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  1. Pick 3 LB

    12 team 2 division PPR IDP Dynasty start 3 LB Scoring Any TD - 6 sack, turnover forced - 3 Fumble recovery, INT, Blocked punt, x point, field goal - 2 Tackle & pass defended -1 Assist tackle - 0.5 Yards gained on turnover tally like rush yards, every 10 yards - 1.0 & there is fractional points Like I said we start 3. My choices Darius Leonard IND, Khalil Mack CHI, Roquan Smith CHI, Mark Barron LAR, Tremaine Edmunds BUF, Deion Jones ATL I think Leonard & Smith based on current play are obvious. Last spot not so much. Mack is consider top end but lately has been a let down. Jones is considered top end but coming off of IR. Which 3 LB would you roll with?
  2. DYNASTY 12 team PPR IDP positional limits 2 division All TD = 6 typical 10 yards rush/rec = 1.0 Is it time to cut bait on RB Jamaal Williams GB? We start 2 RB & flex can be RB/WR /TE. Williams doesn't look to be doing a Damn thing. My other RB - Gurley, Barkley, Marlon Mack, Alex Collins, Crowell. Including Williams, I have 6 RB. Which is the position limit. On the D side we start 3 each LB DB & DL. Position limit 6 at each. Is it time to cut bait on Eric Berry? He hasn't played much atall all last 2 seasons & will be headed into his 10th season next year. At DB I have Jessie Bates, Landon Collins, Tyrann Mathieu, Terrell Edmunds. I do need to get a DL this week. I'm 10-1 but without Gurley Kelce & D Flowler at that DL spot. Would you cut bait on 1 or both? I need a DL but I really don't want to cut anyone else.
  3. Defense for this week

  4. Hooper or Heuerman

    I'm sticking with Hooper as my choice.
  5. Who to flex

    Dynasty 12 team PPR 2 division IDP Flex is RB/WR/TE TD -6 every every catch is full point, every 10 yards rush/rec -1.0 My choices RB - Marlon Mack, Alex Collins, WR - JuJu Smith-Schuster, Allen Robinson, Christian Kirk, TE - Jack Doyle Mack, JuJu, Robinson & Doyle all have match ups that absolutely suck. Considering that JuJu in this league has failed to reach double digits only once I was set to go with. Till I realized the almost dead last against the RB match up Collins has. In game where BAL is likely to rely on the run heavily with Flacco by all accounts out this week. Who would you play? I suffered my first loss of the season last week because I made one mistake. Don't want a repeat of that again this week.
  6. Who to flex

  7. Burton or Hooper?

    When at a receiving position both players face a D ranked about the same against the position, I lean towards the player who's QB has a more favorable match up, Hooper. Bears fan who plays Trubisky in a 2 QB league saying that.
  8. Not every down Zach Brown

    Playing like that, he should be an every down guy.
  9. DYNASTY 12 team 2 division IDP position limits 6 LB, start 3 Tackle = 1 Assist =0.5 Sack/turn over forced = 3 Sack yards = 0.20 every yard Blocked punt/field goal -safety - fumble recovery - INT = 2 each Defensive yards gained on change of possession = 0.10 or 1 point per 10 yards I had ATL LB Deion Jones on IR. Wasn't expecting him back this season but he is. So with position limits I have to drop an LB. My LB are Mack & Smith of CHI, Darius Leonard IND, Tremaine Edmunds BUF, Josh Bynes ARI, Mark Barron LAR Being DYNASTY I am hanging onto Mack, Smith, Edmunds & Leonard. That leaves Bynes & Barron. Both will be in their 8th season next year. I'm leaning on cutting Barron. As he has been injury prone & not done much when playing. Bynes has been a little more consistent so far. Agree/disagree with the cutting Barron?
  10. 12 team DYNASTY IDP PPR Typical 10 yards rush/rec = 1 point TD= 6 I have GB Jamaal Williams who isn't doing much & seems to be #3 in GB crowded backfield. Would you drop him for Royce Freeman DEN who is on waivers?
  11. Which RB would you take?

    Montgomery was used even less than Williams.
  12. Which RB would you take?

