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  1. Waiver Wire Advice

    I dropped Robby Anderson and Jamaal Williams and added Breida. Is anyone else worth dropping for John Brown. I’m considering dropping Kittle
  2. Waiver Wire Advice

    Yes so after looking at it I would have to drop Anderson to make room for Baldwin off of IR, then drop another player on top of that to make room for whoever I add. Ugh. I absolutely can't drop Eckler as I'll be screwed if Gordon goes down. Don't want to drop Jones as he will probably end up being the guy in GB. I don't want to drop Williams without assuring I'm able to replace him with Breida. Kittle is a good rotation with Burton and may end up being better. Crabtree still has a chance to be good. Obviously not dropping Goff in a 2 QB league. Life is hard...
  3. Waiver Wire Advice

    I'm in a spot now and need advice. I have Baldwin on IR but stupid ESPN is listing him as doubtful even though there's absolutely no way he plays. Because of this I have to move him off of IR or I can't make any adds to my roster. Is it worth dropping anyone knowing I might not get any of the players I'm aiming for as I might be outbid? Otherwise I can keep him in IR and all of the same players. Very frustrating as everyone knows Baldwin isn't actually going to play.
  4. Waiver Wire Advice

    Team is in my signature. Opinions on who to target on waivers of these choices and more importantly, who to drop. This is also a FAAB league. The best options that I like are: Keelan Cole John Brown Matt Brieda My gut is to drop Robby Anderson for Cole and Brown as a secondary option, and since I've got Aaron Jones to drop Jamaal Williams for Brieda. Any thoughts?
  5. Stills and T. Coleman for Hilton

    Yeah he autodrafted and it clearly took all receivers. I really don’t think he’s going to make the trade with Henry as he wants more depth at RB. Otherwise he’s giving me the better back and receiver in the trade. It might be a risk with Stills being a breakout, but right now it seems to really help my starting lineup.
  6. Run up score or play for waiver position?

    Always go for points. Tiebreaker advantage is really important come the end of the year.
  7. Stills and T. Coleman for Hilton

    I think that would be too much for him to make the deal
  8. I talked to the guy and he seems to be interested in this trade. Does this seem like a good deal or do you think Stills will end up better than Hilton? I’m really looking to get another quality receiver. My team is in my sig. 10 team standard, 2 QB I’m also going to drop Alf for Eckert in terms of backs His Team: QB: Bortles QB: Dalton RB: Henry RB: Mixon WR: Julio WR: Beckham FLEX: Hilton TE: Engram DEF: Ravens K: Tucker BENCH: Michel Cupp Woods Jeffery Fuller Shepard Doyle
  9. Looking to upgrade at WR

    Yeah you should keep Crabtree for sure. I'd rather have him currently over any of the other guys. You're currently not in great shape for an 8 team league. I'd be more worried about getting a second back that's better after Fournette.
  10. Trade Help (Receiver Upgrade)

    Is Baldwin and Williams for Tyreek a fair trade and something that would help their team or would I be proposing a bad trade? It seems like they would get a starter at RB to me and not a massive downgrade at receiver with Baldwin. Plus they have Josh Gordon who could breakout.
  11. Trade Help (Receiver Upgrade)

  12. Trade Help (Receiver Upgrade)

    I'm thinking the drop off from Collins to Thompson is pretty big so I'm wondering if that would be worth it.
  13. Trade Help (Receiver Upgrade)

    Thanks! Yeah I don't want to jeopardize any of my starting RB depth as I made it a point to be strong at that position. I'd be willing to trade one of my bench guys though along with another receiver for a better receiver I think.
  14. I like my team for the most part but feel if I could just upgrade one of my starting receivers I would be in really good shape. Is there any trade that anyone sees between my team and another person's team in my league? I really wanted Tyreek Hill but this person grabbed him literally the pick before I got Baldwin. I would probably want to trade Baldwin for Hill but would have to add a RB as well to help their weakness at the position, or else why would they bother? They also are very weak at QB so I didn't know if it would be worth swapping Goff for one of their QBs as part of the trade. If anyone sees anything that would be fair and would help my team, I would appreciate it. It can be any trade you think would work honestly. Thanks! MY TEAM - 10 team Standard, 2 QB: QB: Matt Stafford QB: Kirk Cousins RB: Ezekiel Elliot RB: Melvin Gordon FLEX: Alex Collins WR: Mike Evans WR: Doug Baldwin TE: Trey Burton Defense: Steelers Kicker: Jake Elliot BENCH: Jared Goff Michael Crabtree Robby Anderson Kenny Stills Tevin Coleman Jamal Williams Alfred Morris OTHER TEAM - 10 Team Standard, 2 QB QB: Tyrod Taylor QB: Case Keenum RB: Marshawn Lynch RB: Duke Johnson Jr. Flex: Tyreek Hill WR: Antonio Brown WR: Keenan Allen TE: Travis Kelce Defense: Chargers Kicker: Ribbie Gould BENCH: Sam Darnold Rex Burkhead Chris Thompson Chase Edmonds Josh Gordon Julian Edelman Cameron Meredith