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  1. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    FYI, I am going camping today and will be offline until Monday afternoon. Have a safe and fun weekend everyone!
  2. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    I’ll take: Marvin Jones DET WR – 2 years
  3. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    I gotcha bro. I’m going to see Troy next weekend and will pass on your good vibes to him.
  4. **OFFICIAL**LIVE **Dispersal Draft

    Thanks to everyone for understanding. My good friend Troy (DB5) is battling the late stages of cancer. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. He is such a good dude. All of you would love talking football with him over a beer or 10. He’s one of the smartest and coolest dudes I know.
  5. POLL VOTE - Add a 1 round devy draft to LLD

    Voted no at this time but totally open to devy in the future. Just think we need to stabilize before adding more layers.
  6. POLL VOTE - League Contraction 16-14 teams

    Voted. I’m totally fine moving to 14 since we clearly struggle keeping 16 consistent owners. I don’t think option 1 is really fair though because of the unbalanced allotment of rookie picks. Those rookie picks are traded throughout the season based on the pool of rookie players only and some off those trades wouldn’t have occurred knowing a Joe Mixon (for instance) would be an available asset. Option 2 seems like the only fair option should we all agree to move to 14. I appreciate all the work you’re doing to keep the league going!
  7. New Owner

    What up, Bill?! Glad to have you in the league. You joined just in time to see my team capture its 2nd consecutive Championship. It will be exciting to witness.
  8. Why can't I see if you're online or not? I'm really not "into" you.

  9. A n00b question

    That avatar is Oprahed up man.
  10. I had Portis and decided to cut my losses early with him this season. Also, our league rewards double if your RB receives a TD. I just don't trust Gibbs and his shaky offense, plus I kinda think Portis is gonna get hurt from over use. I don't wish it, but I have a feeling.
  11. Shipp vs. Mewelde

    This league rewards double points for non traditional TDs, like if M. Moore catches a TD it is 12 points. Does anyone think Moore will start this week, or at the very least split time with Moe if Bennett is officially on the bench?
  12. Drop Randle El or B. LLoyd for Engram?

    I would simply because Engram is more consistent.......right now. If you get points per reception, I say definitely and drop Randle El.
  13. I just pulled the trigger on a trade

    Great minds think alike
  14. Who to Start? Rudi or Caddie

    Caddy. That being said, this has that perfect setup for the exact opposite.
  15. I just pulled the trigger on a trade

    Yeah, thanks for the input. We don't get PPR, but with the receiving TD, I think it ups his value a bit since Clinton gets hardly any receptions in WAS. I was kinda hype(from a value aspect) on Ahman going into the season, in fact I took him over Westbrook in my BOTH league. We'll see, only time will tell, but now I have him in 2 leagues. I think Javon going down only helps his chances.
  16. Palmer for Gonzo?

    Can you trade Bulger instead? Keep Palmer/C.J.
  17. Portis for Green?

    Scoring is in my sig line below. Our league rewards 12 pts if a RB receives a TD. Plus, I think Joe Gibbs sucks and therefor Portis will suck the rest of the year. I think Green has more value in this league. Whatchya think?
  18. Portis for Green?

    So you also think at the end of the year Green will have more points than Portis?
  19. What happends if?

    An even bigger question? How do you spell happen(d)?
  20. Portis for Green?

    Please, some love?
  21. Shipp vs. Mewelde

    A little love.
  22. Marcel Shipp

    Me too, I'm dropping Mewelde Moore for Shipp.
  23. One year later....

    Larry Johnson?
  24. CBS Sportsline: No stats from DAL-WASH game

    No stats for me either. Also, there is no message reassuring our league that they are on top of it. How hard can it be to update the stats? This should be taken care of by now.
  25. Wash has no clue how to use Portis

    I knew I should've went Julus Jones-Moss/Owens instead of J.J./Portis for my first 2 rounds in my big money league. I really believed Gibbs when he said their blocking schemes were changed to suit Portis' running style.