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  1. Mariota or Taylor?

    I went against y'all and played Mariota. Woot woot!
  2. Mariota or Taylor?

    Who would you pick 6pt tds
  3. Set my lineup

    That's what I have set up right now. Thanks NY
  4. Set my lineup

    So play Doyle in TE and Henry in the flex? Sit Duke
  5. Set my lineup

    I know my WRs are crap but Crabtree is suspended and lost OBJ
  6. Set my lineup

    PPR. I'm battling for top points for the regular season. I have a 22 point lead on the second place guy. Nobody else is close. Already secured my seed in the playoffs. Just want to win the payout for most points this week. I need two WRs from: R. Anderson, Sanu, and Amendola. One TE: Doyle or Henry I need two FLEX from: Whoever is left over between Sanu and Amendola; Doyle and Henry. Duke Johnson, Freeman
  7. PPR I decided to start Henry at TE. Who to flex?
  8. Week 10 Milk Carton

    Someone started Juju in my league, so keep an eye out for him and report it to the police if you see him. The owner is in the hunt too, a long shot but it could happen and a winnable game. Will see if he loses because of this Edit. Wrong week post
  9. Crabtree/Talib ejected

    Really cool. Fighting for first place in points with a decent payout and there has to be chain grabbing
  10. Week 12 Milk Carton

    Doyle, Sanu
  11. Keeper rankings?

    My league uses draft position for keepers even if they are dropped so bs like this doesn't happen. Good for you though
  12. Keeper rankings?

    I always go for the best value compared to adp in my keeper. Kept Freeman as a 4th rounder when he would have went end of the first for example. Try to get as many rounds of bonus as you can. With emphasis on studs. It will be awhile before you decide who to keep though after seeing where players are going next year.
  13. Flex help.

  14. Keeper rankings?

    Do you keep them the same round they were drafted? How many can you keep?
  15. Flex help.

    L. MILLER Crabtree SANU R. ANDERSON Amendola Powell Duke Johnson Pick two to sit, PPR