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  1. Devonta Freeman or Tevin Coleman ROS

    This would be standard. I would be giving up Waller as I already have Andrews. He only has OJ Howard and he's on bye. Don't know if he'll accept but I mentioned it to him and he's thinking about it. He also has Bell, Henry, those two of course and James White so he has a back to spare. I think it's mutually beneficial.
  2. Looking to do a trade and am deciding which I would rather shoot for.
  3. Derrick Henry Trade

    Do you think Waller would be an even trade for Freeman or Coleman? According to Justin Boone's trade value chart they're even and this guy needs a TE. If so, would you rather have Freeman or Coleman? Freeman seems better at face value, but his schedule looks very rough the rest of the way outside of the Rams on Sunday. Coleman's schedule despite sharing touches with Breida seems to have an easier schedule and they're a run first offense. They both have injury concerns.
  4. Start/Sit

    Right now leaning Fuller because I think he has the highest ceiling of the 3 this week.
  5. Start/Sit

    As good as McLaurin has been, I'm very worried about him vs San Francisco. They just held Goff to 78 yards and crushed the Browns before that.
  6. Kicker or no Kicker?

    I say play the kicker. If it comes down to points for to get in playoffs you may need them. Also even worse, Fantasy is clearly unpredictable and you can lose on any day. Don’t leave points off the board in my opinion
  7. Start/Sit

    I’m definitely starting Lockett and I’ve decided to start Woods against Atlanta because the matchup is so good. I don’t think I want to start Juju until next week when they have the Dolphins. At flex should I play: Gordon vs Tennessee Fuller vs Indy McLaurin vs SF
  8. Goff part 2

    I’ve got him and it’s annoying. He should in theory do well against Atlanta and Cincinnati. You could try trading him after that.
  9. Derrick Henry Trade

    Sorry to keep bumping this up. I wouldn’t mind having any of his Bell, Henry, Freeman it Coleman. Trying to find some sort of trade that helps his team and isn’t a big hit to my team. Any suggestions appreciated. I’m just looking for another solid back.
  10. Should I take this Trade

    I like Evans the most but Kerryon and TY combo the best. It depends on your team. If you definitely think you start Kerryon over whatever back you’re playing now it may be worth it.
  11. Trade Lamar and a WR for OBJ? PPR

    I would want the Lamar side at this point I think.
  12. Derrick Henry Trade

  13. Robert Woods, John Brown or Terry McLaurin?

    I think SF may be better. New England is better for Fantasy because they're so opportunistic, but in terms of just shutting an offense down, San Francisco has been unreal. I know Goff has been great this year but 78 yards? That's absurd. McLaurin is great but Keenum still has to be able to get him the ball.
  14. Robert Woods, John Brown or Terry McLaurin?

    I get where you’re coming from but I’m not playing anyone against SF this year I don’t think unless they’re an elite RB. If Terry performs in this game then I’ll declare him matchup proof and I’ll never sit him again.
  15. Derrick Henry Trade

    The more I think about it, I’ll probably have to offer something better. Is Coleman a better target? He looks to have a really good schedule.