    Anyone else?
  13. Help me decide trade

    OK like I thought, he wasn't going with the QB part on his end. We agreed to I send Gordon & Bottles for Woods & RB Mixon & Alex Collins. Because of position limits I will have to cut an RB. I'll cut J Allen. Least valuable of my RB. I'm getting 2 keepers who had injury have plenty of time left in Mixon & Woods. This gives me 2nd keeper at WR & the production from the 2 of them will be more than Gordon by himself would give me. Two starters for me.
  14. Help me decide trade

    10 team IDP extended keeper every 5 catches = 3 points, -we keep 11 players but no more than 2 at any position typical 10 yards rush/rec = 1 100-199 yards rush/rec bonus 1, rec 200+ = bonus 5 My players RB M Gordon LAC, C McCaffery CAR, M Breida SF, T Coleman ATL, J Allen BAL WR J Smith-Schuster PIT, S Shepard NYG, C Goodwin TB, L Fitzgerald AR, What we have essentially agreed to is I send Melvin Gordon & S Brian Poole I get Joe Mixon & my choice Emmanuel Sanders or Robert Woods. With Mixon I still have my 2 keepers at RB & along with JuJu I actually get a 2nd WR I like as a keeper. Strictly WR to WR I think I like Sanders a little better. However I like the Rams QB & overall offensive situation better. I have to decide on a WR & send the offer. One thing I don't like is it's a 2 QB league & 1 of my QB is Rivers. So I lose my double dip on pass TD to Gordon. Though I will need in the next season or 2 into finding Rivers replacement at this stage of his career. So which WR would you chose?
  15. Help me decide trade

    Oh & obviously because of the stupid London game, this trade wouldn't process till after this week's games.
  16. Help me decide trade

    He may not go for Rivers because of age in which case I could sub Matt Ryan if that is what it takes to get it done.
  17. Help me decide trade

    Tackle - 1.5 assist, blocked punt, forced fumble- 1.0 each every 5 tackle - 0.5 INT, sack, saftey -2 each Pass defended - 1.5 Like I said, what I like about it is I still have 2 keepers at RB & get another keeper at WR. I'm still holding onto my best DB with Landon Collins - so obviously I can afford giving up Poole. So you're saying you would take Sanders over Woods? I don't think he goes for it but I could counter (2 starting QB league) Rivers, Bottles, Gordon for Cousins Mixon & either Sanders/Woods & add Poole in again if I have too. He has Luck so Bottles wouldbe cover his bye. He has no backup QB & there are literally no other QB on waivers. I have Josh Allen who hopefully would be back by Cousins week 10 bye. So counter with this? Add Poole if it gets that done? Accept original deal if not? And I'm guessing you like Sanders over Woods?
  18. Flex help

    Cohen turned out to be a good choice. Hope Breida does as expected. Had to play him in one of my leagues.
  19. Flex help

    You might think so. However I expect NE to get up at least 3 scores & little dink & dunk dump off passes to the RB aren't going to cut it. They are going to need to pass down the field. Not along the line of scrimmage or just a few yards past it.
  20. Flex help

    I'm Bears fan. I expect NE to beat the crap out of the Bears. They are going to have to pass A LOT. I like Breida.
  21. Flex

    I want to see how it plays out in CLE first. Ridley would be my pick.
  22. Which WR

    10 team partial PPR, Rec/Rush TD = 6, 10 yards Rush/Rec =1, every 5 catches = 3, 50+ TD & 100-199 yards Rec = 1 point bonus, 200+ yards = 5 NYG Sterling Shepard ATL Mohamed Sanu Shepard has great match up but Engram will play. Will Shepard take a big hit now? In an OFF that already sucks in the passing department. Sanu on the hand has a terrible match up but has been 10 points or more last 4 games. Of note I do have Matt Ryan at QB. So any potential TD pass to Sanu will be a double dip for me. Who do I play?
  23. Another LB move?

    12 team 2 division DYNASTY league Sack & turnover forced= 3.0 each every yard lost by sack = 0.20 INT = 2.0 tackles & forced fumble = 1.0 each assist tackle = 0.5 Yards returned on D recovery add like rush/rec 10 yards = 1.0 any TD = 6.0 Start 3 LB position limit of 6 I made the trade & unloaded Trevathan My current LB K Mack & R Smith CHI, T Edmunds BUF, M Barron LAR, M Foster WAS, D Jones ATL on my IR Being DYNASTY I'm always look to grab younger players. Two rookies on waivers Fred Warner SF & Darius Leonard IND I'm considering maybe grabbing one of them. Which one would you go with? My drop consideration is either Mark Barron or Mason Foster. I know both have been good but next year Barron will be going into his 8th year & Foster his 9th. I'm leaning on taking Warner & dropping Barron. I can put Leonard as my contingency choice & still drop Barron. Or can gamble nobody takes either of them. We do a 5 round mini draft, each team has to have 5 picks. I already unloaded my R5 pick. I could try to trade Mason & my R4 pick for a R3 pick, dump Barron (as I don't think I get much for him right now) & grab both if they are there. What do you think?
  24. Potential trade offer

    I would say take it & tun like a thief in the night.
  25. WR Help!

    I like Lockett for both with Baldwin out.