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  1. Yeah why not.. doubt it would go through
  2. Eli benched

    I'd like to see him go to the Jets with a chip on his shoulder. Would make for good TV and Manning fans could still see him play
  3. Kerryon 4 D. Adams??

    If you're getting Adams yeah for sure
  4. Who are you done with?

    Tight ends in general. Man I should have taken one in the first round.
  5. Need a TE Bad

    Man I started Rudolph week 1, started Graham this week. 2 weeks in, zero TE points but I'm 2-0. Maybe I'll spend my waiver pick on Olsen
  6. Pick one to start ppr this week: M. Sanders @ Atl D. Montgomery @ Denver Crowder @ Cle
  7. Start 2 out of 3 PPR

    Man that is tough. I would go Brown and Moore. I think Cam will get rolling tonight and Moore will be a solid choice. The Giants defense is going to want some revenge after getting demolished by Dak last week so maybe the safe play is Boyd. It would be incredibly hard for me to bench Brown however and I'd roll the dice with him. All 3 probably put up some great numbers
  8. Start or sit Evan's tonight? Pick 2

    I did not even realize Siemian is in! Yikes is right. That drops Crowder and puts in Evans for sure. Thank you
  9. Start Dak or Cam this week??

    Exactly my thoughts. I hope Newton goes off, then I will really be able to play matchups between the two
  10. Ppr. I am actually considering benching Evans. I do think he will be better this week, recovered from whatever illness he had. HOWEVER; it's Thursday and we all know how that goes. I have some pretty decent options as well. As of right now I have Crowder in. So unless you think I should pick some of these guys over Crowder then the choice is between: Evans @ Carolina D. Montgomery @ Den L. Murray @ LAR M. Sanders @ ATL Pettis (probably should have dropped him for Amendola while I had the chance) So add in Crowder vs CLE and pick 2 I suppose
  11. Start Dak or Cam this week??

    I'm down to have a relaxing Thursday night, crack a beer and enjoy the show, wait until Newton gets rolling to put him in. This reminds me that I have Evans. On to another post.
  12. I was offered MAHOMES

    A great deal**
  13. I was offered MAHOMES

    That sounds like a deal if you are deep enough to compete while Reek heals
  14. I'm seeing a lot of buzz around Newton this week, with some even ranking him as high as QB #2. I didn't catch the Panthers game but his numbers weren't good last week. So I'm not really sure why he would be ranked so high other than Tampas awful defense. However Washington's defense isn't very good either and Prescott laid a golden egg of a game last week and looks better than ever. I just don't know how I could sit him. Prescott @ Washington Or Newton vs TB (Tonight) Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated as always