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  1. Stdeelers D/ST TD taken away on ESPN?

    Gotcha thanks
  2. Looked this morning and it appears the punt return touchdown was taken away this morning? Anybody have any idea what happened there? Thanks in advance.
  3. Team is in signature, only allowed to carry 5 RB's. Will Ty Johnson get the chance to be the guy in Detroit? Nagy is driving me nuts...
  4. MASSIVE Trade.... How'd I do?

    Looks like you did great, only thing I would do now is drop a defense or two and pick up another RB or WR off the wire, or grab handcuffs for Saquon and Bell. But you definitely set yourself up for future success.
  5. Sitting here at 5-1 and I have been decently streaming D/ST's for the season, but looking head to potentially lock up a good one with a favorable playoff schedule. Right now I have the Panther's, who are on their bye, and there are a few options on the ww that could have potential. In no particular order: Rams, Eagles, Jets, Steelers, & Texans. Anybody have any thoughts on ROS and playoff projections? I am projected to win even without a D/ST this week, so not really worried about this week, more so moving forward and the playoffs. I like the Steelers, even though they are on their bye, because next week they get Miami and their playoff schedule is not too bad with Arizona, Buffalo, and the Jets. Between now and then the only good offenses they play against are Indy and the Rams, while they get the Browns twice and the Bengals. Anyway appreciate your thoughts on the matter.
  6. Giants vs Patriots (TNF)

    Laces out Marino!
  7. Is this trade good???

    I would keep Mixon, without him you are very thin at RB.
  8. Who is the better cuff to stash?

    Who are your other RB's? If Penny is the only one you are considering dropping then I would do it for Mattison, but you might have a better candidate. Cook is more valuable than Carson and Mattison would be his full time replacement so I would put more value on Mattison than Penny at this point.
  9. Trade Alert! Zeke+ for MG+ WHIR

    I agree, but the catches that Gordon will get even it out a little in ppr and Waller is killing it. Just my two cents.
  10. My Biggest Trade Opinion?

    Doubt that is enough for the K. Allen, but you might snag a top 5-ish receiver if the team needs depth. I understand the want for a true number 1 receiver (as a Thielen owner myself), so I think offering DJ (maybe plus Thielen) for T. Hill or something might work.
  11. My Biggest Trade Opinion?

    I would stay put, I would rather have Kamara than a combo of DJ and Freeman with Allen. If you didn't have Lockett I might feel different, but if its me I am staying put.
  12. Trade Alert! Zeke+ for MG+ WHIR

    It's tempting, but if LAC's use of Ekeler is any indication of how they intend to use Gordon I would just keep him. Ekeler has no less than 5 catches in each of the first 4 games this year, plus he is averaging 14 carries a game.
  13. Honestly your team looks good as is, but you could take the trade and then flip one of your RB's for a WR.
  14. I would do it, just have to realize that you next 2 weeks are going to be rough as K. Johnson and D. Montgomery each have their bye weeks, so you will have to start Burkhead or Singletary (whichever one is healthy I guess) and hope for the best. That's really the only downside to the trade, but once Saquon is back you should be set.
  15. Who would you trade for?

    As a Cook owner I turned down M. Thomas this week... Maybe a combo of M. Thomas and Gore/Breida would tempt me, but even then I would have to think about it.