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  1. 2 Straight Up trade scenerio's

    Yes to the first (either RB for any of those WR, preferably Jordy). I would not do the second, but I'm not a huge Gronk fan.
  2. Did my last draft in a 14-team Standard League (1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D/ST; NO FLEX). I have my thoughts but want to know what you all think. Thanks, and WHIR (of course). QB: Carr. RB: Freeman, Elliot, Coleman, R. Kelley WR: Alshon, D. Adams, R. Matthews, Marvin Jones, Jr., Adam Thielen, Cooper Kupp TE: Fiedorowicz K: Boswell D/ST: Buff (streaming)
  3. Auction Draft Keepers?

    How many RBs can you play? how many roster spots are there? how many teams in the league? I believe the savings you have with Shady and Ajayi are each more than the savings from DJ. Shady will go in the $50s, and Ajayi in the upper $40s or $50s. Even if DJ goes for $80, you're still saving money by keeping Shady/Ajayi for $30 and spending bigger for DJ. You can actually have 3 RB1 and a WR1 when all is said and done, then fill out your roster where you can. $30 for Shady/Ajayi, around $75 for DJ, $65 for Julio-type is $170, leaving $30 for the rest. Depending on how many roster spots you need to fill, you can get QB, TE, WR2 and scrubs for the rest. So, in short, I'd keep Shady/Ajayi and try to get DJ back.
  4. I'm in a 16-team auction draft league, play 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 Flex, K, D/ST, 4 bench spots. My team is: QB: Wilson, Rivers WR: Jordy, D. Thomas, D. Parker, Maclin RB: D. Murray, Abdullah, Ingram, Fat Rob TE: H. Henry I really want to get D. Henry to handcuff D. Murray. Is it worth giving up Ingram given my RB group? Kelley is the clear starter in Washington, and Ingram will at very best split carries with AP. Thanks, and, of course, WHIR.
  5. Who Do I Keep - Will Answer in Return

    I think you have to go Shady in round 3 and ... Montgomery? It's hard to pass up Jordy in round 2, but I think Montgomery's value is too good. I don't like TY Hilton w/o Luck, and there's no timetable for his return, so I wouldn't keep him, and there will be good TE throughout. So it's Shady and either Jordy or Montgomery for me.
  6. Here's my team, 16-team, 1 PPR Auction Draft ($200 budget). What do you think? QB: Wilson ($20); Rivers ($9) WR: Jordy ($17 - keeper); D. Thomas ($34); D. Parker ($11); Maclin ($9) RB: D. Murray ($34 - keeper); Abdullah ($15 - keeper); Ingram ($24); R. Kelley ($8) TE: H. Henry ($6 - keeper) K: Crosby ($3) D/ST: Carolina ($2) To give some idea of the overspending in my league, here are some examples of crazy spending: AB ($77); Gronk ($43); OBJ ($71); Julio ($78); Aaron Rodgers ($65); Fournette ($53); McCaffrey ($57); Zeke ($52 - suspension and all). Now that you've seen the team and have your first impression, I will admit that I thought the draft was tonight but apparently it was this morning at 10, so everything but the keepers is an autodraft. Oops. Gonna have to drop Fat Rob for someone else, and maybe Maclin, but he can produce if Flacco comes back soon. Parker could actually be a great receiver with Cutler throwing to him. So, did autodraft screw me? I actually think I can work with this squad. I'm not super disappointed, to be honest.
  7. If you don't have to keep a second and instead would get an additional early pick, I'd do that and only keep OBJ. But, if it doesn't make a difference if you keep a second player or not, I'd also lean CJ, but I'd almost be willing to take a flyer on Abdullah. I'm personally very high on him this year and think he'll have a breakout year.
  8. Thanks, but to be clear, it was Hunter Henry (TE) for $6, not D. Murray's handcuff. I ended up keeping D. Murray, Jordy, Abdullah, and H. Henry for a total of $72, leaving me with $128 to spend on another WR1 (I know AB, JJ, and OBJ are available and will go for mid-$60s, so I will try to get one of them). If they go above that, I'll maybe go for Dez in the $50 range or even K. Allen (though I don't want both Keenan and Henry). I also think I'm going after Zeke at a depressed value (maybe mid-$40s, which accomplishes two things: it gets me Zeke for later in the year, and also hopefully as a keeper for next year, as his value only goes up $5 in first year kept and $10 per year after that). I figure a top WR and Zeke will cost me about $110, leaving $18 for the rest (unless, as said, I go for lower WR like Dez). We play 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 Flex, 1 K, 1 D/ST, and have 4 bench spots. So, $18 for a QB (Rivers, maybe), K, D/ST, and 4 bench guys should be enough.
  9. So, I'm making final choices for keepers tonight in a 16-team, 1 PPR league. $200 budget. Can keep up to 4. Here are my choices and their keeper values: D. Murray for $34 Abdullah for $15 Jordy for $17 (obvious) Dez for $50 K. Allen for $33 H. Henry for $6 Jordy is obvious, as is Murray for $34 (I just hope he holds off D. Henry for one more year). Then I'm looking for value, and I don't think Dez at $50 is good value, as that's about what he'll go for in the auction. I like Abdullah's upside for $15, so it comes down to which Charger. if Allen stays healthy and is the PPR monster we know he can be, then $33 for him is great value. But $6 for H. Henry as a very solid TE option is pretty hard to pass up, and going with Henry leaves me $128 in the draft to get another WR1 for $60 or so (I know Julio, AB, and OBJ will be available). What does everyone else think? thanks, and WHIR
  10. Who should I take

