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  1. Jordy Nelson for Randall Cobb?

    I think they are so close, why even bother. Maybe they get to the points in a little different fashion but they are so close I think its a sideways move more or less. Now if you get points for returns than yes this might make a little more sense.
  2. ESPN draft

  3. NFL Dynasty league #1 IDP

    I do believe LB are the highest scoring defensive players in this league. Guessing probable like that in most IDP leagues. As I said I am new to playing IDP as last year was my first year doing so. As for who might contribute this year, I am not focused on that. I think I have a solid team for this year. I am more looking into next season. The team I have now finished 2nd for the regular season. So if I can grab guys that may be slow this year but look like they should step it up next year, I am OK with that.
  4. Drafting in under 15. 8 team PPR league, QB heavy with 2 starting QB. Shady or McCoy? Or do I go QB?
  5. Patterson, Matthews for CJ2K, Floyd?

    I really cant stand CJ. The guy will lose you just as many games as he wins you. Its maddening trying to figure out which games he is going to show up for. However I think it all falls on the QB situation. I would say no to the deal. Floyd QB situation isn't nearly the unsure mess it is in MIN. Yes Palmer isn't want he use to be but still better than whats in MIN in my opinion. As much as I hate to tell anyone to go with CJ, I say don't do the deal. I am not seeing any overall value in this.
  6. IDP keeper advise

    I am very new to IDP playing it the first time last year. I am in total of three leagues now, two a dynasty where we keep all players. I am asking about the new league I am starting this year. Its an 8 team league. We tried to get 10 people but didn't happen. Line up starters- QB-2 RB-2 WR-2 TE-1 K-1 R/W/T Flex-1, 3 each of DL LB DB, Bench-10 Scoring Pass completion & receptions 0.5, Passing 25 yards-1, Pass TD-4, INT-neg 2, Sack-neg 1 300-399 pass yards-1 400+-5 Rec & rush TD-6 Rush & pass yards 10-1 Any 50 yard TD play is bonus 1, 200+ rushing-5 100+ Rec-5, Kick off & punt return 15 yards-1 Defensive scoring 1 Point for- Tackle, Force fumble, Pass defended, every 25 yards INT & fumble returned, Tackle for a loss, every 10 yards sacks, 50+ yards INT or Fumble recovery for a TD bonus 0.5- Assisted Tackle, QB hit 2 points for-Sack, INT, Fumble recovery, Blocked kick, Safety, 10+ Tackle bonus, Any defensive TD is 6 As you can see it is a QB heavy league & with the flex do have the ability to play 2 TE if they are worth it. We have a total of 28 players to a team. My question is at which round is it time to start looking into defensive players? Second in order of importance do they rank? In another words should I be looking at say the LB's first? How do IDP's stack up position to position in value? Having played just one year & the NFL site being a PIA to find last years stats for the other league, its hard for me to get info to gauge off of.
  7. Being that this about a fantasy sports site including football, I thought I would ask here. Anyone know what happened to Rotomania? I had been posting to the site for several years every football season. People would ask for advise and give advise. The site no longer seems to exist and everywhere I have asked nobody has given an answer. Anyone know
  8. IDP keeper advise

    I guess not.
  9. IDP keeper advise

    I seriously cant get even one response of any advise?
  10. IDP keeper advise

  11. Looking for input on keepers

    Thomas being a top 3 TE with potential to be #1, I see a hell of a lot of value giving up only a 17th round pick. I think Crabtree also is great value costing just an 11th round pick. Where I am confused is you say cost the same as when they where drafted last year. If you did this league last year, it stands to reason that the owners of Charles/McCoy aren't going to let them go and that is where I am not sure what to say from this point. If you can get one of them then I lean toward Stacy in a PPR as Morris doesn't catch much.
  12. B Marshall or Jeffrey?

    In a one year league, I am taking Marshall. High octane O & he is the QB's favorite guy. Then I would go AJ Green just don't trust Dalton as much, Jeffery & then Brown. In a keeper or dynasty league I think I would go Jeffery, Marshall, Green, Brown.