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  1. Start one receiver and flex one .5pt PPR Juju vs NE Hill vs LAC DJ vs ATL
  2. Fournette @ Tennessee David Johnson vs Detroit .5pt PPR I’m torn between the two. Who would you start and why?
  3. Bare with me here My team is playoff bound and I have my playoff roster set, including Greg Zuerlein at kicker and Denver D/ST. I’m currently streaming defenses due to Denver’s tough schedule. So I need a kicker this week and a D/ST. I don’t want to drop Greg the Leg for a bye week filler, would you just take the chance on Denver’s D/ST and drop my current D/St for a kicker or would you drop Greg the Leg and stream a d/st and kicker
  4. Juju or Fournette

    Starting RBs and WRs for this week are Gordon vs Denver DJ vs Oakland Michael Thomas vs Philadelphia Hill vs LAR
  5. Juju or Fournette

    Who do I flex .5 pt PPR and why? Juju vs Jacksonville Fournette vs Pittsburgh
  6. Trade Sony and Kupp for Kelce

    Yeah that’s how I normally work on trades. My original offer was Chubb and Fitz lol
  7. Trade Sony and Kupp for Kelce

    Yeah Kelce is his best player, he’s battling for a playoff spot currently and wants a package to help push him in
  8. Looking to round out my roster for the playoffs. Currently have Burton at TE and looking to upgrade. Would you trade Sony and Kupp for Kelce with my roster looking like: RBs: Gordon, Fournette, DJ, Chubb, Ekler WRs: M.Thomas, Hill, Juju, Fitz
  9. I’m fortunate this week to have a lot of options. Need 1 RB 1 WR and 1 FLEX, who are you going with Kupp vs Seattle Juju vs Carolina Hill vs Arizona DJ vs Kansas City Sony vs Tennessee Chubb vs Atlanta
  10. So I’m in first in my division but I would be 3rd in the other division. Trying to add one more piece to the puzzle before the playoffs. I’m trying to acquire Zeke for Tyreek Hill and possibly another player. My leaguemates think it’s unfair to deal with the last place team at this point because he is so far behind. What would you do?
  11. Michael Thomas and David Johnson for Zeke

    Its a 10 team league and I’ve tried capitalizing on some of my blow up games and dud games from others. Just feeling concerned about the injuries and question marks regarding my RBs
  12. .5 pt PPR, feeling the need to have a stack at running back more than wide receiver. Thinking of offering Michael Thomas and David Johnson for Ezekiel Elliot. Would you offer it? Current RBs: Melvin Gordon, Nick Chubb, Leonard Fournette, David Johnson, Leveon Bell, Austin Ekler Current WRs: Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, Juju Smith-Schuster, Cooper Kupp, Larry Fitzgerald, Demaryius Thomas
  13. Fantasy Football Code Problems

    We don’t do veto trades in this league because we believe if two people are making the deal then it shouldn’t matter what the deal is. I just feel kinda guilty for taking advantage of him lol
  14. So here’s my dilemma. I’m in a 10 team .5pt PPR league with my buddies, my dad and brother. One of my buddies in the league is a first timer and is really having a hard time and continues to offer me trades that would clearly benefit me and I turn them down because I don’t want to take advantage of him. He just offered me Michael Thomas for Sammy Watkins. What do you do? Do you continue being nice and deny unfair trades or do you take advantage of the offer and take the deal? PS: Lots of bragging rights on the line between my brother, dad and myself
  15. Trade Ingram for DJ?

    That’s my concern. I like the redzone carries Ingram gets