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  1. Cooks or Ju Ju

    I’ve been rolling with Ju Ju and benching Cooks because of his poor production. Can I trust Cooks this week? Or stick with the worry of Ju Ju not playing the whole game?
  2. Week 17 Headaches

    I’m starting Thielen feeling the same way but I’m comfortable with keeping him in. He’s my number one and I have to hope for the best
  3. Gallman or Barber?

    Gallman or Barber? Tough times in the championship
  4. ESPN has their projections and lists them both with 0 pts. Are they going to be sat? I haven’t heard anything from it
  5. Having to bench Gurley, Hunt, Kelce. I have Ju Ju, should I play him or bench him? Concerned about his playing time. I also have no clue who to start at running back. My options are Gallman, Bernard or Barber. Non PPR. HELP!
  6. quick! flex help!

    Williams can you look at my post?
  7. who to start?

    Doyle, please check out mine
  8. I, like many, lost AB. I have Thielen, Cooks, Baldwin, Ju Ju and Kupp. Who do you think is 1 and 2 the rest of the year?
  9. Flex help

    Baldwin, Hunt or Cooks?
  10. Foles or Cousins?

    That’s what I was thinking and I’d hate to have a big game out of Cousins when he’s on my bench
  11. Semi-FInal Help needed!!!

    I’d go rivers honestly, chiefs defense has been allowing a lot lately to opposing QB’s, and Rivers has been hot so I’d ride or die him
  12. Foles or Cousins?

    Foles against NYG Cousins against Arizona Sincerely, Wentz Owner
  13. Joining the Wentz club, who do I claim and to with this week Cousins vs Arizona Garoppolo vs Tennessee Siemian vs Indy Flacco vs Cleveland Foles vs Giants Im leaning towards Flacco because of the matchup and also because he has Cleveland, Indy, Cincinnati to finish off the season
  14. Should I just sit AB???