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  1. Josh Gordon

    The fact that Hue Jackson said they're done with the Josh Gordon chapter and he refuses to answer any more Gordon questions tells me all I need to know about the situation.
  2. Josh Gordon

    https://twitter.com/marykaycabot/status/781887285998546944 You will find a way to twist this into, "Gordon is finally leaving Cleveland, this is actually good for him" I'm sure. I am the biggest believer in Gordon's talent, but enough is enough.
  3. Josh Gordon

    Checking in. http://www.scout.com/nfl/browns/story/1712303-the-story-behind-josh-gordon-s-decision
  4. Way too early predictions for your team

    12-4 Loses: Week 1: @Denver Week 13: @Seattle Pick 2 between Week 4 @Atlanta, Week 8 vs Arizona, Week 10 vs Kansas City, Week 12 @Oakland
  5. Josh Norman, FA

    Don't think it effects OBJ's value you much. Certainly not as much as it effects someone like Dez because Norman will not go into the slot and OBJ has no problem doing so. I do think I'd still take Julio over OBJ, but that is a separate argument without much to do with Josh. Just curious if any Redskins fans(or anyone who knows) could tell me what kind of defense the Redskins corners usually play? More Man or Zone?
  6. Alshon Jeffery Trade - Dynasty League

    Wouldn't take the current trade. I don't think Perriman will ever be a WR1 and I don't think CAP is the long term option at RB in Carolina. If you can get White and the 1.01 as Zooty suggests I'd do it.
  7. Official 2016 Free Agency Thread

    Have Green in a couple dynasties and I love this. They have quite a few options in Pitt, but I still think Green could have a big year.
  8. Official 2016 Free Agency Thread

    Injury to Byron Maxwell's shoulder may derail Philly-Miami trade. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/14933355/byron-maxwell-shoulder-injury-cancel-miami-dolphins-philadelphia-eagles-trade-involving-kiko-alonso
  9. Official Super Bowl 50 Thread!

    Sucks to lose, but I can say I am legitimately happy to see Peyton go out on top.
  10. Official Super Bowl 50 Thread!

    Not trying to jinx it. I know it's not over till the clock hits triple 0's, but this thing is as close to done as it gets.
  11. Official Super Bowl 50 Thread!

    Congrats to Broncos fans. Von Miller was too much for Mike Remmers.
  12. Gonna be an ugly Super Bowl.

    He typically celebrates first downs when he runs for them. I know Le'veon Bell and Antonio Brown both also do it(among many others, they're just both high level players that come to mind) and nobody says anything as Sunday Couch Potatoe mentioned.
  13. Gonna be an ugly Super Bowl.

    I don't think Denver will get dominated because I think their defense will keep them in it, but I don't see how Denver puts up enough points to win the game. I look at their offense and other than DT and Sanders nobody scares me, and I don't see how Peyton gets them the ball. Manning is 2nd in the NFL in INT's on the year despite playing 6 games less than the leader(Bortles) who is only one INT higher than him. That doesn't bode particularly well when playing a team that leads the NFL in Interceptions as well as Fumble recovery. As for Denver running the ball, I certainly could see CJ Anderson having a decent day, but I think Carolina's front 7 is being severely overlooked. Carolina had 3 pro-bowlers in the front 7 and has 2 more(Star Lotulelei and Charles Johnson) who are among the best at their position when healthy, which they both currently are. While Denver's run defense is good, they're going up against the number 2 running team in the league. I think for Denver to win the game they'll have to do 3 things, stop the run(against a team that has rushed for over 100 yards in 31 straight games), win the takeaway battle(Carolina is plus 20 on the year in takeaways, while Denver is minus 4), and make a game changing D/ST play. Whether it be a pick 6, scoop and score, kick/punt return for a TD or even getting a big return deep into Carolina territory, Denver needs 1 maybe even 2 of these to win in my opinion. I think I'll go Carolina 23-13.
  14. Cardinals / Panthers game thread

  15. Cardinals / Panthers game thread

    4 plays 3 turnovers...