROS?