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  1. DT / Baldwin / Amendola.. WDIS - must win week

    ^ thanks with stills active now, i'll likely shy away from amandola down to DT vs Baldwin...
  2. DT / Baldwin / Amendola.. WDIS - must win week

    need to flex 1 of these guys in a must win week 1PPR DT @DEN Baldwin vs LAC Amendola vs NYJ Dalvin cook vs DET (really dont want to go there this week, burned 1 time too many this year) currently have Amendola slotted, just unsure if it's the right play
  3. WDIS Amendola / baldwin / DT

    1PPR Amendola @HOU (tonight with wilson / stills out) Baldwin @DET DT @KC need to start 2 of these guys.. who to start? thanks
  4. Cook or Carson?

    Go Carson, that way 1 of us will get it right
  5. Cook or Carson?

    Same boat, just locked cook into my lineup
  6. Cook tonight or...

    It’s been rough deciding who to start with both my RBs out so far (cook/Fournette), now cook starts and it’s no easier to decide... Easier choices next week I guess still undecided..
  7. Cook tonight or...

    1 PPR Cook tonight or sit him for: Carson @ ari Crowell @ jax
  8. fournette/cook out = RB & flex trouble

    Thanks those are the 2 I have slotted. Hoping grant gets a lot of work with Yeldons ankle issue, not like Carson’s doing much anyways...
  9. fournette/cook out = RB & flex trouble

    With both Fournette and Cook now out, I have slim pickings to cover... I figured 1 of the 2 would play and I started Hyde thursday, but kept crowell on the bench. 1PPR Now I need to start 1 of: - Carson vs DAL - Corey Grant vs TEN Flex options also becomes thin.. - Allison @WSH - OJ Howard vs PIT - the other of Carson / Grant thanks
  10. Carr vs Tyrod

    Need a win, who gives me the best shot? carr vs DEN tyrod @KC Thanks
  11. Need help at FLEX please

    I like Hurns (fournette out + Lee limited this week)
  12. FLEX Henry / Duke / Matthews

    1PPR all in same game Derrick Henry Duke Johnson Rishard Matthews thanks
  13. FLEX Ajayi or Stewart

    Can't risk playing Julio... Carr put up a stinker Thursday, need to get this one right! 1PPR Stewart vs SD Ajayi vs ARI Currently going with Stewart based on matchup
  14. Who should I start at Receiver

    Brown Cooper
  15. HELP a ninja out

    I'd go Tate/Gates. I think Tate is the easier choice at WR, For TE, I dont think you can make a bad choice, they'll likely end up close