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  1. Very early keeper help

    OBJ, hunt, Gordon
  2. Well that was a manurety choice lol
  3. Milk Carton - Championship Version

    Sanu and R. Matthews PLEASE
  4. Thanks Montana, rolling out Matthews instead of Duke now.
  5. R. Anderson vs LAC R. Matthews vs LAR Duke @ Chi Sanu @ NO Miller vs Pitt
  6. Brady or Rodgers?

    I just read that Rodgers collarbone isn't even completely healed.
  7. Bortles or Mariota?

    Bortles or Mariota? 6pt TD, bonus at 300 yards. I can't believe it has come to this. Mariota @ SF Bortles vs Houston
  8. Pick 2 PPR please! Duke Johnson vs Baltimore L. Miller @ Jacksonville R. Anderson @ NO R. Matthews @ SF Note: I have Jacksonville Defense
  9. Mariota or Taylor?

    I went against y'all and played Mariota. Woot woot!
  10. Mariota or Taylor?

    Who would you pick 6pt tds
  11. Set my lineup

    That's what I have set up right now. Thanks NY
  12. Set my lineup

    So play Doyle in TE and Henry in the flex? Sit Duke
  13. Set my lineup

    I know my WRs are crap but Crabtree is suspended and lost OBJ