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  1. Need help with a WR and a RB slot for today. Need one of each listed below. WR: Larry Fitzgerald or Sammy Watkins? RB: Jay Ajayi or Alfred Blue?
  2. Ajayi....200 yards!

    Should we sell high on Ajayi? Who to target?
  3. Gio or Ajayi?

    McCoy is playing hurt...stupid, he needs to sit. Which should I start in his place: Giovanni Bernard or Jay Ajayi?
  4. Trade - OBJ for Cooper and Snead

    Idk why I let yall talk me out of my gut. Amari would've won me this week. Here's to hoping OBJ doesn't suck tonight.
  5. If Jeffery plays and is healthy enough he should go off...but is it worth the risk? Smith seems to be the safer play with a good match up. IDK ... Who do I play?
  6. Streaming DST

    Welp, I can admit when I'm wrong. geez...
  7. Do I start Dalton or Wentz?

    I'm starting Wentz over Dalton.
  8. Kenneth Dixon worth a Roster Spot?

    yes. I got him everywhere.
  9. Trade!

    If you can get Amari for Crowell I'd do it. Don't give up CMike.
  10. Streaming DST

    I'm facing Brady with three players on bye this week. I need crazy. lol
  11. Streaming DST

    Probably not top tier but I like the upside there. If any of those INTS go for six. Mmmmm If the Rams or the Bills are available either of those should be good streams this week too.
  12. Streaming DST

    I sure hope so!!
  13. Streaming DST

    I'm streaming 49ers against the Arizona QB backup. He likes to throw to the other team a lot.
  14. Trade - OBJ for Cooper and Snead

    This was a trade offer to me. I don't know that I'm gonna take it but with all the nonsense going on with OBJ I'm thinking about it. Just curious what others thought.
  15. Trade - OBJ for Cooper and Snead

    I could also try to counter for Cooper and Lacy. He's got Lacy on the bench. My RBs, start 2: McCoy Gore CMike Washington (Oak) Dixon