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  1. Who to flex

    10 team partial PPR ever 5 catches 3 points typical point every 10 yards TD is 6 Flex is WR/TE My choices are Larry Fitzgerald Cooper Kupp & TE Will Dissly Larry is banged up & ARI offense has been pathetic so as good as Larry is I'm not sure about using him. Rams Chargers could turn into a shootout. Dissly has scored 17 & 10 points & sits 2nd amongthe TE right now. Who do I flex?
  2. Another LB move?

    Dropped Foster for Leonard
  3. Josh Gordon to the Patriots

    I think Gordon will be mostly boom or bust given several factors coming into play as mentioned. And that is if he can even mesh with sour puss Billy boy & his "Patriot Way". Which I don't see happening given Gordon's behavior & past issues.
  4. Another flex question

    12 team DYNASTY FULL PPR IDP - which means kickoff/return yards go to individual player & those yards count same as rush/rec yards = 10 yards are a point, all TD are 6 Flex is RB/WR/TE I'm posting this late. I do have Crowell at RB. But I'm really between Allen Robinson & Tyler Lockett. Before you jump on Robinson right away, remember those return yards. Because of that scoring setup Lockett has finished 8th among WR 2 of last 3 years. Plus Baldwin is out. I played Robinson over Pickett last week & it left about 10 points on the bench. Lockett cracked 20 points. Which WR would you play?
  5. Trade question

    Not going to say I love it but I don't hate it. Maybe if you could get him to throw in a low end RB that has some upside if he has one. Watson has lots of upside.
  6. Who to flex

    10 team PPR every 5 catches = 3 points 10 yards rush/rec = 1 TD =6 fractional points Flex is RB/WR/TE Who do I play in the flex RB Peyton Barber, Duke Johnson, Tevin Coleman - Freeman is out WR Sterling Shepard, Corey Davis, Ted Ginn, Allen Robinson TE Mike Gesicki To me it really is between Coleman & Robinson. Out of all my players, who would you roll in the flex?
  7. Who to flex

  8. Who should I Flex?

    The hot hand, Lindsay.
  9. Flex question

    I think your case I would go Coleman. See mine as Coleman is in my question.
  10. Dynasty, drop Trevathan?

    Well the site seems to be messing up. We do a 5 round mini draft each year & decide who to cut to get back down before the season starts. All teams must have 5 picks. I have an agreement for Trevathan & my R5 for his R3 pick next season. Should be top 3/4 pick in the round given his team history. Also we have 5 IR spots so don't ask me to explain LB Deion Jones being cut. I dropped a DL grabbed Jones, put him straight to IR & then added LB Tremaine Edmunds to my roster. Next season when Jones comes back I should be rock solid at LB with guys that should have plenty of seasons left barring career ending injuries. Just have to get the move done & unload Trevathan. Want to clear the spot to add a DL back.
  11. DYNASTY 12 team 2 division start 3 LB, limit 6 max Because of the damn OAK/CHI trade I lost Mack as a top DL & ended up with 3 CHI LB drafting R Smith. Remember DYNASTY league. Should I drop Trevathan for Tremaine Edmunds? My current LB are Mack, Trevathan & Smith all on CHI, Mason Foster WAS, Mark Barron LAR
  12. Dynasty, drop Trevathan?

    Anyone? Edmunds is still there after waivers.
  13. 12 team 2 division position limit DYNASTY league. Do a 5 round mini draft & reduce back down before season starts I already had Trevathan when I drafted Roquan Smith. Thanks to the trade of Mack & change in position listing (went from DL back to LB) I now have 3 CHI LB's. I have to cut one more player. My other LB are Mason Foster WAS, Craig Robertson WAS & Mark Barron LAR. Which puts me at the 6 LB limit. My other choices are Jonathan Steward (keep in mind I traded for 1st pick & got Barkley) or Samaje Perine at RB. Cuts have to be done by this evening.
  14. So you would be OK with Mack, Smith & Trevathan?
  15. How did I draft?

    Thanks. When I started going for bench depth with so many teams, I just wasn't finding guys that jumped out at me when my picks were up. I think I did better in this draft then I did in my 10 team reception points (ever 5 catches = 3) NON keeper league drafting from the #2 spot in that league.
  16. How did I draft?

    14 team STANDARD NO Keepers Drafted from #1 pick in a snake draft Start QB-1 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 Flex, RB/WR/TE-1 K-1 D/ST-1 Bench-6 R1- RB Gurley LAR R2- RB A Collins BAL R3- WR L Fitzgerald ARZ R4- WR B Cooks LAR R5- RB A Morris SF R6- QB P Rivers R7- TE D Njoku R8- WR DJ Moore CAR - was going Sterling Shepard NYG here but he went 2 picks before me R9- JAC D/ST R10- WR C Meredith NO R11- RB D Booker DEN R12- QB M Trubiski CHI R13- K M Bryant ATL R14- WR D Moncrief JAC R15- TE A Hooper ATL - for R14/15 I was going to go RB T Montgomery GB & TE M Gesicki - both went within 4 picks before my R14 pick So how did I do? I don't really like playing NON PPR leagues nor in a 14 team league. I also didn't like getting that 1st pick as so many players come off the board before you pick again.
  17. Dynasty, plans, thoughts please

