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  1. Jimmy Graham Dynasty Trade Help

    I think you will be good at QB for several more years. Draft a promising rookie at QB sometime over the next year or two. I would do the straight up trade for Vereen.
  2. Stash Wes Welker

    I have to agree with the above comments. Try to trade Hyde with another player to the Gore owner if you can. If not drop T Williams. Welker is worth the stash.
  3. Do I start luck or romo?

    Playing Denver, have to go Luck. He will have to throw to keep them in the game.
  4. RBs who to start?

    I would agree with the above, Bush & Gore. But keep an eye on Spiller & Stacy see what they do.
  5. 12 team PPR league 1 starting QB All TD 6 points. 1 point per COMPLETION, 1 point for every 20 yards passing, 1 point per 10 yards rushing, minus 2 for INT Cam looks real iffy this week & am not that sure of him even if he starts being his ribs are hurt. This league has a large roster & because of screw ups & the damn setting me to auto pick & not realizing what was going on I am loaded up on WR. For QB I have Roethlisberger & Tannehill. WR I have Marshall, Crabtree, D Hopkins, D Baldwin, Edelman, Jarvis Landry, Marquis Lee TE- Reed, Pettigrew, Ebron, Miller Flex is RB/WR/TE so I will list my RB RB-Charles, Knile Davis(handcuff) Ridley, MJD, Mike James, Devonta Freeman I am thinking QB I start Ben. Charles & MJD my starting RB. Take Hopkins out of my flex & move him to the WR slot Crabtree is in, put Reed in at TE & at the flex I think either Miller as a double dip on any throws Ben goes to Miller or Edelman. Thoughts?
  6. Cam & Crabtree iffy 1 QB league

    Would like some more feedback please.
  7. 8 team PPR 2 starting QB, Dynasty league Scoring Passing Pass TD-4, Pass completion-0.5, 25 yards passing-1.0, Neg points for sacks & INT various bonus' 10 Yards rushing.receiving-1, every reception-0.5, Rush/Rec TD-6, 15 yards punt/kick return-1 QB Newton, RG3, McCown RB McCoy, Sproles(hancuff & good receiving RB) Ball, Hyde, Sankey, Andrea Williams WR Garcon, Fitzgerald, Benjamin, TY Hilton TE Olsen, Ladarius Green Do I bench Cam & run McCown? Not liking what I am hearing so far. Being 2 starting QB & league everyone has at least one backup there isn't much on waivers-Bradford replacement Hill, Eli who I am not touching & Chad Henne are about the best out there. I've got Sproles currently in the flex which is RB/WR./TE. He has a solid projection but that does have me running both PHI RB. I will be starting McCoy & Ball at RB. I am starting Garcon & Fitz at WR & Olsen at TE. For the flex do I take Sproles out & try Benjamin or Hilton? Or do I try one of the rookie RB or Gates heir apparent? Opinions?
  8. Cam 2 QB league & flex

    Looking for some more feedback please.
  9. Cam 2 QB league & flex

    Anybody else?
  10. Cant go against the grain here, I think Wilson too. Stafford would be my 2nd choice.
  11. Cam & Crabtree iffy 1 QB league

    Anyone else?
  12. Suggested upgrade

    Unless I am not seeing might I suggest an addition to the site. Maybe have an add to the side or below members forum post, their team roster & scoring. Allow them to enter multiple teams as many of us have more than one. I have three myself & I am sure there are people with more. It would be as simple as while making a post as having to have them check which team that I want to show up for said post. Each time I ask advise I am having to add all this to my post to give people the needed information so I can get relevant responses. I have been on other forums where this is down & is VERY helpful & time saving as one does not have to type said info over & over again. I think this would be an awesome addition as not only would it save time for the posting member but it would give the responding members an easy outline to look at in deciding on their response.
  13. Suggested upgrade

    Like I said many of us have multiple teams. Putting a drop down where you can choose which team to insert & it shows the roster & scoring rules would be very helpful & useful.
  14. Flex position this week 1 pt PPR

