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  1. 2019 Intentions etc - Please Read

    I will be returning next season.
  2. Congratulations to Brent: 2018 LLD Champion

    Thanks, fellas. It feels great to finally get my first Championship!!
  3. 2018 LLD PLAYOFFS !!!!!!!

  4. Everyone Available to Trade

    Offer sent.
  5. 2018 LLD PLAYOFFS !!!!!!!

    This is a TIGHT race.
  6. 2018 LLD Playoffs - Early Look

    Just think if you had OBJ. Oh wait.
  7. 2018 LLD PLAYOFFS !!!!!!!

    Every offseason I look at Mr. Big’s team and think... “he won’t be relevant THIS season”. And every year comes and he’s one of the top teams. @LordOpie - you are truly the BEST dynasty owner I have ever witnessed. It’s truly remarkable how you’re able to churn your rosters every year into winning teams. You are a MASTER at trading and managing a dynasty team. Hats off to you, dude!!
  8. 2018 LLD PLAYOFFS !!!!!!!

    Way to sort it by points descending!!
  9. 2018 LLD PLAYOFFS !!!!!!!

    This is when the intensity builds for the remaining 6 teams and everyone else couldn't care less! Go Legg Warmers!
  10. 2018 LLD Playoffs - Early Look

    Monkey is gonna be hard to defeat!!
  11. LLD 2018 Skins

    So Monkey has 6/9 skins!!? Wow.
  12. LLD2: 2018 Chat

    I forgot to hit submit on my lineup. I got lucky.
  13. Octoskins STATUS

    I posed a thread in the "find a league' forum. On the MFL site, it shows Matthew B as owner.... @berlin - did you already find a replacement? My thread
  14. Our 'Live and Let Dy' dynasty league, filled with Huddle forum legends such as myself, LordOpie, berlin, Panhead, Electricrelish and the list goes on... We're in need of a last minute replacement. This league has been in existence for at least 10 years IIRC and is a strong group of owners and people. If you're interested, send me a PM. Team is assembled and I believe paid for ($50 each year), so just bring your dynasty building skillz.
  15. Thanks for the reminder!