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  1. Missing Threads Again

    We should just clutter the main board. That will get their attention!
  2. Test thread #1

  3. Good posting. Thoughts on Sutton?
  4. changing the franchise tag system

    I think a new forum makes sense.
  5. Pats supposedly wanted to move up for...

    Yeah, I guess I just don’t agree with the consensus. Mayfield is the most accurate, has a strong arm and has worked hard for everything he’s accomplished. Seems to have that moxie that elite players have too. I’m not touching Darnold in any format.
  6. Pats supposedly wanted to move up for...

    Mayfield gonna lift CLE to nee Heights! It’s a new era in CLE, congrats Browns fans! Why do so many experts and fantasy people think Darnold and Rosen have higher floors? That doesn’t compute with me. Mayfield is the ONLY QB in this class that has a chance to be elite, imo. Weird that 1 inch is soooo critical in many peoples eyes.
  7. One song

    Hey Baby - J.J. Cale
  8. One song

    Alligator - Grateful Dead
  9. One song

    Dundrets Fröjder - Samla Mammas Manna
  10. General Rookie Chatter

    Been there, done that
  11. General Rookie Chatter

    Yeah? What is the bar you set? I personally think the Wonderlic doesn’t really tell you much. Plenty of guys with high scores who did nothing. It goes both ways. In the case of Mayfield, 25 tells me nothing
  12. Bears shopping Jordan Howard?

    I like Howard a lot, seems like a silly move for the Bears. As D3 mentions, he was getting better at catching, he's certainly not awful at it. They got such a bargain on Howard... those are the types of players you keep... they 'won' on that draft pick, why trade him to then have to 'guess' who will be good and waste a higher draft pick? Sometimes these GMs just try to outsmart themselves. When your 5th round pick becomes a top 5 at his position, you KEEP THAT GUY!! Cohen can be the receiving back.
  13. One song

    Apparently - J. Cole
  14. One song

    Fluffhead - Phish
  15. General Rookie Chatter

    Yeah, not overly concerning. There have been plenty of great QBs with scores in the teens and plenty of bad QBs with scores in the 30s/40s.