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  1. Man with the golden gate Ginn roster - PROCESSED

    Nothing to hash out when it’s in the rules. Consistency is key. If it’s in the rules, penalties need to be assessed unfortunately.
  2. Man with the golden gate Ginn roster - PROCESSED

    We need to make sure penalties are assessed per the rules.

    This country is the most divided I've seen it in my 46 years of living. I don't understand what happened last night though to trigger this response.
  4. NEW CONTRACTS: Brady, Tom TBB QB - 1 Shepard, Sterling NYG WR - 2 Howard, O.J. TBB TE - 5 Gonzalez, Zane ARI PK - 1 Gould, Robbie SFO PK - 1 Colts, Indianapolis IND Def - 1 Eagles, Philadelphia PHI Def - 1 TOTAL CONTRACT YEARS (full active roster): 48 TAXI SQUAD: Penny, Rashaad SEA RB - TS Hurd, Jalen SFO WR - TS Mooney, Darnell CHI WR (R) - TS Watkins, Quez PHI WR (R) - TS Mack, Alize FA TE - TS TOTAL TAXI SQUAD PLAYERS: 5 CUTS: Ogunbowale, Dare TBB RB - cut no contract
  5. Covid proposal

    Works for me
  6. Covid and IR

    A really forward thinking gentleman from this league started this discussion awhile back
  7. Scaramanga | KenB gives: Year 2020 Draft Pick 4.12 Year 2020 Draft Pick 5.12 Fabergé Legg Warmers | Brentastic-gives: $3LLD
  8. 2020 LLD Draft commentary

    Nice pick!
  9. 2020 LLD Draft commentary

    Of course @LordOpie poached my guy, Kirk Merritt. Probably didn’t know who he was until I drafted him in DAD
  10. 2020 LLD Draft commentary

    I'm buying picks if anyone is selling.
  11. 1.03 OTB

    Offer sent
  12. If any of you want to get some extra cash Inwill buy your late round picks. I have no draft picks this year so it would be fun to get a few picks in the later rounds.
  13. We should start a discussion about what we will do with contracts etc should there be no 2020 season. I personally think we should have the option to count and not count contract years. In other words, say someone on your roster has 1 year remaining (RFA in 2021). If there is no season in 2020 I think owners should have the option of letting the 1 year go or not. Same with all contract years. 5 stays 5 OR goes to 4 next year, owner's decision. I'm just brainstorming but I think we should have a plan NOW before we lock in contracts and finalize our rosters etc... Better to be prepared than not. I'm not married to that idea but I can see scenarios where fairness of a lost year comes into question so I think we should be prepared and have a plan that has been voted on before it gets too late.
  14. Fabergé Legg Warmers | Brentastic gives: Year 2020 Draft Pick 1.14 $45 LLD OddJob's Hats | MonkeyOne Gives: Engram, Evan NYG TE Accept
  15. Discussion if no season in 2020

    Break league into 2 tiers based on last year’s standings and do random draw. If you’re a bottom 7 team you’re guaranteed a top 7 pick etc...
  16. Discussion if no season in 2020

    Well sure. Even if I didn’t have low picks I wouldn’t be in favor.
  17. Discussion if no season in 2020

    I think for rookie draft we should dice roll or something. I would not be in favor of keeping same order.
  18. RFA Bid: SMITH, JONNU TEN TE - Dr Julius No Matched

    Dammit. I actually wanted him. I got a laugh response on my last offer but I wasn't trying to drive up price, I actually wanted Jonnu.
  19. I'll match for the GOAT.