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  1. Last minute QB, pick one!

    Messed up and listed Fitz against MIA, *Fitz @ IND
  2. Brissett is out. Hoyer was picked up earlier this week. My options are: Fitzy @ IND; Rudolph vs LAR; Mayfield vs BUF Who am I starting fellas?! Give it to me straight!
  3. DK Metcalf

  4. Defense

    SF, not for points against, but those turnovers
  5. Yeah I’d take that trade. Thanks for the additional info! Great roster! Good luck to you!
  6. What does you current roster look like? Also, PPR? standard?
  7. Do I need to drop a QB now?

    Wentz definitely has the better ROS schedule. Tried a comparison over the last few weeks but both have been far from great. also, Brady has Buffalo week 16, assuming I make it that far. Wentz is at home against Dallas.
  8. Pick 1 wr and qb

    Brissett and Brown for me.
  9. Do I need to drop a QB now?

    Can’t, Rivers already played on Thursday. I’d have to wait until next week to drop him, and by then most of those waiver guys I listed will probably get picked up.
  10. Do I need to drop a QB now?

    I would absolutely do that, but Rivers already played in the Thursday night game. So I can’t drop him until next week, which means those names on the wire likely wouldn’t be there anymore.
  11. Do I need to drop a QB now?

    Which QB would you suggest I drop then? Brady or Wentz?
  12. Christian Kirk or DJ Moore?

    I’d go with Moore. Idk, just every time I bench that guy in my PPR league I regret it. Play Moore.
  13. Pick 1 WR

    Definitely Tate