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  1. RB's - David Johnson, AARPeterson, Chris Thompson, Jordan Howard, Lat Murray WR's -- TY Hilton, Thielen, TreQuan Smith, Taylor Gabriel Record - 3 W / 4 L Non-ppr Thinking I may need to trade Thielen to get better. DJ and Howard have been God-awful this year. What would Thielen bring back in a return? Elite RB#1 and mid WR#2? Thanks in advance.
  2. Lynch or Gillislee?

    Lynch definitely. So hard to predict Patriots RBs. All logic and analysis will say they should do one thing and go with one back and then they do something out of left field.
  3. Rivers or Foles.

  4. Foles or Bortles

    Depends on the wind. I can't find much info on that either as I have Crabtree. If there's a lot of wind it will be more running for sure. I think I'd go Bortles if there is strong winds in Philly.
  5. Rivers or Bortles? WHIR

    In Championship game in 10 team STD league. Who would you guys start? Thanks in advance.
  6. Flex - Mike Evans or Gio Bernard

    Tough against the Vikings but I think I'd actually go Bernard in a .5 ppr. I think he'll get a lot of catches and a lot of work.
  7. 12 team non ppr. Who would you guys choose? Terrible that Fournette is out.
  8. Goodwin or M. Evans? WHIR

    Non-ppr 10 team league. Had Rivers and Keenan Allen and basically got 15 pts between them. Need a big game from someone to recover a bit. Would you start Goodwin or Evans at WR? I have Collins and Kamara at RB and Jamaal Williams at Flex and Graham at TE. Thanks in advance.
  9. Give it to me straight, Doc. Will I survive?

    You should be ok and limp by. They've been good vs. the pass in the last several weeks and Cutler can just have a horrible day and force things many times. NE has to keep pace with Pittsburgh for home field advantage so they should be on fire.
  10. Another I LOST WENTZ Thread

    Foles vs. Giants or Keenum vs. Bengals. I think I'd go Keenum of those two.
  11. Brees or Rivers?

    I like Rivers. He's on a roll and, for a change, the Chargers are actually competing for a playoff spot/divisional title so they're incredibly motivated. Help me with mine?
  12. Matt Ryan or Josh McCown? (WHIR)

    I like Ryan this week. It's going to be a shoot out, I think. Help me with mine?
  13. 12 team std league -- which one would you start? Thanks in advance.
  14. Who to start is Antonio brown doesn't play

    Definitely start Cupp if AB doesn't play. Or, if you can, pick up M. Bryant or LaFell
  15. Dez or Sanu

    I hate to say it, but Sanu