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  1. 12 Team two division IDP DYNASTY league, 5 round mini draft TD Pass are 6 points, Full point per COMPLETION, 0.05 point per passing yard, minus 2 for INT, No sack or incompletion deductions QB's score big in this league. I do NOT NEED a QB this year. I can easily wait 2/3 years for a QB to build up. I am leaning Josh Rosen ARI. They just drafted a WR who is looking pretty good & have a young high end RB. They are going to have some talent around him. With where I am sit in the draft, I should be able to grab the 1st or 2nd QB off the board. I have R1-6, R1-7 & R1-10 picks. I am probable going to broker a deal that will have me moving my R1-7 pick in exchange for the R1-1 pick. I think we all know who I am taking. With that said at the R1-6 pick I am looking to grab a QB for the future. I am also leaning Rosen because I like to pair up my QB's with a WR & I believe I should be able to nab Kirk from ARI who has been looking good, at that 10th overall pick. One MAY go before my #6 pick. If it is Rosen that goes, that may change my plan at that 10th pick as I am also not in need of a WR. I have a solid team & am looking at ways to build the future. So from the rookie QB's, tell me your top 2 choices of who would take if you were aiming for a QB.

    OK, cool. Thanks for the input on that. Do you like the WR Kirk that ARI picked up? Thinking of grabbing him with that 10th overall pick. I like to pair up my QB with a WR & I am thinking this could be a nice tandem in 2 maybe 3 years. I also do have the 15th OVERALL pick, 3rd pick in R2. But I am thinking Kirk could go before that. I am aiming to target the Bears rookie LB R Smith with that 15th overall. I made the trade for the 1st pick. Provided not vetoed This is what I have mind for the 5 round draft R1-1 - RB Saquon Barkley R1-6 - QB Josh Rosen R1-10- WR Christian Kirk R2-3 - LB Roquan Smith R3-7- Go DB, haven't decided who target yet

    No success this year is fine. I have Cousins & Cam. I am looking for a QB that have value in 2/3, maybe 4 years. Someone to stash.

  5. Extended keeper, who to keep

    Looks like I am moving Julio & Cook for McCaffrey & TE Doyle. Both players have been getting hype around them. Doyle because Luck is coming back & there has been all kinds of hype around McCaffrey - who I am big on this year. Being a HUGE Fitz fan it also gives me an excuse to hold onto him, for what could be his last season. I am also getting a young RB & a good TE with plenty of gas in the tank in a extended keeper league. I look at it as I am getting value out of Julio while I can. As within the next 2-3 years there is likely to be a decline to start happening. I should now have both my keeper RB each year for several years barring any career ending injuries. Doyle I feel should be top 7 or better this year. I believe the overall production I will get goes in my favor on this one.
  6. 10 team 2 STARTING QB IDP extended keeper, no year limit on players, every 5 catches are 3 points Keep 11 players, no more than 2 at any position starters QB-2 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 Flex - RB/WR/TE-1 K-1 LB-2 DB-2 DL-2 My players from last year QB- Rivers, Goff, M Ryan RB- M Gordon, J Williams GB, T Montgomery GB, C Thompson WAS, M Mack, T Cohan, J Allen BAL WR- J Jones, Smith-Schuster, L Fitzgerald, J Nelson OAK, R Anderson NYJ TE - H Henry, J Cook K- M Bryant LB- B Wagner, CJ Mosley, D Davis NO, DB- L Collins, G Quin, D Sorensen, DL- J Clowney, C Dunlap, D Hunter, Linval Joseph Here is who I am thinking of keeping for sure QB- I traded previously for Ryan-keeper. Goff looked good & is younger than Rivers WR- Jones & Smith Schuster - hurts being a HUGE Fitz fan but this is a keeper league LB- CJ Mosely, Wagner DB- Collins DL- Clowney - Another player I traded for previously RB- Where it starts getting tricky now. Gordon for sure. Not impressed beyond him though. That gives me 9 guys, leaving 2 more keepers to pick. Do I forgo keeping a 2nd RB given who I have to choose from & go either a 2nd DB & DL or pick from 1 of those defensive spots & keep Henry & toss him on IR when the season starts so I have the option of keeping him next season? Do I keep a 2nd RB? If so who? With the rookie injury in WAS Thompson does look better now & this is a reception points league. Mack maybe? Like I said I am just not looking at anybody beyond Gordon & going yeah I want to keep him. What do I do?
  7. Move Cousins

    I am going to hold onto Cousins for the moment. I think Watson will be good but there is just so little NFL history to judge.
  8. Move Cousins

    12 team Dynasty IDP 1 starting QB pass TD-6 Should I try to make an offer of Cousins for DeShaun Watson? I understand because of age difference being a dynasty league I will need to add a little something on my end. I am thinking about it because I have WR Hopkins & I like pairing up my QB's with a top target. I do have concerns though as Watson with only a partial year is not a proven commodity. Look what happened with RG3 who looked fantastic his rookie year & also was good with his legs. Would you try it? My other QB is Cam.
  9. PPR Keeper Advice

