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  1. Cam Newton

    I tried to find more information on him in the thread but didn't really see much. I don't know much about a "mild Lisfranc sprain". And he said it could be one week or it could be six. I'm sure some of the urgency of his return will depend on how well Kyle Allen does. Really what I'm wondering is if this is the type of injury that will keep popping up all year and what kind of realistic recovery time table there is for this type of injury?
  2. Dak or Matt Ryan

    Zeke half and Pollard the other lol. Dak still quite good
  3. Who are you done with?

    Evans though I was going to post his name but it was just a matter of time.
  4. I mean they are both good trades really. If you think about Singletary and Breida almost a wash you upgrade at QB and the top one you dip at RB but your WRs will be loaded
  5. I really doubt the zeke one will go through. Unless the guy is really desperate for a TE. You would be too loaded at WR with Theilen unless it's a 3 WR or 2 flex league. You're right about your RBs. Should focus on that in any trade. You do have TEs to spare big time so maybe look at the guy straggling at TE and go for one of his RBs
  6. Who's the odd man out (TE)

    For what it's worth someone dropped Olsen and I'm going to pick him up tonight with the 2nd waiver claim. I am beyond desperate though. I would rather have the other 2 at this point but Olsen is an OG
  7. The one for Zeke seems like a great deal for you. Exactly what fantasy strategy said
  8. Yeah why not.. doubt it would go through
  9. Eli benched

    I'd like to see him go to the Jets with a chip on his shoulder. Would make for good TV and Manning fans could still see him play
  10. Kerryon 4 D. Adams??

    If you're getting Adams yeah for sure
  11. Who are you done with?

    Tight ends in general. Man I should have taken one in the first round.
  12. Need a TE Bad

    Man I started Rudolph week 1, started Graham this week. 2 weeks in, zero TE points but I'm 2-0. Maybe I'll spend my waiver pick on Olsen
  13. Pick one to start ppr this week: M. Sanders @ Atl D. Montgomery @ Denver Crowder @ Cle
  14. Start 2 out of 3 PPR

    Man that is tough. I would go Brown and Moore. I think Cam will get rolling tonight and Moore will be a solid choice. The Giants defense is going to want some revenge after getting demolished by Dak last week so maybe the safe play is Boyd. It would be incredibly hard for me to bench Brown however and I'd roll the dice with him. All 3 probably put up some great numbers