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  1. Flexin

    1ppr. Who to flex? -B. Powell @ Miami. Looks like he will play -Crowder @ Philly -Sanu @ NE (cleared to play) -Hooper @ NE
  2. Cooper

    Of course then one day I go against him...
  3. Pick 2 RBs to start this week

    Where is Freeman at? I'll take Zeke and Hunt
  4. Trading Zeke

    ^this over and over and over and over again. What an insulting offer lol
  5. Am I crazy for passing on this Kelce deal?

    Make the trade. Start Kelce at TE. Then move Gronk for a top WR?
  6. QB stream struggles

    One last bump
  7. QB stream struggles

  8. QB stream struggles

  9. QB stream struggles

    As GGL pointed out Hoyer and McCown will likely be playing from behind and passing a lot. So now I'm leaning Hoyer. Any other thoughts?
  10. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    I started Hoyer last week and it paid off big. Mariota is on my roster but I'm hesitant to play him since it's a Monday night game he might not even play in. Who would you start this week out of these options: -Brian Hoyer @ Washington (no Josh Norman) -Siemian vs NYG (no Cromarte) -Keenum vs GB (2 GB secondary players out) -Josh McCown vs NE -Flacco vs Chi -Trubisky @ Baltimore -Bortles -Roll the dice on Mariota (Monday night) vs Indy and pick up Cassel if he doesn't play I'm almost leaning towards Siemian
  11. I dropped Decker weeks ago
  12. Which Defense?

    Both great options. I think Denver's defense vs the gutted and hapless giants this week is a must play
  13. Cooks/2018 4th for Ellington/2018 2nd

    You definitely could use another WR. Giving up Ellington for Cooks is a good deal. But that draft capital next year will hurt. Is Cooks the best you can get? He's usually a boom or bust kind of guy. I'm not the best at trade advice, hopefully someone else knows more.