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  1. One song

    Alligator - Grateful Dead
  2. One song

    Dundrets Fröjder - Samla Mammas Manna
  3. General Rookie Chatter

    Been there, done that
  4. General Rookie Chatter

    Yeah? What is the bar you set? I personally think the Wonderlic doesn’t really tell you much. Plenty of guys with high scores who did nothing. It goes both ways. In the case of Mayfield, 25 tells me nothing
  5. Bears shopping Jordan Howard?

    I like Howard a lot, seems like a silly move for the Bears. As D3 mentions, he was getting better at catching, he's certainly not awful at it. They got such a bargain on Howard... those are the types of players you keep... they 'won' on that draft pick, why trade him to then have to 'guess' who will be good and waste a higher draft pick? Sometimes these GMs just try to outsmart themselves. When your 5th round pick becomes a top 5 at his position, you KEEP THAT GUY!! Cohen can be the receiving back.
  6. One song

    Apparently - J. Cole
  7. One song

    Fluffhead - Phish
  8. General Rookie Chatter

    Yeah, not overly concerning. There have been plenty of great QBs with scores in the teens and plenty of bad QBs with scores in the 30s/40s.
  9. General Rookie Chatter

    I also like Mayfield a lot, think he’s the only QB worth the 1.01. Will be interesting to see where he goes and what spot.
  10. One song

    Alcohol - The Kinks
  11. General Rookie Chatter

    I like the RBs this year. LOVE Barkley, I think he has the highest ceiling of any RB that has come out in the last 5-10 years. Kerryon Johnson, Royce Freeman and Rashaad Penny all intrigue me. I like Justin Jackson as a sleeper but his size could limit him. I'm probably higher on Chubb than most, I think he's recovered well from his injury. I'm probably lower on Guice than most as I don't see what others are. Need to watch more of Ronald Jones and Sony Michel as well, since I'm not seeing the hype here either.
  12. OBJ trade?

    There is a 0% chance the Pats trade 2 firsts for a headache in OBJ. 0%.
  13. I think Gurley bounces back and is a good value

    Just giving you poop.
  14. Dalvin Cook expectations?

    The top 4 rookie RBs are gone by end of round 3. If you want one, you're gonna have to invest a 2nd or 3rd round pick.
  15. I think Gurley bounces back and is a good value

    Isn't this the Gurley thread?
  16. Cameron Meredith

    I was only pointing out that Meredith isn't really going that late. I have Meredith on at least one of those teams. I think he's a good value play. Would prefer him more with Trubisky.
  17. Cameron Meredith

    He's consistently going in rounds 6-8 in the 6 high stakes drafts I've done.
  18. Cameron Meredith

    You didn't even know he was and you're also saying he's not a sleeper? I'm confused.
  19. Huddle Message Board Leagues

    I miss seeing you around! How ya been?
  20. Huddle Message Board Leagues

    Yep. That's it.
  21. Huddle Message Board Leagues

    Is that where huddle message boarders essentially go against other forums? I remember doing that the first few years. I remember me and my boy Electricrelish taking care of business. Maybe Opie was in there too? Memory ain't so good these days.
  22. Keeper Advice Needed

    Wrong forum but Diggs for me
  23. I got him for $1 in DAD!!
  24. Is Joe Mixon the only truly elite rookie running back?

    Fair enough. I appreciate the discussion. I think CMC will get way more than 150 rushes once he's the starter. That's a really low number for a top 8 NFL pick. He averaged 22 rushes per game in college plus receptions and P/K return duties. I understand college < > NFL, but CMC THRIVED as a between-the-tackles runner in college. I think the Panthers drafted him with similar expectations.
  25. Is Joe Mixon the only truly elite rookie running back?

    Rookie RBs are rarely good at pass pro and CMC was good enough in college and just like all rookies, he will improve in this area. CMC may serve as a backup this season and I'm hyping him as a dynasty prospect more than redraft. That said, I still expect CMC to be fantasy relevant in 2017. It might not happen until week 6 or 8... but I think he's so good they won't be able to keep him off the field. I think the projections of him being a gadget player or slot WR are way off. He is going to be an every down RB in the NFL.