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  1. De or Dee at flex?

    Is Washington still the play? im now looking for most upside rather than a safer floor. Winston/hopkins got me off to a bad start...
  2. De or Dee at flex?

    1 PPR DeAndre Washington (@LAC) Deebo Samuel (vs LAR) other options I could slot in at flex: Higbee / Justin Watson / Laird. thanks
  3. J or J / H or H?

    1PPR 6pt TD Jameis Winston (@DET) or Jimmy Garoppolo (ATL)? Hunter Henry (MIN) or Higbee (@DAL)? thanks
  4. Winston or Tanehill

    I’m deciding between Winston or Garoppolo I prefer Tannehill over Garoppolo this week, so does that make my decision easier to go Winston? (Since most of you are torn on Winston/Tannehill)
  5. Start Higbee over Henry?

    Same choice, I was just going to plug in Henry like I normally would... but he’s been so so the past couple weeks, whereas Higbee has been very good the last 2 weeks im staying tuned for feedback
  6. Flex Help (Marvin Jones / Deebo / McCoy)

    1PPR who to slot in a flex: Marvin Jones @MIN Deebo Samuel @NO McCoy @NE other options Brandon Cooks / Sony Michel / Darwin Thompson, but feel less comfortable with these guys.. thanks
  7. Pick one RB of these three to roll with!

    Im going Sony.. Not excited
  8. Pick one RB of these three to roll with!

    Oops, just read non-ppr so maybe not white sorry
  9. Pick one RB of these three to roll with!

    If probably lean white with those choice. im tuned in, I’m deciding between Sony and Murray (I have Kamara going already though)
  10. Cut a QB

    Drafted Mayfield and Winston which hasnt worked out too well.. they had the same bye last week and hung on to both and Had picked up Josh Allen when he was dropped when he had a concussion to cover bye week I don’t want to hold on to all 3, Mayfield looks to be the drop, maybe I’ll wait to see how things look coming off bye mayfield winston John allen who to drop?
  11. Melvin Gordon or Sony Michel

    1 PPR Melvin Gordon vs DEN Sony Michel @WSH Both Favourable matchups Gordon not to get full workload Michel been so far garbage, but Burkhead out can give him more opportunities
  12. Start AB while I can?

    thanks for all the replies I'm still undecided.. not sure how much weight to put on AB news that they will "feed" him to boost his confidence in a new scheme
  13. Start AB while I can?

    1PPR need to start 2 of the following: Antonio Brown @MIA Lockett @PIT Tyrell Willams vs KC John Brown @NYG I currently have AB and Williams slotted, but thinking Lockett or JB over AB would be the safer choice.
  14. Trading WR for TE

    1 PPR - 12 team my WRs (can start 3 max, 2WR + flex) Keenan Allen Antonio Brown AJ Green Tyler Lockett Tyrell Williams John Brown my TE is Graham Trade possibilities: - I can trade for Engram but it will take Keenan or AB - I can trade for Waller / Macdonald / Hooper / Hockenson but would likely require moving one of Green/Lockett/Williams not much on wire (Davis / Jarwin / Witten / Higbee / Uzomah / Eifert) What my best bet thanks