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  1. Trade Opie and Brent - Processed

  2. 2020 LLD revised schedule - We being now

    Can someone update the Championship banners/plaques on the home page for 2018 and 2019? I worked so hard to wi. Back-to-back!!
  3. Please help find

    Welcome dude!
  4. who's returning?

    I have never helped but I have little desire to help commish. I’m very much fed up with the NFL and derive very little fun with FF these days. I used to live and breathe this stuff but the NFL is getting tiresome. They got too greedy and controlling too fast and I think many fans have my attitude now. Wish I had more in the tank but I’m running on empty. I do appreciate all of you who run the league.
  5. 2020 LLD MFL has been setup

    Thanks Muto!
  6. who's returning?

  7. when do we draft?!

    I’ve been offline since 1/23. Still offline for another 4 weeks. Please wait for me. I’m at a trauma treatment center. Only 15 minutes of internet a week. Please pass along
  8. 2020 Season Paid Status

    I just paid for the 2020 season using my LS balance.
  9. LLD 2019 Payouts

    If it’s not too late, please hold back league dues for 2020 from my winnings! Thanks.
  10. LLD Playoffs 2019

    Thanks dudes. I’m pretty awesome
  11. LLD 2019 Payouts

    I’ve never liked weekly dues. I would vote to remove that payout. WE PLAY TO WIN THE GAMES!
  12. LLD FA bid Ryan Griffin, TE, NYJ

    2 years please
  13. Happy Thanksgiving

    Thanks MonkeyOne! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
  14. I did a search and didn't see anything. Did we adjust these tiers for the victor point scoring? 5.4.3 Victory Points (VP's) High Scores Additional Weekly VP's distribution for the total high scores for the week is divided into a 3-bucket tier with the top 5 weekly team scores receiving 2 VP's, the middle 6 weekly scoring teams receiving 1 VP and the lowest scoring 5 teams receive 0 VP's. Detailed breakdown is below. Top point scoring team - 2 VP's No.2 point scoring team - 2 VP's No.3 point scoring team - 2 VP's No.4 point scoring team - 2 VP's No.5 point scoring team - 2 VP No.6 point scoring team - 1 VP No.7 point scoring team - 1 VP No.8 point scoring team - 1 VP No.9 point scoring team - 1 VP No.10 point scoring team - 1 VP No.11 point scoring team - 1 VP No.12 point scoring team - 0 VP No.13 point scoring team - 0 VP No.14 point scoring team - 0 VP No.15 point scoring team - 0 VP No.16 point scoring team - 0 VP
  15. FA Bid : Hollister, Jacob SEA TE

    2 years please
  16. OddJob's Hats will give: Allen, Kyle CAR QB Hooper, Austin ATL TE Fabergé Legg Warmers give: Engram, Evan NYG TE Yup
  17. LLD TRADE: Faberge Legg Warmers & Oddjob’s Hats

    Please put Hooper in my starting lineup. Busy weekend ahead was hoping to set my lineup tonight.
  18. Thanks Henry! I just wanted to make sure that the tiers got adjusted and it seems they did. My concern was that the top or bottom tier was going to be heavy because we didn’t readjust it but that’s not the case. All good here, thanks!