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  1. Absolutely do that trade. You get much closer to your cap and you get a better QB, and you have the WR depth to handle it. You'd be down to 15 players on your roster and still have to shave $22, but you have some pretty good ways to get there. I think your best way is to do that is to let go of a combination of Latavius Murray, Lamar Miller, Greg Olsen, and DaVante Parker. Personally, while I'm not a fan of Miller, I think I'd still keep him because he could have a bounce-back year and Murray likely isn't even the starter in Minnesota and, at the very least, will split. You don't need all 4 RBs, so there's $17 right off the bat. Then, given you have Julio, Evans, ARob, and Watkins and can start 3 WR at most, anyway, you can get rid of Parker for $7 to free up a total of $24. You'd have to add a K for $1, which gets you to 14 on your roster. Then maybe add another D/ST for $1 just to get your 15 minimum roster size and make further adjustments mid-season. That lets you keep Olsen, too, which is nice because then you have two solid TE1s to choose from each week.
  2. If you only lose last round picks, I'd go Crowell and Parker. Winston might be an interesting pick, too, as he is poised for a leap. Granted, I'm not enamored with any of your potential keepers, but I think it's between those three.
  3. What pick do you have in the 1st, and what RBs do you think will be available? If you can keep Gordon in the 6th or Thomas in the 12th and still get DJ, Bell, Zeke, or a WR like Brown, Julio, or Evans, I'd consider doing that. Those are some good values for those two guys (especially Thomas). It's really hard to give up a guy like DJ, but it may be better for the overall team.
  4. In PPR with a $200 budget, I'd actually go DJ, Jordy, and Thomas. But I can see taking Ajayi instead of Jordy. I'm just not sold on the Dolphins this year. Zeke at $40 is still good value, but given your other options, I think you should move on. Would you mind giving me your opinion on my keeper dillemma?
  5. If you're willing to forego this year and build for the next few years, then go ahead and do it. Having Brown, OBJ, and Evans as a starting 3 WR is absolutely monstrous in a PPR league. However, given the picks you'd be giving up, I doubt you'd be able to compete this year unless you got lucky and picked up guys that come out of nowhere. You'd get a solid RB1 with the first round, but then you're kind of stuck. So I guess that's your choice: keep OBJ, Brown, and Gordon, and try to compete this year, or do the trade and have a bright future, but forego next year.
  6. How many teams? I will say, you have some decent choices, but I'm not enamored with any of them except Adams at $1 (an absolute steal). You could then keep both of your RBs for good value and spend your money on WR in the draft, or you can spend for OBJ now and keep Gordon. $93 of a $400 budget is not outrageous for him, though it's not a good value. It's probably a little higher than what he'd go for in an IDP league, but that also depends on your league and if they overpay for the "superstars." I personally wouldn't keep him because I think it's too much and with B.Marsh on the team, it's going to take some of his luster away. So, with all that in mind, I'd go Adams, Gordon, and Crowell, and spend on WR in the draft. You can also drop Crowell and keep with Coleman or White and hope they actually start producing. They are very good values IF they actually do something. Would you mind giving your opinion on my auction dilemma?
  7. Thomas at $10 is a steal. I think you also have to keep ARob for $1, just based on the value. He's a definite WR2, and to get him for $1 is great. Then I'd take the risk and keep Perkins for $3. And lastly, despite my misgivings about him, Lamar Miller at $6 is a really good value. That would mean you're spending $20 and would already have your WR1, WR2, a borderline RB1 and borderline RB2 with potential for more in Perkins, and have $105 to spend on a QB, TE, Flex, and bench. That would let you get possibly another RB1 or WR1, pushing ARob or Perkins to your Flex, a solid QB and a solid TE. Can you give me your opinion on my Auction keeper dilemma?
