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  1. mediocre WR's..

    Boldin for sure. Bryant - I'm not worried about Frisman or Braylon. I think Bryant will be the man this year for Cleveland, well as much as he can be on a shytty team I'm a former Johnson owner so I'd avoid him and roll the dice with...... with............................ with......................................... I don't know. Fergi, Curtis or Johnson. Take your pick. All logic points to Johnson I guess SYS, but is he really a stud with no offensive line and one good year? These are all things you already know. Good luck.
  2. Leave him in...

    Ouch. Zinger.
  3. Leave him in...

    This is an incredibly funny post.
  4. Jake Plummer

    I wonder if his dik has sideburns
  5. Bears RB's

    Wow, that's a toughy. I'd go with Jones now while he has value and based on last week, Brown/Henry had a 50-50 split. But, on the other hand, Henry is suffering from tt and may be more limited. Oprah, I don't know, glad it's not my problem.
  6. Bears RB's

    The speculation I'm hearing/reading is that Benson could see 7-10 carries this week. Sounds like he's still getting familiar with the playbook, but they feel comfortable with his pass blocking.
  7. Willie Parker in 2005 is Equal

    Can you get me a job?
  8. Willie Parker in 2005 is Equal

    Did Priest really go undrafted? I did not know that.
  9. Atlanta player fined!

    If it was a clean hit, he wouldn't have been fined. Duh....
  10. Jake Plummer

    Darn, that was quick, thanks.
  11. Jake Plummer

    I was gonna post this the other day but got sidetracked. It's the funniest pic I've seen in awhile excluding the white businessman portraying...... (who was that?)
  12. Willie Parker in 2005 is Equal

    No, I wasn't angry at all, just very very confused.
  13. Willie Parker in 2005 is Equal

    Yeah, but what about Jesus? Seriously, I'm confused.
  14. Willie Parker in 2005 is Equal

    That's about the third time you've said this to me. What does Jesus have to do with anything? Are you a minister or something trying to give me positive reinforcement?
  15. I needed to look no further than WAS being ranked 1 for QB points allowed. 1 being the most points allowed.
  16. DeAngelo Hall vs. T.O.

    Right, it also didn't hurt that Hall was allowed to mug Owens on several plays. Owens was apparently perceived as Shaq by the refs in that game.
  17. Jaguars at Colts

    So this begs the question: Who will be guarding Williams and Jones? Dungy's 14 year old son?
  18. Willie Parker in 2005 is Equal

    Jeez dude, I smoke as much Josh Gordon as anyone and even I can remember it was last year Q had his big game.
  19. Meadowlands

    Does anyone know how the 2 monday night games will be aired? I realize they start at different times, but won't there be an overlap? And if so, will they be on two different networks?
  20. Starting RBs

    Edge and Green.
  21. Various positions help please!

    Ok, I'll do the same and highlight who I think you should start. Also, I will assume by the number of WRs you have that 2 will start. QB: IMO, KC will try to keep Moss off the field by running a lot, therefore I like Collins. Plus, I expect OAK to be playing from behind in the 2nd half. Trent Green vs. OAK Big Ben vs. HOU Kerry Collins vs. KC Tom Brady vs. CAR RB: If you get points for receptions, I'd consider replacing Lewis with Westbrook Willie Parker vs. HOU Jamal Lewis vs. TEN Julius Jones vs. WAS Brian Westbrook vs. SF WR: No brainer IMO. Derrick Mason vs. TEN Terrell Owens vs. SF Keenan McCardell vs. DEN Larry Fitzgerald vs. STL Randy Moss vs. KC TE: I expect NYJ to play good defense and as a result, Frerotte will be dumping off. Chris Baker vs. MIA Marcus Pollard vs. CHI Randy McMichael vs. NYJ Edit: for color coding.
  22. FA WRs

    Right now, Engram. It's close, but with Gardner in CAR, Engram is the more sure bet.
  23. Trade advice

    How many teams are in the league? How many WRs do you start? I'll assume 2 RBs, but is there a flex position where you can start 3 RBs? I need all these questions answered for a full analysis.