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  1. WDIS

    Thank you
  2. WDIS

    I’m weak at WR and have 2 similar players to choose from. Hogan or Cole?
  3. WDIS

    Cole or Shepherd I’m sitting Evans vs Lattimore. I have Cole penciled in right now but with Ramsey shadowing OBJ there might be an opportunity for Shepherd to have a big game. What’s your thoughts?
  4. Post Draft Advice..

    I would keep your RBs!! WRs are a dime a dozen. Possibly trade 1 of your QBs in a couple of weeks but right now you have a solid team.
  5. Trade advice

    Team in signature I’m trying to strengthen my WRs by sending Gurley and Hogan and in return getting Elliott and J.Jones.
  6. WR and Flex help

    I’m sweating the Green vs Rhodes match up. If it were any other corner I wouldn’t hesitate to start Green
  7. 1pp rec. .5 pp rush Pick 1 WR and one Flex Westbrook vs Houston Green vs Minnesota Thomas vs Indy(played) Flex Burkhead vs Pitt Riddick vs Chicago Williams vs Washington Henry vs San Francisco Thank you!!
  8. Flex help

    1 pp rec .5 pp rush Smith vs Washington Burkhead vs Buffalo Henry vs Houston
  9. WDIS in my flex? Abdullah vs Bears Burkhead vs Raiders 1 pp rec. .5 pp rush
  10. WDIS

    Wentz or Taylor
  11. Pick 2 in a 1 pp rec .5 pp rush Benjamin L.Murray Abdullah
  12. Trade advice

    Just Hunt D.Thomas 4 Freeman AP Dez