  8. In that case, you probably have to keep both Hill and Henry for those values, and as I said, for the 3rd, go with Crowell. As for drafting, that depends on PPR or Standard. You also haven't said how many teams or how many guys you start. I assume it's 10 or 12. With the 5th pick, you will likely have the choice of one of DJ, Bell, Elliot, Brown, or Julio. Whichever of those 5 is available, you take. If it's one of the RBs (which I doubt), then you absolutely have to take either Evans, Green, or Jordy with the 8, no matter what. If it's PPR, then I'd almost consider taking two WR1s with the 5 and 8 (to get Julio - the likely 5 - and Evans/Green/Jordy in PPR is phenomenal). If non-PPR, you're likely to get Julio with the 5 (you could get OBJ instead, but I prefer Julio), and you'll probably want to get a RB1 to pair with Crowell. Personally, I'd stay away from DeMarco Murray. I have him in a PPR Auction Draft league and can get him for $34 of a $200 budget, but I'm strongly considering not keeping him even at that value (and keeping Perkins for $6 and Abdullah for $15 instead) because I don't believe he has a strong year. I think he gets hampered by some injuries and Tennessee wanting to rest him more as well as see what exactly they have in D. Henry. I'd rather have Shady or Howard, and maybe even Ajayi or Gordon instead of Murray, and that's saying something because I don't trust Miami and the Chargers have always been pass-happy and have a lot of offensive weapons (plus you're gonna have Henry at TE).
  9. What makes Hill or Henry a 16th v. 14th rounder? Not that it really matters because I think you should keep both of them at those draft positions. Then it's a close call between the other two, but I think Crowell for the 6th is a better value than Winston at the 10th. Then you have your TE, a WR2 and a RB2, and you can use your first five rounds to get your 1s, QB and Flex. I think you're in a solid position with those keepers.
  10. To be honest, I'd be okay with dropping [both] Allen(s), too. The Chargers have a ton of weapons and Allen's history absolutely make him suspect. With that, I could see going: Julio Kelce Lynch K. Allen/Perkins/Henry/Pryor/either QB As I said, I don't like either QB, but in a 2QB league, it's hard to let go of both. That being said, what zing said about Pryor is interesting. He will get a lot of looks in Washington and could have a big, big year. It's almost a coin flip (or 10) for that 4th spot.
  11. In a 2 QB league it's hard to give up both of yours, but I also see the reluctance in keeping both. Julio's obvious. Keenan Allen is a solid choice, but with his injury history and LAC's offensive weapons this year, I'm not sold on him (but I'm debating on keeping him myself). However, given your other choices and that you can start up to 5 WR, you should probably keep him, too. Kelce is slated to be a top TE next year and will get a ton of red zone looks, so I think he's a solid keeper, too. As for number 4, I think it comes down to Wentz or Lynch. If you want to take a huge risk with potential massive reward, look to Perkins or D. Henry (I do think he takes a number of goal line touches from D. Murray). Personally, I'd choose Wentz given the 2 QB status of your league and difficulty in getting them, but it's close. You still need 3 RB if you do that, and Lynch is a good start for this year. I'm really torn.
  12. Can you play 2 QBs per week? Brady is obviously one of the best, but with Carr, you're pretty set for the foreseeable future. That being said, it's nice having an insurance policy, and Wentz seems to be a solid one. I'd be tempted in a dynasty league to do trade number 1, but maybe see if you can get a pick thrown in there given Wentz's unproven status.
  13. I'd go Matt Ryan for a 13th. You'll have plenty of opportunity to get Parker-style WR later in the draft. Ryan in the 13th is a better value, and his ADP is way higher than Parker's.
  14. Interesting perspectives. I was actually thinking of keeping Jordy, Dez, Perkins, and Abdullah for a total of $88. Gives me two WR1 in a PPR league and two low-cost RB options who are both the number 1 guys on their teams. I know it's taking a wild risk on an unproven in Perkins and an injury risk in Abdullah, but the reward could be huge. I would do the Jordy, Murray, Perkins, and Abdullah approach, but I'm highly dubious of Murray's ability to keep the same level of production. I don't think he lives up to the hype this year and loses touches to Derrick Henry, especially at the goal line. Thanks, though. You've given me some good ideas to think about.
  15. Your WR group is amazing for those prices. Keep them all ($114), but if you're going to jettison any, maybe Cooks or ARob. You have to keep DJ at triple that price and Perkins for $3 is great. Latavius for $17 is good value and he could have a resurgence ($45 in RB). I don't like Lamar Miller for $27. I'm over him. Depending on the TEs available, I think you can let go of Olsen for that price. Eifert for $9 is good. Unfortunately I don't like any of your QBs, but I'd keep either Bortles or Palmer (reluctantly), not both, then get someone else in the draft. That is, I think, $168-ish for 11 players. That leaves $32 for a K, D/ST, another QB, and another TE to reach your 15 min roster size. With your requirements of 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, and 1 Flex, I think you'd be in a great spot.