    A.J. Green. You have your RBs and need a WR, and he's the best available.
  11. FIRST YEAR IN A KEEPER ( Who do I keep?)

    Do you lose the round they were picked in 2016? If so, I'd look at keeping Baldwin in the 8th. That's really good value.
  12. Who would you take as the 4th pick

    I would ask whether it's PPR or standard, but I don't think it matters. Personally, I take Julio.
  13. Please Rate My Team (12 Team)

    Not a fan in PPR setting. I think you really need to upgrade your WR, and your depth is suspect (unless Matthews and Perkins perform). Maybe package Ajayi and Snead for a WR to a guy who has a better WR set and/or needs a RB and/or loves Ajayi. I actually don't think Ajayi will be all that (I see him having a season like Gurley did last year, not living up to the hype).
  14. Zeke in 3 year keeper league

    So this is the "complete redraft" year? I get why you'd take Zeke at the 2nd spot for a 3-year keeper, and I assume the first to go will be DJ. Is it PPR? If so, you could look to one of the top WR for a 3-year league (Evans or OBJ, most likely). I don't think that's a bad play in a PPR league at that spot, either. That all being said, I do think the suspension gets reduced, maybe to 4 games, and in a 3-year keeper, I don't think that 4 games (or even if it stays at 6) takes away the value of having Zeke for those three years. It would not be too high to take him.
  15. Auction Keeper Trade Question

    I'm actually trying to package Murray and a WR for Howard ($6) or Ajayi ($13). I'm actually not high on Murray because I think he'll lose a lot of value with an increased D. Henry role, so I'm trying to sell him and his $34 to get cheaper RB value. I was thinking of Murray and Keenan Allen for Howard, then keeping Howard, Abdullah, Nelson, and Henry for $44. Either that or trading Murray and Allen for Baldwin ($16) or Thomas ($9), so I'd keep Jordy, Abdullah, Baldwin/Thomas, and Henry for $54 (Baldwin) or $47 (Thomas). Both of those teams don't have solid WR keepers (EDIT: meant to say RB keepers, which is why giving them Murray would induce them to trade solid WR in Baldwin or Thomas). If I can't do any of those trades, I'll probably keep Henry and spend for a high-end WR to pair with Jordy.