    I think I would lean Ingram till I see how Britt fits in with STL-especially after their starting QB going down, AGAIN.
  15. You have Alfred Morris listed on both sides of the trade. At any rate I think its a moot point as I doubt the trade will get accepted. People aren't often looking to move the guys they spent a R1 OR R2 pick on & Graham is seen as one of those major difference makers. You want a TE upgrade that won't cost you like Graham, maybe try to make a play for Jordan Cameron. Yes his QB issue isn't great but whoever is playing won't have Gordon & we all know when QB's are having issues a TE can be a nice security blanket.
  16. I have Crabtree on one of my three teams. He is looking real iffy right now. Its Thursday & he was a DNP. I would be leaning Jackson right now for that fact.
  17. Need Quick Advice.

    While I still think Rodgers will put up reasonable #'s against SEA, I don't think he is going to blow the roof off. That being said I don't think you will see solid #'s from both starting WR's. So that being saidm go with Patterson. So that also leaves me saying Tate at flex.
  18. Aaron Rodgers or Carson Palmer?

    Sure SEA shut down the DEN O but there is one constant piece of advise in FF. You ALWAYS START YOUR STUDS! Play Rodgers.
  19. QB advice?

    Have to agree, Brady.
  20. Trade WR D Thomas?

    8 team PPR league 2 starting QB, so starting lineup is this QB-2 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 WR/TE-1 K-2 D/ST-2 12 starters, 5 bench, no IR, position limits RB WR 4 each, QB TE K D/ST 3 each Pass TD=4, 25 yards passing-1, every 5 completions=2, every all other TD=6, 10 yards rushing/receiving=1, every 5 receptions=3, 1 point bonus for any 50+ yard TD, 100-199 receiving yards=1, 200+ yards rushing/receiving=5 My current roster QB-P Manning, Kaepernick, EJ Manuel, RB-Lacy, Foster, MJD, Chris Johnson, WR-D Thomas, Jeffery, Fitzgerald, TY Hilton TE-Pitta, M Bennett K-Dawson, Bryant D/ST-SF, KC The trade proposed I send Demaryius Thomas & CJ for Andy Dalton, Michael Crabtree & Zac Stacy. He has Reggie Bush & said I could have him instead of Stacy if I want. I think it he might be willing to take MJD instead of CJ because like me, he doesn't care much for CJ. However I would rather trade CJ than MJD because of CJ's maddening inconstancy trying to figure out which games he will show up for. I am tempted on this trade for a few reasons. In our format Dalton finished 4th in points, 352 to Kaepernicks 263 last year. Having 2 top 5 or a top 5 & a top 10 QB is a definite advantage in 2 QB league. Or possible having 3 top 10 with Kaepernick. With Lacy, Foster, MDJ & adding either Stacy or R Bush would give me a hell of a strong RB lineup. With having Manning, Dalton & Kaepernick along with those 4 RB I think I would be in position to make another trade. The down side- I figure I am losing a double dip with Manning/Thomas min of 10 times this season. I am sure as hell not dropping Kaepernick over Manuel. A upside of the deal is if I am playing Kaepernick I will still get a double dip on any TD from Kaepernick to Crabtree as I figure I would play Jeffery & Fitz as my WR's & most likely Crabtree in the flex, chose between Pita & Bennett at TE & the other one along with Hilton be my bench depth. I am considering this deal. What do you think? Pull trigger?
  21. Rashad Jennings for emmanuel sanders

    Forgot to ask about your WR but looking at your RB, & being a standard league I would say no. Murray & Williams have injury issue. Williams is up there in age & Anderson is a non-issue. You don't have depth at RB, a very important position. You trade away Jennings & Murray goes down, your going to be hurting.
  22. Rashad Jennings for emmanuel sanders

    Depends on a few things.. How are your RB's overall? Is it a PPR league. Could use a little more info to get best answer. In standard non-PPR league I would lean towards no. In a PPR league considering Decker got 137 targets & caught 87 passes & got 10 TD's from the position Sanders is filling I would say yes. Especially considering the first several weeks also should do well with Welker suspended.
  23. Matt Ryan or Phillip Rivers

    I think ATL has better chance of being in a shoot out so I would go with Ryan for that fact. Has a good chance of lots of throwing.