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  1. Bama vs Michigan

    And Bama sure doesn't look like just the #2 team in the country. Hoke should be fired for running Robinson just twice in the first half. He'd probably have Tom Brady running the wishbone. Idiot.
  2. UGA Cheerleader

    Is she related to Brittney Griner?
  3. "Honey Badger" kicked off LSU's squad

    More like Honey Boo Boo.
  4. Nice spin, but just like Texas, complete, exaggerated bullpoop. They didn't want Texas with it's own set of rules. But whatever floats your go girl.
  5. Just more confirmation that Texas sucks.
  6. 9/17 games

    LMAO.........huh??? Beat a top 5 team on the road by 10, but still didn't have a killer instinct? Nice spin.
  7. 9/17 games

  8. Lee Roy Selmon had a stroke

    He passed away today. Godspeed Lee Roy and Boomer Sooner. Lee Roy
  9. Lee Roy Selmon had a stroke

    So sad. He's still regarded as the greatest player in OU history. I was able to see him play when I was a kid and he was just a man among boys. It's frustrating to see these types of things happen at such a young age to people like Lee Roy and Wayman.
  10. Bradford looks pretty stellar

  11. LSU LosuR Bama Utah Meeeeeechigan Boomer Sooner Baby!!! tOSU Gators MSU Bugeaters LSU Bama
  12. Aggies to the SEC?

    Though it will be strange to watch OU playing at 9:00pm on the left coast.
  13. Aggies to the SEC?

    A$M has just turned into Ol' Miss. Also seems that MIzzou is bolting to the SEC also. They really do need another bottom feeder to fill in the other division.
  14. Starting Lineup Controversy

    See........this is what happens when you give them shoes and the vote.