    My draft is in a few hours, any thoughts?
  18. 12 team 2 division PPR IDP DYNASTY league with position limits Mini draft of 5 rounds ALL TD 6 points, point per COMPLETION for passes, typical 10 yards rush/receive=1, Start QB-1 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 Flex, RB,WR,TE-1 K-1 LB-3 DB-3 DL-3 Through some wheeling & dealing my 5 picks are now R1-1. R1-6 R1-10 R2-3(15th overall) & R2-11 (23rd overall) Current team QB- Cousins, Newton, Kizer-he's getting cut RB- Gurley, A Collins BAL, J Williams GB, Perine, J Steward NYG WR- Hopkins, Smith-Schuster, M Lee JAC, T Locket SEA, A Robinson CHI TE- Kelce, Doyle K- Gano LB- Trevathen, C Robinson NO, M Foster WAS, A Barr, M Barron DB- L Collins NYG, T Mathieu , T Johnson NYJ, E Weddle, E Berry, J McCourty NE, DL- C Dunlap, K Short, K Mack, D Fowler Plan on a little drafting for now & to keep my team strong for the future. I am going to have to by next year for sure probable going to have to invest heavier on the D side as many of my D players will be getting up there in age. Here is my draft plan R1-1 Of course RB Barkley R1-6 QB Josh Rosen, I'll take Mayfield if Rosen goes before this pick - Don't waste time telling me I don't need QB, I will always carry 3 being Dynasty & not knowing byes R1-10 WR Christian Kirk. I figure the guys in ATL & CAR should be the top WR's taken, Kirk should be there at 10 & I like to double dip with QB & WR. If I had to go with Mayfield & somehow either CAR Moore or ATL Ridley fall to this spot then I am taking whichever is there. If both I am taking Moore with having Cam R2-3 (15th overall) I am going LB here. My 1st choice is R Smith of CHI or T Edmunds BUF R2-11 (23rd overall) I am looking to go DB here, got some old guys at the position. Terrell Edmunds PIT or if he is taken J Bates of CIN, I can wait a year for them to cut 1 of the vets to save cap space next year. So what do you think of that plan? Throws in an RB & LB I should be able to use this year & gives me a couple of guys that can payoff in a year or two. I have always managed to make my team a strong contender each year & I am trying to both grab that championship now & make sure that my team contends for many more years.
  19. Dynasty, plans, thoughts please

    As a side note of something I thought of. I know this. I am going QB with that R1-6 pick. As I just don't feel looking at teams that 1 of my top 2 choices will be there at the 10th pick. If a reasonable RB falls to that 10th pick I could go a 2nd RB, take a gamble that Kirk will be there at the 15th overall pick & go LB at the 23rd pick & forgo a DB this year. I do however like Edmunds from PIT & would like to get him if he is there at 23rd pick. Like I said my team is aging at LB & especially DB.
  20. Take the offer?

    Did the deal McCaffrey & 7th for the 1st pick
  21. Take the offer?

    12 team 2 division DYNASTY PPR IDP 5 round mini draft, each team must have 5 picks I have R1-6 R1-7 R1-10, R2-3 He has R1-1, R2-12 Start 2 RB flex is RB/WR/TE My RB - Gurley, McCaffrey, J Steward NYG, J Williams GB, Perine He is offering the 1st overall pick in the draft for McCaffrey & the 7th overall pick. Now I am inclined to take it. Just is I did have a plan that I feel will only work if I have picks I do now where they fall. I countered with McCaffrey, the 10th overall & swapping R2 picks which moves him up 9 spots in R2. However I do believe it is going to take that 7th overall pick with McCaffrey to get the deal done. I should take that right? I am just getting hung up on my plan with 6/7 pick I had plus how so many people are high on McCaffrey this year. Of course I take Barkley & I already have his insurance policy with Steward. Do the deal right?
  22. 12 Team two division IDP DYNASTY league, 5 round mini draft TD Pass are 6 points, Full point per COMPLETION, 0.05 point per passing yard, minus 2 for INT, No sack or incompletion deductions QB's score big in this league. I do NOT NEED a QB this year. I can easily wait 2/3 years for a QB to build up. I am leaning Josh Rosen ARI. They just drafted a WR who is looking pretty good & have a young high end RB. They are going to have some talent around him. With where I am sit in the draft, I should be able to grab the 1st or 2nd QB off the board. I have R1-6, R1-7 & R1-10 picks. I am probable going to broker a deal that will have me moving my R1-7 pick in exchange for the R1-1 pick. I think we all know who I am taking. With that said at the R1-6 pick I am looking to grab a QB for the future. I am also leaning Rosen because I like to pair up my QB's with a WR & I believe I should be able to nab Kirk from ARI who has been looking good, at that 10th overall pick. One MAY go before my #6 pick. If it is Rosen that goes, that may change my plan at that 10th pick as I am also not in need of a WR. I have a solid team & am looking at ways to build the future. So from the rookie QB's, tell me your top 2 choices of who would take if you were aiming for a QB.

    OK, cool. Thanks for the input on that. Do you like the WR Kirk that ARI picked up? Thinking of grabbing him with that 10th overall pick. I like to pair up my QB with a WR & I am thinking this could be a nice tandem in 2 maybe 3 years. I also do have the 15th OVERALL pick, 3rd pick in R2. But I am thinking Kirk could go before that. I am aiming to target the Bears rookie LB R Smith with that 15th overall. I made the trade for the 1st pick. Provided not vetoed This is what I have mind for the 5 round draft R1-1 - RB Saquon Barkley R1-6 - QB Josh Rosen R1-10- WR Christian Kirk R2-3 - LB Roquan Smith R3-7- Go DB, haven't decided who target yet

    No success this year is fine. I have Cousins & Cam. I am looking for a QB that have value in 2/3, maybe 4 years. Someone to stash.