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  1. when do we draft?!

    I’ve been offline since 1/23. Still offline for another 4 weeks. Please wait for me. I’m at a trauma treatment center. Only 15 minutes of internet a week. Please pass along
  2. 2020 Season Paid Status

    I just paid for the 2020 season using my LS balance.
  3. LLD 2019 Payouts

    If it’s not too late, please hold back league dues for 2020 from my winnings! Thanks.
  4. LLD Playoffs 2019

    Thanks dudes. I’m pretty awesome
  5. LLD 2019 Payouts

    I’ve never liked weekly dues. I would vote to remove that payout. WE PLAY TO WIN THE GAMES!
  6. LLD FA bid Ryan Griffin, TE, NYJ

    2 years please
  7. Happy Thanksgiving

    Thanks MonkeyOne! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
  8. FA Bid : Hollister, Jacob SEA TE

    2 years please
  9. LLD TRADE: Faberge Legg Warmers & Oddjob’s Hats

    Please put Hooper in my starting lineup. Busy weekend ahead was hoping to set my lineup tonight.
  10. OddJob's Hats will give: Allen, Kyle CAR QB Hooper, Austin ATL TE Fabergé Legg Warmers give: Engram, Evan NYG TE Yup