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  1. Hi all, Replacement owner needed for our free ESPN dynasty IDP league. 16 teams, 36 man rosters, 3 man IR, 30 keepers. Many have been in this league for over 10 years. I've been a member for 5 years and took over as commish about 4 years ago. Pretty fun, competitive league. Here is a link to the rules: Here is the team: Let me know here if you are interested or have any questions. Thanks.
  2. Sorry, this league is now full. I will let you know if another team opens. Thanks for your interest. Brandon
  3. Hey all, Our FREE 16 team dynasty league needs 2 replacement owners to join the fun. We are looking for owners who will be involved, and IDP plays a big part of roster construction since we start 1 DT, 2DE, 2 LB, 2 CB, 1 S and 2 DP. 36 roster size, 30 keepers, 3 IR, 6 round rookie draft. Here is the link to the settings and scoring for the league: http://games.espn.go...leagueId=489835 Here are the 2 teams that need new owners: Atlanta http://games.espn.go...8&seasonId=2014 Oakland http://games.espn.go...&seasonId=2014. Reply here with your email or PM me and I will send the invite. Thanks! Brandon