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  1. WR and Flex help

    I’m sweating the Green vs Rhodes match up. If it were any other corner I wouldn’t hesitate to start Green
  2. 1pp rec. .5 pp rush Pick 1 WR and one Flex Westbrook vs Houston Green vs Minnesota Thomas vs Indy(played) Flex Burkhead vs Pitt Riddick vs Chicago Williams vs Washington Henry vs San Francisco Thank you!!
  3. Flex help

    1 pp rec .5 pp rush Smith vs Washington Burkhead vs Buffalo Henry vs Houston
  4. WDIS in my flex? Abdullah vs Bears Burkhead vs Raiders 1 pp rec. .5 pp rush
  5. WDIS

    Wentz or Taylor
  6. Pick 2 in a 1 pp rec .5 pp rush Benjamin L.Murray Abdullah
  7. Trade advice

    Just Hunt D.Thomas 4 Freeman AP Dez
  8. WR help

    I like Funchess and Pryor just because of philly’s secondary is weaker than kc.
  9. Trade advice

    I send Gurley and D.Thomas 4 Freeman and AP Update he countered with Hunt 4 Freeman AP and Dez
  10. Pick 2

    Martin Miller
  11. Pick 2. PPR

    Anderson is a no brainer and the I like Ellington vs TB
  12. I’m 5-0 with a 125 point lead I was offered Gronk Zeke Hyde 4 Hunt Green Abdullah I was thinking about countering with McCoy instead of Hyde. The only thing holding me back is it’s a keeper league and I drafted Hunt in the third and Im downgrading my WRs
  13. Wentz or rivers

    Wentz has out scored Rivers every game this year. I’d stick with Wentz