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  1. Tyreek Hill again...

    Why can't I get this image to work?
  2. Mason Rudolph

    That was tough to watch.
  3. oak vs chi

    I was thinking the same thing as I was watching it! Go Bears!
  4. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    Sanity is basically Conformity Sorry for the off topic post. The above link is to my song that has the lyric "Sanity is basically Conformity".
  5. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    Yep! Wait, what’s your point?
  6. Barkley eyeing October 10th return

    Hmmm. I just read every post in this thread and didn’t see anyone call the Giants idiots.
  7. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    How are you so certain? Also, you’re kind of proving my point with relation to my song lyric. Because AB is not conforming to how YOU (and many others) think he should obviously be acting, you and many others question his sanity. You don’t know anything about AB other than what you have read yet y’all are CERTAIN he’s insane or has CTE. Like I said, “sanity is basically conformity“.
  8. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    Why act rationale if you don’t like what’s going on? The lawyers want him to act a certain way so they can accomplish their objectives. If AB doesn’t have the same objectives why should he cooperate? I’m just saying that from his perspective why should he make it easier on them if they’re doing things and asking him questions he doesn’t want to answer? I suppose I’d probably act in a similar manner.
  9. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    Sanity is basically conformity. I wrote that in one of my songs. It seems like AB is sick and tired of conforming the rules and behavior expected of him. I don't know anything about law or depositions. I've been fortunate to have avoided courtrooms and law suits. From a pure human standpoint, however, are you required to answer questions asked of you? No is my answer. If I don't like the questions being asked, regardless of 'why' I don't like them, then I would simply refuse to answer. Right or wrong, seems like he is choosing his own path as destructive as it seems to us on the outside. He clearly is done in the NFL at this point and unless he scales his rebellion way back, he will never return. Seems like he is fine with that. My dynasty teams could use him but we have moved on.
  10. Barkley eyeing October 10th return

    If he does play Thursday, it seems silly by the Giants to hold him out this week. If he's not healthy enough Sunday, then how is he healthy enough 4 days later? Couple that with the fact that he gets 10 days between Week 6 and 7. Just seems like odd timing. The minute or so clip of Saquad warming up with the team looked like a man who was 100% but what do I know? I'm just saying, if he can't play this week, then they should hold him out next week and get another 10 days.
  11. Trade Faberge / Berlin

    I would like to put Allen Robinson in my starting lineup this week over Dare Ogunbowale, so please process this request before Sunday.
  12. Trade Faberge / Berlin

  13. FA: R Tonyan TE

  14. LLD FA:Bid Dare Ogunbowale RB TB

    1 year.
  15. LLD FA:Bid Dare Ogunbowale RB TB