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  1. 0.5 PPR League Which 2 WR's would you start? Golden Tate (@ Bal) Dez Bryant (vs Wsh) Larry Fitzgerald (vs Rams)
  2. 0.5 PPR League Would you drop Doug Martin or Devontae Booker for Rex Burkhead?
  3. Gordon or McCaffrey?

    Id go with Gordon
  4. Start Golden Tate or Devin Funchess? 0.5 Ppr league.
  5. Which QB to start?

    I'd go with Cousins
  6. RB Depth

    0.5 ppr league For RB bench depth, which 2 of these 3 would be best? Pick 2: Alex Collins, Bal Eddie Lacy, Sea Adrian Peterson, Ari
  7. Carson or Gore?

    0.5 PPR Would you start Frank Gore vs Cleveland or Chris Carson vs Tennessee?
  8. I'm pretty weak at RB2. My RB1 is Leveon Bell but my options for RB2 are Bilal Powell, Frank Gore, Doug Martin (suspended), and Adrian Peterson. Kerwynn Williams is available, would you drop Adrian Peterson (or another one of these RBs) to pick Williams up?
  9. Start Flacco or Dalton?

    I think I would lean toward Flacco as well
  10. I need help picking my WR2 and WR3. Which 2 would you start from the list below? 0.5 PPR League DeAndre Hopkins (vs Jax) Sammy Watkins (vs Cle) Tyrell Williams (vs Oak)
  11. WR and FLEX?

    1/2 PPR League I need to pick 1 WR and 1 FLEX from these 3 below, who would you start? Pick 2: Sammy Watkins (@Oak) Tyrell Williams (vs TB) Latavius Murray (vs Buf)
  12. 1/2 PPR Pick 1: Tyrell Williams (@ Hou) Kenny Britt (@ NO) DeVante Parker (vs SF)
  13. Pick up Boyd or LaFell?

    DaVante Parker is also available. Who 1 of these 3 would you want to own, Parker, Boyd, or LaFell?
  14. Who do you think would be the better pick up now that AJ Green is out, Tyler Boyd or Brandon LaFell?