    I have to agree about the value on Thielen in the 10th.
  10. Keeper list

    I like Howard because he is the unquestioned #1 back on his team.
  11. Extended keeper, who to keep

    My team actually finished 3rd overall. As I said it is extended keeper & not a dynasty. So we do essentially rebuild around a core. I am assuming you meant Fitzgerald when you said Fitzpatrick. Trust me,am 1 of the biggest Fitzgerald fans out there. However I am looking at long term when I say Smith-Schuster. Larry could very well be playing his last season. Where as Smith-Schuster barring career ending injury should be around for years (in a high power offense) & there is a good chance I don't get him back if I let him go. So my question is with the last 2 keeper choices, do I go both on D keeping a 2nd DB & DL? Or do I choice 1 more defensive player from those 2 positions & keep a 2nd RB? If so, which RB? As I said I am not enamored with any of the guys beyond Gordon.
  12. Dynasty league trade

    No matter how I look at it, I keep coming back to what Big Country said & have to agree.
  13. Dynasty deal for #2 pick?

    Yes I would like to add an RB. I have Gurley & McCaffery - who is being talked up a lot for this season. Mac was top 10 in this league last season. But beyond that, I'm not gushing on my RB - J Williams GB, Stewart - NYG, taking away the insurance I had on Mac, S Perine WAS who is in really crowded backfield at this point. Lookingforward at teams, 4/5 RB could be off the board by my first pick at 6th. Sitting with three 1st rounders, I'm not going to be happy taking 5/6th ranked RB. Hell I have 4/5 of my picks within the first 15 picks. Because byes can burn you in dynasty I always carry 3 QB. I had 2 on same bye before. I am just thinking forgoing RB this year. With 3 R1 picks I really hate taking a risky RB. Looking at what is between my R1-7 & R1-10 I will be taking a QB with the 6th or 7th as very good chance 2 go with those picks in between. I have no need for WR but high value ones are likely to be there at 6/7. So I'm thinking my draft is shaping up to go maybe one of these ways for first 4 picks QB WR LB DB QB QB LB DB if I can grab my top 2 QB WR WR LB DB if both the rookie WR from ATL & CAR are there & then I guess I trade 2 other WR to get within season limit With 3 R1picks picks I'm not going to be happy with the best RB I can get being 5/6th ranked & with 3 R1 picks I'm going to be a bit posses that it doesn't get me a high end RB.
  14. 12 team 2 division PPR IDP DYNASTY league, 5 round mini draft I'm not going to be able to get a deal done for the #1 pick that I'm comfortable with. Wondering about trying to deal for the #2. The guy with the pick did some trading last year. He has R1-2, R1-12, R2-1, R2-11, R3-2 I have R1-6, R1-7, R1-10, R2-3, R3-7 Thoughts on if I offer him, he sends me R1-2 & R2-11 & I send him R1-7 & R2-3? That moves him up 8 spots on that second R2 pick. He moves down a handful on his 1st pick but would give him 4 of his 5 picks by the 1st 15 picks of the draft. I would think that would be enticing to him. Thoughts?
  15. Dynasty deal for #2 pick?

    Positional limits are not dumb. The league does have them. First so people can't just stock pile a single position. Say like RB. Or just offensive positions. There was a person who did this. Didn't carry a single backup at the IDP positions. Second it helps ensure that waivers, especially at a position like RB have players that are actually worth SOMETHING. Even If it is minimally. Instead of just a bunch of scrap that very possibility could go negative points for you. Pretty much everyone in the league agrees with it because they were sick of a couple of hoarders stock piling a couple of positions while completely ignoring the rest of their team before we enacted position limits. The hoarders made pretty much all the offensive positions USELESS from a waiver standpoint. Every week snap up any offensive player who shows any glimmer. Or go without IDP starter during a bye because heaven forbid they use a bench spot on a backup IDP. The roster & the position limits do temporarily bump up for the 5 round mini draft.
  16. Dynasty deal for #2 pick?

    I haven't seen a single league that allows uneven number of draft picks. It would mean 1 or some teams would have to, at least temporarily, be allowed to exceed set roster limits.
  17. Dynasty deal for #2 pick?

