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  1. You Make The Call; Any Oddsmakers?

    I have LJ tonight myself....I need 9 points...If he scores I score YOU win...
  2. Any news on McNabb playing time?
  3. Down 8 points w/ LJ Smith 2nite! Don't rain on my parade!!
  4. All he had to do was throw 100yds and a touchdown....and I win! down 8 w/ LJ Smith tonight...
  5. All I want from this post is some sympathy. I started Volek this week and he gave me nada! I am down 8 w/ LJ Smith!! I hate that we do not get any points for receptions but I am hoping SMith is looked at a little more tonight w/ TO and Pinkston hurting. Looks like he might have to score in order for me to win!! Wish me luck! 1pt - 10 yds 6pt - TD
  6. volek vs brees - what i learned

    I had a feeling something like this was going to happen. Denver's D was going to rebound from their poor performance the week before. I started Volek and he gave me 0 POINTS!! Funny thing is I am still alive and I'm down by 8 points w/ L.J Smith going tonight. I had Kerry Collins on my roster up until Friday. I switched it thinking Volek would try to break the record of consecutive 400 yard passing games. He didn't break that but he did break the record of screwing people out of a lot of money!!! 0 POINTS!!! I still can't believe it! I had 0 points from my starting QB and I still have an outside chance of winning. I can't complain but I should of never been in this position. I might be tippin' a few of these back tonight! Go Philly! THROW THE BALL ALL NIGHT!
  7. Which #2 Back?

    always start MNF players!
  8. Reports say Collins has abdominal strain....will this affect his passing??? Will Denver DB's shut down Volek?? I am up for any suggestions 4pts. TD 1pt 25yds 3pts 300+ 5pts 400+
  9. who to start at QB Brees or Collins

    start collins....i live 2 minutes away from Clevelans Stadium...they will not be throwing the ball today....snow is still coming down hard...visibility will be an issue...also i am starting collins...porter in for huge day...titans secondary is terrible and have rookies matched up....last 3 home games collins has had nice games....look for a couple scores and close to 300 yards....Brees could score but no where near yardage....
  10. A little TE help

    i have some issue....i think i am going to start cooley against niners weak D... although Manning may be looking more at TE this week w/ Stokely injured.... cooley will definitely get more looks....but will he score??? who knows...
  11. WDIS RB?

    Deuce for sure....always plays tough against TB!!! Taylor will be used for weather but GB must win game....D will step it up..
  12. WR Help!

    I am in semi-finals of playoffs....need a good week from receivers to win... Pick 2: J.Porter - @ home vs. terrible Titan Secondary D.Driver - expected to be very cold w/ focus on RB H.Ward - who knows?? hasnt been the same since BIG BEN took over L.Evans - E.Moulds is nice decoy for this guy...also rainy snowy game.. Any suggestions?? Im looking at starting Porter for sure...
  13. Volek instead of Favre?

    Im in same situation although I have Volek's opponent in K.Collins...Be careful of this...Volek's O-Line is beat up bad plus Mason and C.Brown are not 100% and could miss this weeks game...Oakland is not best team but will definitely double D.Bennett if Mason is out!!
  14. Who to start

    I would for sure start DD who is pretty much running the offense on that team..He loves the final half of the season...He did the same thing last year... I have JJ myself but I have to start him...B.Westbrook may be limited w/ playoff spot locked up...Thats a toss up.. I like Harrison in clutch games...and Walker has been quiet past couple weeks...Clayton vs weak saints D...although Saints always play TB tough... DD JJ Harrison Clayton
  15. Volek or Collins?

    They play eachother...figure is should be a shoot-out and after watching MNF performance of B.Volek I am leaning towards him...although K.Collins in past couple games at Home has been a solid start... A must win for me....loser is out...winner moves on Any advice would help!!