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  1. Snowing in KC

    Normally, 100% yeah. Was just figuring Denver would get super conservative and run the ball a ton. Low probability for turnovers if they slow the game down a ton. Rolling with KC either way now, good luck to everyone today!
  2. Snowing in KC

    Doesn’t look like a lot of wind. Similar to the GB/NYG a couple weeks ago where Rodgers tore them up. Just more accumulation today. Rolling with Hill and KC! Thanks.
  3. Snowing in KC

    Supposed to get significant snow. Would you consider either of the following... 1) Benching KC Defense and starting either SEA in Carolina or GB home against Chicago? I’d worry Broncos just going to pound the run and that’s where KC struggles a bit. 2) Benching Tyreke for McLaurin? Highly doubt it, just curious what y’all think.
  4. Would you play any of these guys over MG in a tough matchup vs Vikings? Full PPR Laird @ Giants Ronald Jones vs DET McLaurin vs PHI Deandre Washington vs JAX I don’t think so, but maybe is Jacobs sits for Raiders I play Washington?
  5. Looking Ahead - WK15 Defense

    Thanks, Fellas.
  6. I’m on 1st round bye so trying to plan ahead... Who do you like, KC home against Denver or GB home against Chicago?
  7. Running Back Situation

    I’d take Jonathan Williams over Jordan Howard. I’d probably also want Drake in PPR over Howard too. Howard is very TD dependent, that offense is struggling and they even signed Ajayi who is the same skill set.
  8. Penny for your thoughts

    I don’t know if I’d outright bench Carson and go all in with Penny. I think they’ll likely split time. Who are your other RB options?
  9. Which of these matchups would you prefer? Jets (vs Steelers) Colts (vs Panthers) Seahawks (Cardinals)
  10. PPR Flex Pick 1

    Assuming Emmanuel Sanders plays, would you start Bo Scarbrough or Russell Gage? Bo seems obvious and higher in all rankings I see, but Gage (ATL vs TB) has a great matchup and it’s full point PRR. Figure he’ll see decent targets with Hooper still out.
  11. Thoughts on Njoku?

    I’ve got Ertz, but would it be worth dropping Mike Williams to stash Njoku as insurance? I’d have Thomas, Tyreek, Emmanuel Sanders, McLaurin and Hardman heading into playoffs as my WRs. Would only start Williams as doomsday scenario.
  12. Ekeler ( vs KC) or Emmanuel Sanders (vs AZ) in full PPR?
  13. Evaluate my trade

    It depends on how much of an upgrade Chark is for you over existing WRs. I think Mixon is underrated down the stretch with good matchups too.
  14. Full PPR, obviously a bit concerned with Sanders rib injury and Ekeler has a plus matchup against K.C.
  15. Start 3 RB Half-PPR

    Coleman (Breida is hurt) Jacobs Chubb