    I do see what you guys are saying. The problem is each team has to have 5 picks. There isn't any settings in the league that allow unequal number of draft picks. I've look at roster composition & it doesn't really workon out well for me to entice himup with players. I wish I could figure something out to move up. I have 3 picks in 1st round but the top 3/4 RB will likely be gone by the 6th pick, my 1st. What is probably going to happen is the 1st or 2nd rated WR is probably going to fall into my lap & I don't need help at receiving, WR or TE. What I may do is take 2 QB if the top 2 rookies are there at 6/7 & look to move 1 after the draft. There are at least a couple of teams probably looking at QB's. League is only 1 starter but heavy on QB score along with 6 point pass a TD. I will either use my R1-10 or R2-3 on an LB. And probably use my last pick in R3 on K Greg Zuerlein if he is still there as he is a FA. I'll drop Graham Gano for him. If he gets taken before hand I will probably try to go DB. I'm just not going to to be happy with 3 first-round picks taking an RB that isn't top 3, 4 at worst.
  18. Dynasty deal for #2 pick?

  19. Which WR should I move?

    I ended up moving Funchess & Edelman as part of a trade deal that got me the 7th overall pick.
  20. 12 team 2 division DYNASTY PPR IDP start 2 WR Flex is RB / WR / TE position limits WR -6, IR doesn't count against Because of IDP kickoff / return yards go to individual player Scoring TD of course 6 point per catch, regardless which way gained every 10 yards is a point & league has fractional points Because of IR I have to clear 2 WR My WR Hopkins Hou, T Lockett SEA, Smith-Schuster PIT, Funchess CAR, M Lee JAC, C Davis TEN, A Robinson CHI, J Edelman NE I have to move 2 WR because of position limits. Being that Edelman is my oldest WR, I'm going to move him while he still has some value. I will not move Pickett. Because of the kickoff/return yards he has been top 10 WR 2/3 last seasons. I'm between Funchess, Lee & Robinson. As a fan of CHI & CAR I like holding onto Funchess & Robinson. However with the departures of Hurns & Robinson from JAC I see Lee who just got a nice contract having the biggest jump in value a surging JAC offense. Which of the 3 would you move? I'm going to be trying to work some trades to get something for the 2 WR I have to move.
  21. Is this a reasonable offer? DB

    To give comparison Neil's points last year puts him around top 15 at LB, would rank him just inside top 50 at RB around the 70th mark at WR. Maybe I would be better looking for a rookie in the draft? I have all 5 of my picks by R3-7. I really don't want to give up R2-3, 15th pick overall to move to R3-6 for a DB. Leaving R2 altogether. For that I would want King who ranked 2nd vs Neil 6th. King scored about 30 more points. The thing is I will have to cut a DB if I take one. We have a position limit of 6. I already have Landon Collins NYG, Truman Johnson NYJ, Eric Weddle BAL, Jason McCourty NE, Tyrann Mathieu HOU, Eric Berry KAN Who the he'll do I cut? Weddle ranked 23rd last year. McCourty was 27th. They are older but still roster material based on points.
  22. 12 team 2 division DYNASTY PPR obviously IDP start 3 each at DB LB DL Expend roster temporarily 5 for 5 round mini draft. DB he has I'm eyeing is Keanu Neil of ATL. He also has Desmond King of LAC but I think that would asking too much. Each team has to have 5 picks. So I offer him Eric Weddle BAL or maybe Jason McCourty NE & my 2-3 for his 2-7 to move him up 4 spots in round 2.
  23. Keeper Help - Really Tough Choices

    If you can't trade for picks in a non PPR I'm going with David Johnson. If it was PPR I would have said Tamara.
  24. Have to ask here

    This is more IDP relevant but other than my post, the last activity in that section was 15 days ago, I'm going to ask here & hopeyou someone will give some input. I currently sit with the 6th 7th & 10th picks in R1, R2-3 & R3-7 12 team 2 division DYNASTY PPR obviously IDP start 3 each at DB LB DL Expend roster temporarily 5 for 5 round mini draft. DB he has I'm eyeing is Keanu Neil of ATL. He also has Desmond King of LAC but I think that would asking too much. Each team has to have 5 picks. So I offer him Eric Weddle BAL or maybe Jason McCourty NE & my 2-3 for his 2-7 to move him up 4 spots in round 2.
  25. Dynasty, want 1st pick

    I was reviewing the teams in the league & if I don't get this deal done. And I think even though he likes the deal, he just isn't comfortable pulling the trigger. Well this draft is going suck for me. Because here is how it is likely to play out for me. I have the 6th & 10th picks. By the 6th pick, the top 3 RB are mostly likely gone. If not, I get the least valued of the bunch. I take that RB at 6th & there is very good chance between the next 3 teams, the top 2 QB are gone by the 10th pick. If I can't get that 1st, I'm going to make strong play to get that 7th pick also. Think I have a reasonable shot there. I re-looked at the guy with the 1st pick & if that doesn't work, I'm going to see if I can get his 2-12 pick. He has the 3-1 pick so I don't think he will see much difference between giving me the R2 over the R3. Whatever I can get there I will then use as part of a package to get me that 7th pick overall. Hopefully then I can get a draft that I'm relatively happy with. If it doesn't fall the way I want, I may be going 4/5 picks on the D side. I don't want to draft a bunch of so-so good chance of being a bust offensive players.