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  1. A lot of the experts I usually follow, including Sean Koerner, have Kareem Hunt higher in rankings. Robby Anderson has been on fire and Hunt hasn't done anything lately. What gives? My gut is telling me to play Anderson. I should also add that I'm mulling over if I should start Mccoy as well. My others are Perine who already played, AJ Green and Hopkins who I'm definitely starting.
  2. Nathan Peterman therapy session

    Yes it was absolutely a bonehead move on my part. I think my worry was that he would do well and become the starter, someone would grab him and then I’m down a starting QB. Looking back it was dumb of me to think that.
  3. Nathan Peterman therapy session

    Anyone else foolish enough to start him this week? After the Tyrod benching, I started him in my 2 QB league thinking he would have more upside than the likes of Flacco, Trubisky, Gabbert, Kizer, etc. I lost my matchup by 8 points, the exact -8 that Peterman got me. To make matters worse, I was in second at 7-3 and 3 people at 6-4 won giving them the same record as me in a 4 person playoff. About as brutal as it possibly could have played out. It’s my own fault for taking such a massive risk on an unknown, but it still hurts damn it. This will now sit atop the throne for worst fantasy decision I ever made. Was as anyone else dumb enough to play him or was it just me? Please pray for my fantasy soul.
  4. Looking for waiver advice.

    Thanks guys!
  5. Hi all. I have a couple waiver moves Im not sure if I could make. It’s a 10 team standard league and I’m 7-2 for context. I currently have Brate but Delanie Walker and Henry are out there. Does anyone like those two long term more than Brate? Also I really don’t want to drop the Eagles D because they’ve been fairly reliable but they’re on bye. I’m leaning towards dropping Fuller or Agholor. Any advice would be appreciated. My team: QB: Marcus Mariotta RB: Lesean Mccoy RB: Ezekiel Elliott FLX: Doug Martin WR: AJ Green WR: Deandre Hopkins OP: Tyrod Taylor TE: Cameron Brate Defense: Maybe the Bears? Kicker: Will Lutz Bench: CJ Anderson Kareem Hunt Will Fuller Stefon Diggs Jacoby Brissett Derrick Henry
  6. Waiver Advice

    Im sorry. I looked yours and to be honest I never played dynasty so any advice I give you on it won't be great and I'd hate to steer you in a bad direction. Otherwise I'd be glad to help. Sorry about that.
  7. Waiver Advice

    When people were taking QBs way too early I was grabbing skill players. Zeke dropped to 3rd round, made a good pick with Hunt in the 6th. Someone dropped Diggs before the first game, etc. A product of playing with people who don't do enough research going into the draft basically. It's for money too. Lol. Im leaning Agolor though right now.
  8. Waiver Advice

    I've got a spot open on my bench. Which of the following players would be most beneficial to my team? WR: Agolor Funchess Shepard John Brown Snead Kearse TE: Graham Engram Safarian-Jenkins Henry 10 team standard My team: QB: Marcus Mariotta RB: Lesean Mccoy RB: Ezekiel Elliott FLX: Kareem Hunt WR: AJ Green WR: Stefon Diggs OP: Tyrod Taylor TE: Cameron Brate Defense: Ravens Kicker: Greg Zurlein Bench: CJ Anderson Doug Martin Will Fuller Deandre Hopkins Jacoby Brissett Derrick Henry Andrew Luck
  9. Who won trade

    Hopkins is the best player so him straight up for Lamar still would win. Of course it always depends on team needs.
  10. Whats your thought?

    Don't worry about that. I played 4 Bills players last week (one being defense) and AJ Green in the same game. Get and play the best options always is my thought on it. Especially since both of those players are elite at their position so they will both be fine this year.
  11. Flex spot

    Yeah totally dependent on Care for me.
  12. Flex for this week

    Tyreek. He has the talent to have a big game and you'll be kicking yourself if he does and you sat him.
  13. Shady for CJ???

    PPR Id probably take MCcoy. I fee like he's bound to turn it on eventually. He always has the yardage but just needs to find the end zone. As as long as we're having a RB measuring contest, my team consists of: Hunt Zeke Mccoy Anderson Martin Henry 😄
  14. Is this a fair trade?