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  1. vote againts trade, Yes or No

    W. Dunn F. Taylor C. Portis
  2. vote againts trade, Yes or No

    yep thats what is going on, we had a person not show up for the draft so we made a fantasy team that is all Chicago bears(since we are all in Chicago), just so we have a competitive team all but one week, so i need a vote for that team, since im makeing the trade.
  3. 1 point per 10 yards and .5 per catch, 6pt per TD. thanks
  4. Free fantasy football

    also for yahoo, i like how this year the have allowed you to vote for the winner or the looser of the wwekley gamealso for yahoo, I like how this year the have allowed you to vote for the winner or the looser of the weekly game
  5. Free fantasy football

    I had some log in problems in the preseason with espn, so we switched back to yahoo and I'm glad..............now I know a lot of people don't like yahoo, but its not that bad................in fact the only thing that sucks about then is the way to customize the scoring system......I witch they gave you more options.
  6. Free fantasy football

    OK, so this year we have a bunch of different sites having free fantasy football (espn, yahoo,cbs.....) . Please tell us your good, your bad, and your ugly about those sites.
  7. Sunday's Couch Commentary

    ok the typo is fixed..... they had CHI instead of CIN
  8. Sunday's Couch Commentary

    Link go down to sunday's couch commentary
  9. Sunday's Couch Commentary

    Nice the bears beat Min and they beat Det, all in one week, Go Bears!!!!!!
  10. W. McGahee

    I know its 2 good defenses, 2 weeks in a row but what up with this guy?
  11. Artist rendering of new Colts stadium

    thats one of the best
  12. What does it take to get a response from you guys?

    Expert Analysis hope this helps Please post again ur so insightful
  13. locked funny two person thread

    I never know what you are talking about half the time..........
  14. LIONS @ Bears

    I think benson should get 5-7 carries this game......Just a guess.....
  15. Why I Might Start Parker Over Edge

    who do u guys think parker has the value of like a R. Droughns?