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  1. Should I trade Kupp for Fitzgerald? Ppr

    Care to help me out with my Fitz trade?
  2. Should I trade Kupp for Fitzgerald? Ppr

    I like Kupp a lot, always finds a way to get a touchdown. Id try and deal someone else for Fitz
  3. How to fix my horrifyingly putrid team?

    Care to help me out
  4. How to fix my horrifyingly putrid team?

    I don’t think your team is that bad, maybe just some bad luck. If you’re looking to make any moves though, you’re pretty set a WR. I would try and find a deal with Julio and see what you can land.
  5. So the Fitz owner is panicking and I like the potential of Rosen-Fitzgerald. He wants Watkins for Fitz. I, at first glance, would do that in a heart beat. But I have Mahomes, Hill and Watkins so I like the combo and it makes it hard to give up Watkins. Would you do Watkins for Fitz? .5 pt PPR My receivers are Hill, Juju, D. Thomas, Kupp, Anderson, Baldwin and Watkins
  6. D.Thomas for DJ

    My running backs are Melvin Gordon, Fournette, Hyde, Ingram and Cohen My wide receivers are Hill, D. Thomas, Juju, Baldwin, Kupp, Anderson, Watkins Probably shouldn’t be hitting it but I’m leaning towards the panic button on Fournette and thinking about sending a trade that includes D. Thomas for David Johnson. .5 pt PPR. Thoughts? Ps: I’m 2-0 but have leaned on the combo of Hill and Mahomes to carry me to victory. Thinking it can’t last forever and freaking out lol
  7. Hyde trade

    Trying to take advantage of Hyde’s value after back to back games with a touchdown. First off, would you deal him? Second, thinking of offering Hyde and maybe Kupp or Baldwin for Dalvin Cook. Would you do that trade? My running backs: Gordon, Fournette, Hyde, Ingram, Cohen My receivers: Hill, D. Thomas, Juju, Baldwin, Anderson, Kupp, Watkins .5 pt PPR
  8. Blockbuster trade offered to me

    Team A 100%. The biggest piece is Kamara there and getting him is huge!
  9. Thomas against Baltimore or Hyde against Jets? My other options are Kupp, Watkins, R. Anderson, Cohen
  10. Cohen for Williams

    .5 pt PPR my RBs are Gordon, Fournette, Ingram, Hyde, Cohen. Trying to trade for better depth. Would you do Cohen for Jamaal Williams?
  11. Penny is really scaring me and someone just dropped Watkins. Should I pick up Watkins for Penny? my bench is Penny, Ingram, Cohen, R. Anderson, Baldwin, Kupp, Hyde
  12. Josh Gordon for Rashad Penny

    You do make a really good point. As soon I read this I almost went and withdrew my offer but does the potential of Gordon doing well wherever he goes surpass the potential of Penny?
  13. Adam Schefter reporting that Josh Gordon will most likely be traded and he says the cowboys and 49ers are involved. I’m thinking about trading Rashaad Penny for Gordon, would you do it? My rbs: Melvin Gordon, Fournette, Ingram, Hyde, Penny, Cohen My wrs: Hill, D. Thomas, Juju, Baldwin, R. Anderson, Kupp
  14. Fournette trade

    Is anyone considering trading Fournette? I have him and Melvin Gordon with Hyde, Ingram, Cohen and Penny on my bench. I’m a big time jags fan too so it hurts a little to let him go. Who should I target?
  15. If Fournette sits...

    I’m with this guy, are you guys picking Hyde over a healthy Fournette? I’m in this exact situation with Fournette and I also have Hyde and don’t know what to do