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  1. Hyde going to Jax?

    I just dropped Duke for Mack. I wonder if Dukes value will go up now. I also have Hyde haha.. bummer. I might have to slide Mack into Hydes spot now this week.
  2. On to next season...

    That is pretty savvy. I have a keeper league too. But bench space is only 6 deep. Hard to hang on to someone like that for the entire season without it dragging down your roster. I'm sure someone will pick Henry up after they are eliminated though.
  3. On to next season...

    Why did someone draft Henry. Wasnt he out before drafting?
  4. Drop Dalton?

    Would you drop Duke for one of those guys? And keep Dalton?
  5. Drop Dalton?

    My starter is currently Winston. Ppr. Drop Dalton for one of these 3: M. Mack, L. Murray, P. Barber? Other RBs: Hyde, Ingram, K. Johnson, Cook, Duke. I'm also considering dropping Duke for one of those 3. Fourth in the waiver wire
  6. Pick 2

    What? Am I being trolled?
  7. Pick 2

  8. Pick 2

    Update. Add D. Cook to that list
  9. Pick 2

    Pick two PPR: Keke Coutee, Ridley, Corey Davis or D. Cook?
  10. Pick 2 PPR: Hyde, K. Johnson or Ingram?

    Any other thoughts or recommendations?
  11. Pick 2 PPR: Hyde, K. Johnson or Ingram?

    Thanks again
  12. 12 team PPR league. Planning on Starting Ridley but he would be another to bench if all 3 of those are better than him. What do ya think?
  13. Mack or Hines?

    Hines or Keke then
  14. TE pick up to cover a bye week

    Ebron has been solid
  15. Start Ingram or Conner this week

    Not over Conner tho